Bài mẫu topic Weather – IELTS Speaking part 2, 3

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1. Bài mẫu topic Weather – IELTS Speaking part 2

Bài mẫu topic Weather - IELTS Speaking part 2, 3
Bài mẫu topic Weather – IELTS Speaking part 2, 3

Đề bài

Describe your favorite weather

You should say:  

  • What kind of weather it is  
  • What you usually do during this weather  
  • How this weather affects your mood 
  • And explain why you like this type of weather


I’m going to talk about the kind of weather that I enjoy the most. Being born in southern Vietnam, I’m accustomed to the humid and hot tropical weather though I’m not very fond of it. Instead, whenever I have a chance, I try to escape to places that are chilled and dry. You know, the type of weather that’s suitable for pine trees.

In Vietnam, you can experience this weather in the highlands and in cities such as Da Lat. As I said, I’m used to the tropical weather so I have a low tolerance for cool temperatures. When I visit Dalat or the highlands, I have to wear thick jackets to keep myself warm. I don’t think that this is a disadvantage as it gives me opportunities to pose in interesting garments. I like to sport earmuffs and trench coats, things that I couldn’t wear normally. Another little thing that I enjoy is breathing in the cooler weather.

Because of the low temperature, the vapor in my breaths forms small puffs of fog. When I was younger, I used to imagine that I was a dragon and my breaths were smoke. I have a lot of good feelings and memories too when it comes to my favorite weather. Since I can only be immersed in this kind of weather on vacations when I am relaxed, I associate it with the feeling of relief. I use it as a psychological trick when I’m stressed at work. I often think of this weather to motivate myself and to ease the tension I have at work.  


  • To be accustomed to something = to be used to something: quen, đã thích nghi với gì đó
  • Humid (adj): ẩm ướt
  • Chilled (adj): se lạnh
  • Pine trees: cây lá kim, cây thông
  • Tolerance (n): sự chịu đựng
  • Garments (n): trang phục
  • To sport (v): mặc 
  • Earmuffs (n): che tai
  • Psychological (adj): có tính tâm lý
  • Tension (n): sự căng thẳng 

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2. Bài mẫu topic Weather – IELTS Speaking part 3

Bài mẫu topic Weather - IELTS Speaking part 3
Bài mẫu topic Weather – IELTS Speaking part 3

2.1. Does weather affect your mood?

Now that I think of it, the weather does influence the way I feel. If I recount correctly, I have been the most productive when it’s sunny outside. On the contrary, when it’s hazy and gloomy, I tend to be down in the dumps and I do slack off on such days.

2.2. Where can people get weather reports?  

It used to be the case that we could only get weather forecasts on television at certain times. Nowadays, it’s at the tips of our fingers. You can download mobile applications for weather reports, you can also watch them on video hosting platforms like Youtube. I think this is fantastic and is a major positive development.

We all know that weather can be sporadic and it’s really difficult to predict weather with absolute certainty so getting news about the weather once a day may not be enough, especially for people whose work depends on weather such as farmers and taxi drivers. 

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2.3. Why are people interested in the weather?  

I would say that people are more concerned about the weather than they are interested in it. The weather dictates how we operate our society on a daily basis. Even seemingly unremarkable decisions like whether I should walk to school or take a taxi are influenced by the weather.

This is why people tend to pay close attention to what happens in terms of weather. Of course,  there are exceptions. There are people who are genuinely fascinated by meteorology and dedicate much of their time learning about weather patterns and prediction. They’re extremely helpful to our societies. However, I don’t think that many people are like this. 

2.4. What do people do on rainy days and sunny days?

Assuming that they’re not working on that day, if it’s sunny, outdoor lovers would go on a picnic, go camping, hiking and maybe go swimming in ponds and lakes. On the other hand, rainy days are perfect for family gatherings. They could prepare a meal together with their relatives, play board games, or watch a movie. 

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