[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề Speaking ngày 17/12/2022

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Luyện thi IELTS Vietop gửi bạn bài mẫu giải đề Speaking ngày 17/12/2022, cùng tìm hiểu và luyện tập IELTS Speaking thật tốt nhé!

Giải đề Speaking ngày 17/12/2022
Giải đề Speaking ngày 17/12/2022

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Volunteer work


1. Have you done any volunteer work?

If memory serves correctly, I started taking part in some voluntary activities when I entered high school. It was my school’s youth union that I could gain experience and actualize the virtues of such meaningful acts. Since then, I have participated in multiple charitable groups in order to keep up the good deeds

  • Youth union (noun phrase): đoàn thanh niên 
  • Actualize (v): nhận ra
  • Virtues (n):  đức tính 
  • Good deeds (n): việc tốt 

→ Kể về trải nghiệm lần đầu tiên làm tình nguyện và tiếp tục sau đó. Chú ý các cụm từ đồng nghĩa của “tham gia”. 

2. Why did you do the volunteer work?

In all fairness, I was first into it for scores to add up to my academic performance, down silly and practical right? Yet, after a couple of times or so, I began to enjoy it and found the true purpose of the work. 

  • Academic performance (noun phrase): kết quả học tập

→ Nêu lý do tại sao tham gia lúc đầu và sự thay đổi sau đó. Học sinh có thể nêu rõ lý do từ câu 1 thì sẽ hạn chế việc giám khảo sẽ hỏi lại câu này. 

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3. Do you know many volunteers?

Well actually, I get a chance to work with some awesome volunteers, and they come from all walks of life

A few of them are elites who have outstanding social and economic power, like renowned entrepreneurs and former politicians. These people offer much help financially. 

On the other hand, those who have humble backgrounds also make great contributions even if they are just students or blue collars. Like they say, many hands make light work

  • All walks of life (idiom):  tất cả các tầng lớp xã hội 
  • Elites (n):  giới thượng lưu 
  • Humble (a):  khiêm tốn
  • Backgrounds (n): lý lịch/ tầng lớp 
  • Blue collars (noun phrase): người lao động
  • Many hands make light work (idiom): nhiều người giúp sức thì việc sẽ chóng nhanh –  một cây làm chẳng nên non, ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao  

→ Sử dụng mô tuýp liệt kê những nhóm người làm tình nguyện:

  • Nhóm người giàu, quyên góp tiền
  • Nhóm người có lý lịch khiêm tốn hơn cũng đóng góp rất nhiều. 

4. How do you define volunteer work?

Frankly speaking, it is determined by different circumstances. 

First of all, philanthropy is perhaps the most common and practical contribution. This is because in this material world, financial aid could help resolve a lot of issues. 

On the other hand, there are other ways to support others. For example, I know a lady who fosters abandoned animals until those poor creatures find a home. She does this by herself without any donations

  • Philanthropy (n): hoạt động từ thiện (giúp tiền)
  • Resolve (v):  giải quyết 
  • Foster (v): nuôi dưỡng 
  • Donations (n): quyên góp  

→ Sử dụng mô tuýp phân tích hai trường hợp có thể làm tình nguyện / thiện nguyện:

  • Quyên góp tiền
  • Giúp sức/tự hành động

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IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a volunteering experience you have had. 

Describe a volunteering experience you have had
Describe a volunteering experience you have had

You should say:

  • When it was
  • Where it was
  • Why you volunteered
  • And explain how you felt

When you gave me the topic, the memory of my university’s voluntary activity was brought back to life. 

As far as I can recall, it was in my second year when a club in my university which usually held voluntary activities posted on Facebook looking for participants. They were looking for about 10 volunteers who would be able to join at least twice a week for a month. Their post highlighted that there were a lot of work to be done. At first I was reluctant, but finally made up my mind to give it a try

Five days after my application, I was admitted to the club and started to learn all the handy work. It was like a soup kitchen. Much of it involved preparing meals and packaging them. We sometimes made 500 portions in total. All of the sections were divided by the club leader based on our experience. I know how to cook so I would be in charge of cooking. Some were not good at it and could help with shopping, washing, or packaging.  The meals would be then delivered to a hospital where they are donated to patients and their family members who were really struggling

It was exhausting but worthwhile. I finished my one-month membership and returned to the club in summer when I was not up to ears with work. I also suggested my classmates join as well. 

In a nutshell, it was definitely a wonderful experience, the memories of which I’ve always cherished.

  • Reluctant (a):  lưỡng lự 
  • Admitted (v):  được nhận 
  • Soup kitchen (noun phrase): bếp ăn từ thiện 
  • Portions (n):  khẩu phần 
  • Struggling (a):  khó khăn
  • Worthwhile (a):  đáng giá 
  • Up to ears with work (idiom): bận đến tận mang tai 

→ Bài giải miêu tả các nội dung về trải nghiệm tham gia tình nguyện, theo mạch câu hỏi gợi ý 

  • Thời gian
  • Từ đâu biết đến hoạt động này
  • Làm gì
  • Kết quả/mục đích

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Volunteer work 

Volunteer work
Volunteer work


1. What personalities and qualities are required for being a volunteer?

Honestly, there are two characteristics which are necessary if one considers to be a volunteer. 

First of all, being kind-hearted is a must because the motivation to help or make a change has to come from within the self. If it is compulsory or for other purposes it will be kind of hypocritical or selfish. 

Secondly, teamwork is also an essential skill since you need to join hands with lots of people. 

  • motivation (n): động lực 
  •  hypocritical (a): đạo đức giả 
  • join hands (verb phrase): chung tay 

→ Liệt kê 2 tính cách cần có để trở tàu tình nguyện viên: có tấm lòng tốt bụng và biết hoạt động nhóm. Thí sinh có thể chọn các đức tính khác nhau. 

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2. Do you think people nowadays should volunteer more?

Well in truth, it is exceptional when there is more support reaching those who are in need. The general living standards across the world are increasing, but many still suffer poverty and starvation. The more acts of goodwill are given, the merrier. 

But you also have to understand that when it comes to help we tend to pay attention to our kind only and neglect the environment and other living organisms. I believe people should also pay more responsibility to the natural world. 

  • reaching (v):   Vươn đến 
  • poverty (n):  nghèo nàn 
  • starvation (n):   đói 
  • goodwill (n):  thiện chí 
  • neglect (v): sao nhãng/ không quan tâm

→ Bài giải khuyến khích tăng cường giúp đỡ mọi người và cả làm tình nguyện về môi trường. Học sinh lưu ý thay các từ đồng nghĩa giúp đỡ. 

3. How does modern technologies assist volunteers and volunteering?

Well based on my experience, it has transformed voluntary work in leaps and bounds. However, the most prominent would be social media which has brought more contention to the acts of good deeds. As a result, more and more people are willing to give others a helping hand. It also has more potent impacts compared to the conventional ones. 

  • in leaps and bounds (idiom): phát triển chóng mặt 
  • contention (n): sự tranh chấp, bất hoà
  • conventional (a): truyền thống

→ Tập trung nêu sự ảnh hưởng của truyền thông hiện đại với hành động thiện nguyện. Thí sinh có thể chọn giải thích hoặc dùng ví dụ (sẽ tránh lặp từ với các ý đã nêu trước đó)

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