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Giải đề IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Quý 1/2022

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Tầm này là các sĩ tử của chúng ta đang tất bật ôn thi để kịp xét tốt nghiệp đúng không nào? Vậy nên IELTS Vietop gửi đến bạn bài giải đề IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Quý 1/2022, đừng quên lưu lại để ôn tập IELTS Speaking Part 2 thật tốt nha.

Giải đề IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Quý 1/2022
Giải đề IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Quý 1/2022

Giải đề IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Quý 1/2022

1. Famous people (foreigners, athletes, people on social media,…)

Miêu tả người nổi tiếng là một chủ đề cực kỳ phổ biến trong IELTS Speaking Part 2. Các bạn có thể áp dụng những công thức chung như sau để có được một bài nói hoàn chỉnh:

  • Nêu thông tin cá nhân (Tên, tuổi, nghề nghiệp, ngoại hình, tính cách,…);
  • Họ nổi tiếng như thế nào (Lý do nổi tiếng, có thành tựu gì, có bao nhiêu fans, lượt theo dõi, mức độ giàu có, thu nhập,…);
  • Họ cống hiến được gì cho xã hội (Tiền bạc, từ thiện, học thức, sản phẩm sáng tạo,…); 
  • Ảnh hưởng của họ đến bản thân bạn là gì;

Các đề sau đây thuộc cùng một topic nên các bạn có thể tham khảo một số bài mẫu ở dưới, sau đó thay đổi vài nội dung cho phù hợp với từng đề. 

1. Describe your favorite famous person
2. Describe an athlete that you admire
3. Describe a creative person (an artist/musician/…) whose work you admire
4. Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting
5. Describe a businessman you admire
6. Describe a person you follow regularly on social media
Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting.  
You should say:
Who the person is
How you knew him/her
What kind of person he/she is
And explain why you think he/she is interesting.  


I’m going to talk about Komuro Mako, who was a princess in Japan until recently. She had to give up her royal title to marry her long-time boyfriend, who is a commoner. I didn’t really know about Japan’s marital practices. However, from what I’ve read, when a Japanese woman marries, she must change her last name to that of her husband. Since her husband is just a regular citizen, she also becomes one. The wedding has attracted so much drama and the couple must have been under much pressure.

A little bit more on Mako, I just got to know her from what the press has written about as well as the videos I’ve seen on social media. To me, she looks like what I expect from a princess. She’s always well-dressed in an elegant way and not too showy. Her demeanour is calm and when she answers the press, her gesture is polite and composed. She seems to be highly educated, in fact, her husband is her college sweetheart, whom she referred to as “irreplaceable” in an interview.

The reason why I’m interested in her is that her story seems like a modern-day fairy tale. She and her husband have endured so much just to be together. It’s very brave of her to follow her heart. That’s something that the rest of us can learn from. I wish her all the best with her new life. 

  • Give up:  từ bỏ
  • Royal title: tước hiệu hoàng tộc
  • Marital practice: nghi thức hôn nhân
  • Be under pressure: chịu áp lực
  • Well-dressed (adj): ăn mặc đẹp
  • Elegant (adj): sang trọng, quý phái
  • Showy (adj): lộ liễu, khoe
  • Demeanour (n): thái độ, cử chỉ
  • Gesture (n): cử chỉ (hình thể)
  • Composed (adj): điềm đạm
  • College sweetheart: mối tình từ thời đại học
  • Fairy tale: chuyện cổ tích 

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2. Normal people (family members, a person you love,…)

Chủ đề này sẽ yêu cầu khai thác nhiều khía cạnh cá nhân hơn, tuy nhiên vẫn đảm bảo các yếu tố:

Normal people (family members, a person you love,...)
Normal people (family members, a person you love,…)
  • Thông tin cá nhân (Tên, tuổi, nghề nghiệp, ngoại hình, tính cách,…);
  • Mối quan hệ của người đó với bạn (thân thiết, thù địch,…);
  • Một câu chuyện/ trải nghiệm cụ thể mà bạn và người đó có cùng nhau (tuỳ đề bài);
  • Ảnh hưởng của người đó lên bạn/ Suy nghĩ, cảm nhận về mối quan hệ. 

Các đề sau đây thuộc cùng một topic nên các bạn có thể tham khảo một số bài mẫu ở dưới, sau đó thay đổi vài nội dung cho phù hợp với từng đề. 

1. Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member
2. Describe a person that you enjoy spending time with
3. Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school
4. Describe a person you know whose job is useful to society
5. Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way
Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member.  

You should say:
When it happened Who this person is 
What the person did
And explain why you felt proud of him/her.  


When I read this cue card, my little brother is the first person that springs to mind. He has always been the pride of my family and I’d like to talk about the time when he won a gold medal in the local junior science competition last year. 

My 17-year-old little brother, Minh, has shown a keen interest in science since he was a child. He has always been a cut above in his class so I wasn’t surprised at all when he was chosen to showcase his ability in such competitions.

Minh was having a lot on his plate at the time, as he had to be well-prepared for the upcoming competition while ensuring his academic performances in class. There were times when I saw him burn the midnight oil to finish all his homework and do extra reading, and though he kept saying that he was okay, I knew that he was under a lot of pressure. 

On the day of the competition, our whole family came to encourage Minh and boost his confidence. He had to outperform over 100 other contestants, dealing with 100 nerve-racking questions ranging from Mathematics, Physics to Chemistry to get into the Final round. But not until he was announced to be the winner did the whole crowd reach fever pitch.

As soon as we heard the announcement, we couldn’t help ourselves but burst into tears and ran over to Minh to give him a tight embrace. There were tears of happiness in his eyes and he kept expressing his gratitude for us being by his side. Words could not describe how much we were all proud of him at that very moment.

Despite possessing an inborn talent, Minh always stays humble and shows unparalleled dedication and stamina in everything he does. I am so proud of him, not just because of the gold medal he had achieved, but the time and effort he invested were what actually mattered. 

  • Spring to mind: xuất hiện ngay trong đầu
  • Show a keen interest in thích thú 
  • A cut above (n): người vượt trội hẳn so với những người khác
  • Have a lot on one’s plate: bận rộn
  • Burn the midnight oil: thức đêm học bài/ làm việc
  • Nerve-racking (adj): căng não
  • Reach fever pitch: vỡ oà, chạm đến cao trào
  • Burst into tears: bật khóc 
  • Embrace (n): cái ôm 
  • Gratitude (n): sự biết ơn  
  • Inborn talent (n): tài bẩm sinh 
  • Unparalleled (adj): không thể sánh bằng 
  • Dedication/ stamina (n): lòng quyết tâm 
Describe a person that you enjoy spending time with.  

You should say:
Who this person is
How you knew him/her
What you usually do together
And explain why you like to spend time with him/her.  


Today I’d like to share with you about a friend with whom I enjoy spending time. And that would be Annie, who is not only my best friend but also the one that has a significant impact on me. 

I believe I should talk about how we got to know each other. She was the first person I get acquainted with in college, because she was sitting next to me while we were waiting for the lecturer to come. As a sociable 18-year-old girl, Annie immediately broke the ice by asking me a lot of questions. We hit it off right away, and we were able to pull jokes as if we had known each other for years. As time goes by, we turned out to be really close-knit. 

It feels like Annie and I see eye to eye in almost anything. As we have a lot in common, we often do things that we both enjoy like eating, shopping and travelling. Sometimes we can simply lie next to each other, confiding about daily stuff, which makes us realize how much we were on the same page.

Most importantly, I want to talk about the reason why I like spending time with Annie. You know what they say, human energy is contagious and I have never befriended such a positive-energised person like her. She often makes me feel recharged and uplifted just by being by her side. I always found her in a jubilant mood in spite of the fact that she had a very troublesome incident in her life as well, and this has contributed a lot in my outlook towards life.

Besides, she is also a smart cookie who often comes up with brilliant ideas. More than just a friend, she is like a mentor that I can always turn to for help and constructive advice when in adversity. 

Words cannot describe how much I love my bestie, and I cannot wait for our next get-together. 

  • Get acquainted with s.o: làm quen ai đó 
  • Break the ice: phá vỡ bầu không khí ngột ngạt, bắt chuyện
  • Hit it off: hợp nhau ngay từ lần đầu gặp
  • Pull jokes: chọc cười 
  • Close-knit (adj): thân thiết 
  • See eye to eye: hiểu nhau 
  • Have in common: có điểm chung 
  • Confide (v): tâm sự 
  • Be on the same page: hiểu nhau 
  • Contagious (adj): có tính lây lan
  • Be recharged: được nạp lại năng lượng (tích cực)
  • Outlook (n): cái nhìn (về cuộc sống)
  • A smart cookie: một người thông minh 
  • Come up with nghĩ ra gì đó 
  • Constructive (adj): có tính đóng góp, xây dựng 
  • Get-together (n): cuộc gặp 

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3. Soft skills (habits, advice, skill improvement,….)

Những đề bài liên quan đến kỹ năng, thói quen,…có thể được trình bày dưới dạng một câu chuyện ngắn bao gồm: Cách bạn tìm ra nó (ở đâu, khi nào, nhờ ai,…); Những lợi ích/ tác hại nó đem lại cho cuộc sống; Bạn bắt đầu thực hiện/ từ bỏ nó như thế nào (Tả ngắn gọn quy trình tư đầu đến cuối); Kết quả đem lại là gì,… Và đừng quên nêu lên cảm nhận về trải nghiệm đó.

Soft skills (habits, advice, skill improvement,....)
Soft skills (habits, advice, skill improvement,….)

Các đề sau đây thuộc cùng một topic nên các bạn có thể tham khảo một số bài mẫu ở dưới, sau đó thay đổi vài nội dung cho phù hợp với từng đề. 

1. Describe a time when you gave some helpful advice to someone
2. Describe a useful skill you learned from an older person
3. Describe something you did that helped you to learn another language
4. Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn
5. Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop
6. Describe something you think it would be interesting to learn more about
7. Describe a time when you had to do something difficult, and you succeeded
Describe a healthy habit you have.   

You should say: 
What that habit it is
How long you’ve had this habit 
How often you do it 
And explain why you think it’s a healthy habit.   


So…today I would like to talk about running, a form of exercise that has long been in my daily schedule. 

I first took up this habit about 7 years ago, when I was still a teenager. At the time I was a bit overweight and felt extremely upset about how I looked. You know it’s normal to face some emotional ups and downs during one’s teenage years, but if a person had to deal with extra weight, it might add to these feelings. After years of being teased and bullied at school because of my appearance, I decided to put my running shoes on and it has changed my life upside down. 

The difference between running and jogging is intensity. Running is much faster, uses more kilojoules and demands more effort from the heart, lungs and muscles and it requires a higher level of overall fitness. This is not easy at all for newbies, as I could not push myself too hard right from the beginning.

I started each run with a gentle warm-up for at least 5 minutes. This included walking, marching on the spot, knee lifts, side stepping or climbing stairs. I didn’t want to suffer any injuries while doing the exercise, so I tried to ease myself into running slowly and increase my pace and distance gradually over several outings. 

After only about 3 months into running, I managed to lose a total of 5 kilograms, which left me flabbergasted as I never believed I could achieve such a goal. Now I’m as fit as a fiddle, and no longer worry about my weights, but running has done wonders to my bones, muscles and cardiovascular fitness so I would like to keep doing it in the future. 

  • Emotional ups and downs (n): những cảm xúc vui và buồn 
  • Put one running shoes on: mang giày chạy (chỉ việc đi chạy bộ)
  • Newbie (n): người mới 
  • Push oneself (v): ép bản thân 
  • Pace (n): bước chạy 
  • Flabbergasted (adj): kinh ngạc 
  • As fit as a fiddle: vô cùng khỏe mạnh 
  • Do wonders: có tác động tuyệt vời 
  • Cardiovascular fitness: sức khỏe tim mạch

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4. Places (tourist attraction, cities, …) 

Miêu tả địa điểm thường gắn liền với cảnh đẹp thiên nhiên, thời tiết, con người, những điểm thú vị/ nổi bật, hoạt động, đặc sản,… Các bạn có thể khai thác các thông tin trên theo ý thích.

Places (tourist attraction, cities, …) 
Places (tourist attraction, cities, …) 

Các đề sau đây thuộc cùng một topic nên các bạn có thể tham khảo một số bài mẫu ở dưới, sau đó thay đổi vài nội dung cho phù hợp với từng đề. 

1. Describe a place in the countryside that you visited
2. Describe a time you visited a new place
3. Describe a café you’d like to visit
4. Describe a place you visited on vacation
5. Describe a famous city that you think is interesting
Describe a time you visited a new place.  

You should say:  
Where the new place is
When you went there
Why you went there
And explain how you feel about the place.  


When reading this cue card, I immediately think of the time when I went on a hiking trip to Fansipan with my best friends. 

Normally, if ever given a long holiday, we would go for chilling by the beach. But to make a little change, we decided to spice things up by going off the beaten track. Living in Ho Chi Minh city, we had to take a long car trip up North to reach the mountains. The only thing I remember during the trip was how spectacular the scenery was, which was chalk and cheese different from where we live. From afar, I could spot many waterfalls, with the water cascading down the side of one of the rocky mountains. 

The height of the Fansipan was 3,143 meters, which is the highest on the Indochinese Peninsula, hence its nickname “the Roof of Indochina”. This is an ideal hiking spot for those who wish to challenge themselves with a steep and fairly strenuous hike. Hiking with a small group of friends, I could enjoy the beauty of silence. I could listen to the rhythm of my breath, look at the small details and lose myself in the look of magnificent scenery, trying to engrave it in my memory, forever. I was fully immersed in the nature surrounding me, with thousands of trees along the way and the sounds of exotic animals, which I couldn’t normally see in the city.

After almost 3 days of hard work, we finally reached the summit of the mountain. From the very top of Fansipan, we could see the whole panoramic view of the forests, which was absolutely out of this world. I had been to the mountainous areas before but never had I felt such a sense of achievement like I did that time, maybe it was because I had to get there on foot. Fansipan was truly a picturesque destination, and I thought it was best experienced on a hike, not cable cars, because only through hiking can you really enjoy the beautiful natural landscape while spending time with your loved ones. 

That was my first time going on such an extraordinary trip, but I guess it was probably one of the most exciting experiences in my entire life. 

  • Spice things up: khuấy động 
  • Go off the beaten track: đến nơi không có nhiều người biết đến
  • Chalk and cheese different: vô cùng khác biệt 
  • Cascade down (v): (thác) đổ xuống
  • Steep (adj): dốc
  • Strenuous (adj): khó khăn
  • Engrave (v): khắc sâu 
  • Be immersed in đắm chìm vào gì đó
  • Exotic (adj): lạ 
  • Panoramic view (n): toàn cảnh (từ trên xuống)
  • Be out of this world: tuyệt vời, không thể tưởng tượng nổi 
  • Sense of achievement: cảm giác chinh phục được điều gì 
  • Picturesque (adj): đẹp như tranh
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