Describe a café you like to visit – IELTS Speaking part 2, 3

Café là loại thức uống vô cùng quen thuộc với mọi người. Cái vị đắng đắng thơm nồng, uống vào một ngụm “tỉnh hẳn” cả ngày.

Và để bày tỏa niềm đam mê với thức uống “trứ danh” này trong bài thi IELTS Speaking sao cho thật “chất” và ấn tượng thì hãy tham khảo ngay Describe a café you like to visitIELTS Speaking part 2, IELTS Speaking part 3 bên dưới này nhé.

1. Describe a café you like to visit – Topic cafe IELTS Speaking part 2

Describe a café you like to visit - Topic cafe IELTS Speaking part 2
Describe a café you like to visit – Topic cafe IELTS Speaking part 2

Mời mọi người nghe Audio topic café – Part 2 tại đây nhé!

Đề bài

Describe a café you would like to visit. You should say:

  • Where it is
  • What kinds of food and drinks it serves
  • What you often do there
  • And explain why you often go there


I’m going to talk about a café I often go to when I have some time to spare. It’s a medium-sized coffee shop near my university named Highlands Coffee.

The Highlands I frequent has a lot of character. It’s one of the rare coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city which has both indoor and outdoor areas (I think). The exterior area of the café is light and airy, yet it can be very hot especially in summer. Inside it’s pretty ornate with all the yellow lights and decorations, and I reckon people prefer staying indoors as the room is air-conditioned (laugh).

As the name suggests, Highlands Coffee serves…coffee (giggle), but it has tea and other amazing drinks too. I particularly love its Golden Lotus Tea – the taste is to die for! They also serve banh mì, which is very reasonably priced considering it is much better than the bánh mì sold in the street.

I’ve spent a fair share of my university days in that café. I often order a cup of lotus tea, pick a table in the corner, put on my headphones, and start studying. Nothing beats staying inside a coffee-scented room, especially on rainy days!


  • Medium-sized: kích cỡ trung bình
  • Light and airy: sáng sủa và thoáng đãng
  • Ornate: trang hoàng đẹp
  • Reckon: cho rằng
  • To die for: rất tốt, rất ngon
  • Reasonably priced: giá cả phải chăng
  • Coffee-scented: có mùi cà phê

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2. Describe a café you like to visit – Topic cafe IELTS Speaking part 3

Describe a café you like to visit - Topic cafe IELTS Speaking part 3
Describe a café you like to visit – Topic cafe IELTS Speaking part 3

Mời mọi người nghe Audio topic café – Part 3 tại đây nhé!

2.1. Why do young people like studying in a café instead of studying at home?

I reckon people are often more focused when they study in a coffee shop. I don’t actually know why really, but it might have something to do with the fact that there are a lot of people around you. You know, I always have that funny feeling of people looking at me when I’m studying, and of course I don’t want to look bad (laugh).

  • Reckon: cho rằng
  • Focused: tập trung
  • Have something to do with: có lẽ là do

2.2. Do people in your country like to drink coffee?

Of course we do. Vietnam is home to one of the best coffee beans in the world; you know we have our coffee served with coffee filters, people have a sip of coffee, either hot or iced, before they commute to work. It’s not an overstatement to say that if you don’t see coffee in Vietnam, you’re definitely visiting a wrong country.

  • Home to: là quê hương của
  • Coffee filters: phin pha cà phê
  • Commute: đi làm
  • Overstatement: nói quá

2.3. What kinds of people like to go to a café?

Well, the choice often varies based on age groups. Young adults, particularly those in their 20s, frequent trendy coffee shops with positive reviews, primarily for social gatherings with close friends or business discussions with colleagues and associates.

On the other hand, older individuals tend to opt for nearby local cafes where they can spend leisurely hours, enjoying their preferred beverages while engaging in heartfelt conversations with friends.

For the younger demographic, cafes serve as a frequent destination. Some view it as an ideal spot to socialize with friends, while others visit to enjoy some solitary moments with their favorite drink. Regardless of their individual preferences, these individuals often seek a space away from the pressures of their work life, aiming to unwind and relax.

  • Associates: cộng sự
  • Beverages: đồ uống
  • Heartfelt: chân thành

2.4. Why do young people like to hang out in coffee shops?

Young people are drawn to cafes not solely for the coffee but also for the captivating ambiance they offer. Coffee shops often boast visually appealing designs and well-decorated settings. In addition to offering delicious beverages, these spaces have become hotspots for various forms of entertainment for many youngsters. They utilize these venues for activities such as dates or capturing selfies due to their aesthetic appeal.

  • Solely: cô độc
  • Aesthetic appeal: sức hấp dẫn thẩm mỹ

2.5. Do you think young people in Vietnam visit coffee shops more often than old people?

There isn’t definitive data available regarding the frequency of coffee shop visits based on different age groups. However, from my observations, it appears that Vietnamese youngsters tend to frequent these establishments more regularly compared to older individuals.

In my experience, in various coffee shops, ranging from well-established ones to newly opened ones, it’s evident that the majority of customers are young individuals. This inclination might stem from their multiple expectations and desires when visiting cafes, beyond solely enjoying the beverage.

There’s even a trending hashtag on TikTok dedicated to sharing information about coffee shops, allowing young users to explore and discover places that pique their interest.

  • Ranging: khác nhau

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