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IELTS Writing được xem là phần thi “chật vật” với nhiều thí sinh. Để làm được bài thi này, đòi hỏi “sĩ tử” phải trải qua quá trình ôn luyện. Do vậy, hôm nay IELTS Vietop gửi đến bạn tổng hợp đề luyện tập IELTS Writing, xem và lưu lại để ôn luyện ngay nhé!

1. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 1

1.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The plans below show the layout of a university’s sports centre now, and how it will look after redevelopment.
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 1 task 1
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 1 task 1


The maps depict proposed modifications to the layout of a university sports centre. Overall, the sports centre is expected to be fully indoor, with the addition of a great number of interior amenities and the disappearance of the two outdoor courts.

The present-day university sports centre is largely outdoor with two big courts occupying two thirds of the area. However, these courts, which take up the western and eastern zones of the centre, are planned to be removed to make room for future expansions. To the western side, a new leisure pool is expected to be built in addition to the existing 25-metre pool in the heart of the entre.

The proposed plan also indicates that the number of changing rooms will increase from one to three, two dance studios and a sports hall will be added, and the existing gym will be expanded eastwards. The seating area, however, will remain unchanged. The area in the vicinity of the entrance is also expected to undergo changes, with the addition of a sports shop to the left-hand side and a café to the right-hand side of the reception.


  • Modification (n): sự điều chỉnh
  • Layout (n): bố trí
  • Two thirds: hai phần ba
  • Take up (phrasal verb): chiếm
  • Expansion (n): sự mở rộng
  • Expand (v): mở rộng
  • Eastwards (adv): về bên hướng đông

1.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

Some people say cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others say this is a good way to save such traditions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Opinions differ as to whether tourism fosters or undermines cultures and customs. While to a certain extent, tourism brings traditions to a wider audience, I would argue that it does more harm than good.

Mass tourism, with huge investments diverted into development, advertising and propagation, has made indigenous customs, several of which were formerly alien and unpopular, known to people around the world. Once a small local festival that were formerly restricted to only tribal peoples, the Cong Chieng carnival in the middle part of Vietnam has greatly emerged to become a tourist trap, with influxes of Vietnamese and foreigners flocking to the place every year. Nevertheless, I believe such popularity is just superficial. A custom known by a lot of people does not necessarily mean a well-preserved one.

All too often, tourism brings in its wake cultural assimilation. It is not rare to see tribal people, adults and children alike, get rid of their traditional attires for modern, Westernised ones worn by tourists. Many hotels, resorts and spas have also been erected every year, encroaching on the areas where there once were villages, altars and ritual meetings. Additionally, the disgusting hands of tourism moguls have reached out to even the remotest areas, tempting local people into working for them with promises of higher wage rates and a better life. As a consequence, the number of ethnicpeoples has greatly shrunk in recent years, with many ethnic minorities being declared non-existent.

In conclusion, my firm conviction is that profit-oriented tourism, despite the fact that it may bring customs to more people, is a cultural catastroph.


  • Foster (v): phát huy, củng cố
  • Undermine (v): làm suy yếu
  • Indigenous (adj): bản địa
  • Peoples (n-plural): dân tộc
  • Tourist trap (n): địa điểm thu hút khách du lịch (nghĩa xấu, ám chỉ những địa điểm quá đông khách du lịch)
  • Influx (n): dòng lũ lượt
  • Flock (v): kéo đến
  • Superficial (adj): bề nổi
  • Bring in its wake (verb phrase): mang theo bên nó
  • Assimilation (n): sự đồng hóa
  • Erect (v): xây dựng
  • Encroach (v) on: xâm lấn
  • Mogul (n): ông trùm
  • Shrink (v): suy yếu, thu hẹp
  • Non-existent (adj): trở nên không tồn tại
  • Catastrophe (n): thảm họa
  • Sustainable (adj): bền vững

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Nhận tư vấn miễn phí khóa học hè

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2. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 2

2.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

The chart below shows the percentage of adults in the UK who used the Internet from 2003 to 2006.
The chart below shows the percentage of adults in the UK who used the Internet from 2003 to 2006.
The chart below shows the percentage of adults in the UK who used the Internet from 2003 to 2006.


The bar chart illustrates the percentage of Internet users in the UK over the 4-year period from 2003 to 2006. The initial impression from the chart is that the rates of people using the Internet in the UK generally enjoyed upswings in most age brackets. It is also clear that a much larger percentage of people aged between 16 and 24 used the Internet compared tothe other age groups.

In 2003, the figure for 16-to-24-year-old Internet users ranked first at 80%, followed by the 45-to-54 year-olds (60%), the 25-to-44-year-olds (50%) and the 55-to-64-year-olds (30%); no data was recorded for the 65+age group this year. In 2004, whilst internet usage of the 25-to-44, the 45-to-54, the 55-to-64 and the 65+ all rose to 60%, 70%, 55% and 15% respectively, the figure for the youngest age bracket plateaued.

In 2005, the figure for Internet users at the age of 16 to 24 reached a remarkable 100% – the highest of any age group, in any year – before undergoing a drop to 90% in 2006. In the meantime, the proportions of Internet users belonging to the remaining age groups saw similar increases to 80% (the 25-to-44 and the 45-to-54), 50% (the 55-to-64), and 20% (the 65+).


  1. Upswing: sự tăng lên
  2. Age bracket: nhóm tuổi
  3. Compared to: khi đem so với
  4. Plateau: giữ nguyên, không tăng không giảm
  5. Undergo: trải qua
  6. In the meantime: trong khi đó

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2.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

Some people say that parents have the most important role in a child’s development. However, others argue that other things like television or friends have the most significant influence. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Opinions are divided upon whether parents or external factors such as television or friends play the key role in the development of a child. In my opinion, both factors constitute different but equally important parts.

On the one hand, parents form a child’s habits and virtues. Since birth until the age of school, it is no one other than the parents that follow strictly their children’s incipient stages. They teach their children from seemingly trivial daily activities such as brushing teeth before going to bed to defending yourself when being bullied, and it is not an overstatement to claim that a child’s life would go astray without those solid foundations. Even when the kids have reached the age when they can take care of themselves, parents are still instrumental in instructing their children in the process of maturity. With the unconditional love for their flesh and blood and a good source of life experience, parental care is intrinsically pivotal and irreplaceable.

On the other hand, while parents lay the first stable bricks, it is societal aspects such as friends that further develop the edifice of personality. Indeed, virtually no human being can be properly developed without access to the outside world. Interacting with their peers, children are able to learn from one another, adapt themselves to the vast of traits and build their own qualities. One’s spiritual life would not be complete without such an exposure to different personalities. Moreover, with the advent of technological devices such as the Internet and televisions, human race have been granted even greater opportunities to gain access to the world, and it would be a great loss if we do not take advantage of such external sources.

In conclusion, I believe that a child’s development is built by both parents and exterior elements. Therefore, a harmonious combination of both sides is essential.


  1. Constitute: cấu thành
  2. Virtue: đạo đức
  3. Incipient: ban đầu, sơ khởi
  4. Trivial: tầm thường
  5. Overstatement: sự nói quá
  6. Go astray: lạc lối
  7. Instrumental: quan trọng, thiết yếu
  8. Maturity: sự trưởng thành
  9. Societal: có yếu tố xã hội (từ formal của social)
  10. Edifice: kiến trúc đồ sộ (trong bài có yếu tố ẩn dụ)
  11. Exposure: sự tiếp xúc
  12. Advent: sự ra đời

3. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 3

3.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

The chart below shows the percentage of households in owned and rented accommodation in England and Wales between 1918 and 2011.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 3
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 3


The bar chart sets out two accommodation statuses of households in England and Wales from 1918 to 2011. Units are measured in percentages.

The initial impression from the chart is that from 1918 to 1961, a larger percentage of families in England and Wales resided in rented accommodation, whilst during the 1981-2011 period, more people owned houses. 1971 was the only year in which the ratio between the two modes was 1:1.

In 1918, around 23% of the families in the UK lived in their own houses, whereas the figure for rented accommodation was more than three times higher, at roughly 77%. From 1939 to 1961, the discrepancy was gradually reduced as there was an upswing in ownership and a decline in rentals. In 1971, the figures for the two housing statuses became even, amounting to 50%.

The period from 1981 to 2011 witnessed a shift between ownership and rentals. The figure for owned accommodation was higher than that for rentals (60% versus 40%) in 1981, and whilst the former saw a somewhat steady rise to nearly 80% in 2001, the latter fell to approximately 31%. Finally in 2011, although the ownership rate went down to 65%, it was still much higher compared to the proportion of rentals (37%).


  1. Set out: mô tả chi tiết
  2. Initial impression: ấn tượng ban đầu
  3. Discrepancy: khoảng cách
  4. Upswing: sự gia tăng
  5. Amount to: đạt được

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3.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

In some parts of the world it is increasingly popular to research the history of one’s own family. Why do people want to do this? Is it a positive or negative development?

** Dạng đề này khá “căng” nên các sĩ tử “cẩn trọng” ôn kĩ nhé!


Genealogy – the study of family history – has recently enjoyed increasing popularity in several countries in the world. There are several reasons for this, and I believe it is a positive development.

Curiosity might be one of the reasons why people take interest in such study. It is often fun and intriguing to trace back one’s bloodline to find out whether one is descended, either directly or indirectly, from a royal family or any prominent figures in the past. I still remember the excitement when I attempted to seek online the origin of my family name with the hope of finding a link, albeit vague, between me and the famed Chinese poet Du Fu. Also, to some war-stricken families, this family history research is more than just mere curiosity. With the power of the Internet, those who have lost contact with their close or distant relatives during wars may reunite with their family members by researching into their own family tree.

Genealogy offers several distinct benefits. For young amateurs, it is a fascinating way to learn how to systematically collect, organize and analyse data. For older people, it is a great leisure activity to while away the time, and a relevant source of family stories to tell their children. In addition, by learning about our ancestors, we may be able to gain a thorough insight into our own family-specific traditions, customs and titles. For example, one may be able to explain why there is always a fixed middle name in each of their family member’s full name if they learn about how the name originated in the first place. Finally, with an element of luck, one may find their long-lost relatives whom they have never met before, and indeed, there are many articles that retell such miraculous reunions.

In conclusion, researching one’s family line stems from two main aforementioned reasons, and I think it is a very interesting activity that should be encouraged.


  1. Genealogy: nghiên cứu gia phả
  2. Intriguing: thú vị, kích thích
  3. Be descended from: có dòng dõi
  4. War-stricken: có chiến tranh
  5. Systematically: có tính hệ thống
  6. Insight: cái nhìn sâu sắc
  7. Miraculous: thần kỳ

4. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 4

4.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

Task 1: The diagram shows a method of shaping glass containers.
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 4: A method of shaping glass containers & Space exploration
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 4: A method of shaping glass containers & Space exploration


The diagram provides a breakdown of how glass containers are shaped. Overall, the process is comprised of 9 steps during which glass is melted, shaped using two different kinds of mould, heated, cooled, inspected and packaged.

The process commences when glass is melted in a furnace to 105 degrees Celsius. Thereafter the molten glass is placed into a trapezoidal mould in which it is pressed by the use of a pointed-tip tool. The thick-walled container formed as a result of the previous step is then attached to a second, curvy-at-the-bottom mould, and with natural airflow, the container’s bottom is naturally expanded.

The process continues with the containers being heated in a kiln at 482 degrees Celsius, after which they are cooled down for an hour at 25 degrees Celsius. Ultimately the containers undergo visual inspection during which high-quality ones are packaged, and low-quality ones are discarded.  


  • Breakdown: chi tiết, từng phần nhỏ
  • Commence: bắt đầu
  • Melt: nấu chảy
  • Molten glass: thủy tinh nấu chảy
  • Trapezoidal: hình thang
  • Pointed-tip: có mũi nhọn
  • Inspection: sự kiểm tra
  • Discard: loại bỏ

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4.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

Task 2: Some people think more money should be spent on researching for other planets to live, such as Mars. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Some people are of the opinion that more investment should be diverted to seeking habitable planets. However, I do not believe this to be a wise approach, for ventures into space is unpromising, and improving lives on Earth is more cost-effective.

The prospects of discovering planets with environments hospitable to lifeare grim. Indeed, lot of research has been conducted on seeking extra-terrestrial life forms by SETI and NASA, and what scientists have discovered until now is no more than ambiguous traces of water and bacteria on Mars. It might take another thousands or even millions of years for humankind to find new planets. in a worst-case scenario, we may not be able to find anything at all.

Additionally, I think money should be better spent on improving the Earth. On the one hand, space research is costly, as facilities and equipment required to carry out research in space may billions of dollars, not to mention the expenditure on regular maintenance. On the other hand, measures to improve Earth’s current conditions cost much less and bring a lot more tangible benefits. Conglomerates with green credentials have environmental schemes, some of which have been successful to a certain degree such as Apple Inc.’s efforts to cut down on carbon footprint. Even individuals can contribute to the environment through small, inexpensive acts such as growing trees or recycling materials.

In conclusion, my firm conviction is that that putting our future hope into space research is somewhat unrealistic, and governmental budget is better spent on healing the Earth.


  • Divert: chuyển sang
  • Habitable planet: hành tinh có thể sống được
  • Cost-effective: hiệu quả tốt về mặt tài chính
  • Hospitable: có điều kiện sinh trưởng thuận lợi (phân biệt với nghĩa thông thường là hiếu khách)
  • Extra-terrestrial life forms: sự sống ngoài trái đất
  • A worst-case scenario: tình huống xấu nhất
  • Ambiguous: mập mờ
  • Maintenance: bảo trì
  • Tangible benefit: lợi ích cụ thể
  • Conglomerate: tập đoàn lớn đa ngành nghề
  • Carbon footprint: lượng khí thải CO2
  • Unrealistic: không thực tế

5. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 5

5.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

The diagram below shows how to make one serving of dalgona candy, which is a vintage Korean Honeycomb toffee delicacy made with sugar and baking powder.
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 5
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 5


Overall, the technique consists of seven steps, each of which necessitates the use of a variety of rudimentary equipment in order to manufacture the delicacy from the fundamental element of sugar.

To commence the process, the sugar is first placed in a ladle, which is then set over medium to low heat. Throughout this time, the substance is stirred until it is completely melted throughout this time. Simultaneously, a pinch of baking soda is mixed into the melted sugar and thoroughly combined.

Moving to the subsequent stage, the honeycomb mixture is then poured onto a silicone mat or a piece of parchment paper. While this mixture is cooling down, it is advised to use a presser to flatten the mixture slightly to an extent of forming a uniform surface. In the stage that follows, it is observed that an umbrella, triangle, circle, or star cookie cutters could be utilized with a gentle pressing force to create a shape at the heart of the produced candy. Ultimately, the process ends when the sweets are left to cool and enjoyed by the consumers. 


  • Delicacy (n): đồ ngọt, kẹo bánh
  • Necessitate (v): đòi hỏi, yêu cầu
  • Substance (n): hợp chất, hỗn hợp, chất
  • Uniform (adj): đồng nhất, láng mịn
  • At the heart of: ở khu vực trung tâm

5.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

Some people believe that the best way to encourage children that have a healthy diet at school and some people believe that parents should teach them to have a healthy diet. Discuss both views and give your opinion?


Promoting excellent health is critical for a child’s overall well-being. Parents should educate their children on the value of eating a well-balanced diet at home. Meanwhile, others believe that the greatest place to learn this is at school. Throughout this essay, I would examine both of the offered statements before coming to a sensible conclusion.

There is no doubt that parents bear significant dietary and health-related obligations for their children. The first step is to eat healthy foods. To be specific, parents are responsible for ensuring that meals are nutritious and healthful because they are the ones who are in charge of. Subsequently, parents should advise their children to avoid sugary snacks and junk food during the day. Instead, they should establish a focus on what foods to avoid and present a range of foods with fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

A school, on the other hand, has a lot to offer in terms of fostering a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet. Health education has long been a part of the school curriculum, helping students understand the necessity of eating a balanced diet and forming good eating habits. In order to promote healthy behaviors, children are exposed to a number of health themes at school, including disease prevention, physical activity, and nutrition. They also have access to important tools and resources as part of the lesson. For example, at school, there are kitchen and food garden lessons that connect children to a robust lifestyle. 

In conclusion, having considered both sides of the issues, I would agree that school is the ideal place to acquire good habits and proper eating, even though parents have the ultimate obligation to their children in terms of healthcare and a balanced diet. Having said that, parents should continue to encourage their children to make healthy eating choices.


  • Dietary (adj): liên quan tới chế độ ăn uống
  • Nutritious (adj): giàu chất dinh dưỡng
  • Sugary snacks (n): các loại thực phẩm có hàm lượng đường cao
  • Foster (v): nuôi dưỡng, ươm mầm, cải thiện
  • Health themes: các hoạt động liên quan tới vấn đề sức khỏe
  • Robust (adj): (lối sống) lành mạnh, cân bằng
  • Ultimate (adj): tối ưu nhất, không cần bàn cãi

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6. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 6

6.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

The maps show changes between 1960 and now in the Station street
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 6 task 1
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 6 task 1


Overall, the town has been developed following a simplified manner, with more advanced facilities namely supermarket and hotel being added to serve the inhabitants. Meanwhile, a series of small shops has also been abolished.

In 1960, a row of seven businesses lined up in front of the railway station, selling meat, bread, toys, books, and rental DVDs, as well as a pharmacy and a fish and chip store. These shops have been replaced by a supermarket with nearby parking, and the fish and chips shop has been replaced by a cafe.

On the other hand, there have been fewer alterations on the other side of the street. Because the public telephones that were positioned on the side of the station in 1960 were removed, the railway station is now slightly larger. There was a food store next to the public telephones in 1960, but the location is currently occupied by a hotel. Finally, the dry cleaner’s on the opposite side of the railway station is still there.


  • Manner (n): hình thức, tiêu chí, định hướng
  • line up (v): nằm theo 1 hàng dọc/ ngang 
  • alteration (n): sự thay đổi, sự thay thế
  • occupy (v): chiếm dụng

6.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

School should not force children to learn a foreign language. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is true that learning a foreign language is required in some schools. While some students may find it challenging, I totally believe that this is a discipline that all children should learn, which would be discussed objectively during the course of the essay.

To begin with, language helps to break down obstacles to communication. Because international travel is becoming a common occurrence in many people’s lives, it is necessary to engage with others when traveling for business or pleasure. Asking directions, for example, will almost certainly necessitate a rudimentary understanding of the country’s language. School is a good setting for learning a new language because children learn faster than adults. As a result, students should be required to acquire a decent command of a second, or even third, language during their school years.

Second, communication encompasses the formation of friendships. Taking up a language in school should include the opportunity to organize exchange visits between students of various nationalities or create chat rooms amongst language students utilizing social networking sites. Students will be placed into real-life circumstances where they will have to rely on their linguistic abilities to converse with a student from another country who speaks a different language, using cutting-edge technology. This serves as a motivator to overcome language hurdles and improve one’s ability to communicate smoothly. While the school curriculum already has a lot on its plate, time should be set out to learn a foreign language.

Finally, the school years provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a new language, and foreign languages should be a mandated part of the school curriculum.


  • discipline (n): môn học, nội dung trong chương trình
  • occurrence (n): sự kiện, hoạt động
  • Rudimentary (adj): cơ bản, sơ cấp
  • Encompass (v): dẫn dắt, định hình 
  • utilize (v): tận dụng, áp dụng
  • hurdle (n): trở ngại
  • to have a lot on its plate: đa dạng, hơi quá nhiều
  • mandate (adj): tích hợp, bắt buộc.

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7. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 7

7.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

The pie charts illustrate electricity use by various fields in Eastern Australia between the years 2007 and 2010.
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 7
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 7


In general, except for Aluminium, Manufacturing, and Other Metal Fields, the use of power from those sectors remained steady over the period indicated. Meanwhile, the numbers for the residential and commercial sectors were by far the most significant.

Residential areas consumed over a quarter of total electricity in 2007, while commercial areas were slightly behind. Manufacturing and the aluminum industry both used 13 percent of total electricity, while other metals and mining consumed somewhat less, at 12 percent and 9%, respectively. Transport and agriculture, on the other hand, accounted for only a small percentage of total electricity usage.

While the amount of power consumed by other metals increased by 6% in 2010, the percentages consumed by aluminum and industrial areas decreased relatively to around merely a tenth of the total. Surprisingly, the proportions of electricity consumption by the other industries matched the initial figures.


  • Remain steady (v): duy trì sự ổn định
  • match the initial figure (v): duy trì số liệu như thời điểm ban đầu

7.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing sectors, as the world is more linked than it has ever been. The scenario helps people to learn about the culture, history, and customs of people in various regions of the world, but it also causes uncertainty and animosity between countries. The supplied thought appears to be controversial at first glance and thus necessitates the comprehensive deliberation outlined in the following paragraphs.


To begin with, tourism plays a critical part in a country’s economic development, as it contributes to the advancement of individuals, societies, and governments in a variety of ways. Individually, it assists them in providing job possibilities and employs a huge number of both qualified and unskilled workers. For business people, it facilitates the expansion of their hotels, which in turn fosters national integration and generates foreign exchange for the government. Furthermore, it aids the expansion of the local industry, which primarily deals in handicrafts and hand-made objects that provide tourists with insights into the local culture and history.

On the other hand, some people believe that tourism promotes tension rather than learning a country’s people and culture. In this regard, some tourists are unfamiliar with the local culture, history, and traditions of the country in question, and they attempt to comprehend them in ways that are offensive to the local people. Tensions and conflicts arise as a result of the aforementioned discrepancies between two communities. For example, when foreigners visit sacred sites, they would accidentally have behaviors considered as being disrespectful to the deities and make fun of the holy site. Furthermore, a foreign language might as well create a barrier and lead to miscommunication.

To summarize, the tourism industry is an important aspect of a country’s economic growth and helps to infuse foreign currency into the economy; yet, it should be managed carefully to avoid any confusion and contempt for local people’s sentiments and traditions.


  • sentiment (n): sự nhạy cảm 
  • discrepancy (n): sự chênh lệch, sự khác biệt
  • animosity (n): sự phản đối mạnh mẽ quá mức
  • foster (v): cải thiện, tăng cường
  • national integration (n): sự gắn kết về mặt kinh tế nội địa
  • foreign exchange (n): nguồn ngoại tệ

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8. Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 9

8.1. IELTS Writing Task 1

Đề bài

The illustration shows a two wheeled bicycle which is a relatively recent invention.
Describe to someone with no prior knowledge how a bicycle operates.
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 9 Task 1
Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 9 Task 1


A two-wheeled bicycle is depicted in the graphic, which is a relatively new invention.

Overall, riding bicycles is a remarkable yet simple procedure, which requires nearly non-prior knowledge to do. 

The most well-known component of a bicycle, the saddle, also known as a seat, is one of three points of contact on an upright bicycle. It’s a spot where you sit on your bike while riding. A bicycle saddle is often attached to the bicycle frame, which is the bicycle’s principal component and onto which wheels and other components are mounted. 

The second point of contact on a bicycle is a pedal, which is the portion of the bike that you push with your foot to propel it forward. The pedal is responsible for connecting the cyclist’s foot or shoe to the crank arm which propels the bicycle wheel by turning the chain. The cog-set is a black circular feature in the center of the back wheel that serves as a speed transmission device.

The bicycle handlebar, or steering mechanism, is the bicycle’s final point of contact. You put your hands on the handlebars of your bicycle and steer it by turning it to different sides. The handlebars are connected to the stem, which descends and attaches to the fork being a slender metal rod that connects the front wheel to the fork.


  • Saddle: yên xe
  • Frame: khung xe
  • Pedal: bàn đạp
  • Crank arm: cần đạp
  • Cog-set: bộ số
  • Handlebar: ghi-đông xe 

8.2. IELTS Writing Task 2

Đề bài

In some cases, people who break the law should be warned instead of receiving punishment. Do you agree or disagree?


Many people believe that the lawbreakers should not receive severe punishments but only warnings, especially when committing evils with good intentions. I agree with this statement, as the final judgment on this must rely on the Criminal Offense Levels as well as the motive behind each case.

People surely have grounds in believing that most criminals should receive the sentence they deserve. Crime has become an increasingly serious problem, causing not just physical injury but also economic loss in all societies. Setting out standardized punishments to those who committed more serious crimes can enhance people’s confidence in the judicial system that they’re living in. 

Nonetheless, some violators may not be as vicious as we view them. Most of the crimes are made for the underlying reason of fulfilling the basic needs of food, clothing & shelter. An example was when 2 food robbers, who were starving but in short of money, pretended to buy bread and some food then ran away. The 2015 case attracted public attention and raised the ire of netizens on social media as the procuracy asked the court to sentence them to 3-10 years in prison. The offenders are believed to deserve a chance to explain their intention and if it is a petty crime and if no damage has been done to any of the human beings or property, they can be excused by receiving a strict warning. The message was that to fully understand the motive behind the crime is a must before any verdict is reached.  

In conclusion, though the absolute severity of the punishments should be set to ensure the justification of the legal system, I believe that some lower-grade criminals could be delivered strict warnings only.

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  • Lawbreaker/ violator/ criminal/ offender (n): người phạm tội
  • Severe (adj): nghiêm trọng 
  • Punishment/ sentence/ penalty (n): hình phạt 
  • Motive (n): động cơ
  • Judicial system (n): hệ thống pháp luật
  • Public attention (n): sự chú ý của cộng đồng
  • Raised the ire (n): làm dấy lên sự phẫn nộ
  • Procuracy (n): viện kiểm sát
  • Petty crime (n): tội không nghiêm trọng 
  • Verdict (n): phán quyết 

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