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[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 23/12/2022

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Bạn đang học IELTS và cần nguồn tài liệu để ôn tập, đặc biệt là IELTS Speaking? Hôm nay IELTS Vietop gửi đến bạn bài mẫu đề IELTS Speaking ngày 23/12/2022, cùng tham khảo nhé!

Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 23/12/2022
Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 23/12/2022

IELTS Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Study

Xem bài giải topic Stuty tại: Topic: “Study” – IELTS Speaking Part 1




1. What kinds of transport do you take to go to work?

Most Vietnamese people take the motorbike, or scooter, as their everyday means of transport, and I am no exception. I think the scooter is the ideal choice for a person who is constantly on the go like I am, because the compact design makes it so easy to wend its way forward in the city’s gridlocks.  

  • I am no exception: tôi cũng không ngoại lệ 
  • Be on the go (adj): trên đường 
  • Compact design (n): thiết kế nhỏ gọn 
  • Wend one’s way forward: tiên lên phía trước
  • Gridlock (n): kẹt xe, tắc đường  

→ Thay vì chỉ nói về bản thân, có thể mở rộng thông tin bằng cách nói về mọi người xung quanh trước, sau đó lồng ghép bản thân bằng cách nói “I am no exception”. Nêu những ưu điểm của xe máy (nhỏ gọn, tiện lợi) khiến mình chọn nó là phương tiện lưu thông hằng ngày. 

I cannot foresee the future, but I believe vehicles that run completely on electric power will definitely gain popularity. As a result of the launch of electric bus lines, cars and motorbikes, gasoline-powered models would be supplanted in the next few years, I suppose. 

  • Gain popularity (v): trở nên phổ biến
  • Launch (n): sự ra mắt 
  • Gasoline-powered (adj): chạy bằng xăng 
  • Supplant (v): thay thế 

→ Xe chạy bằng điện sẽ dần thay thế xe xăng trong tương lai, nhờ sự phát triển của công nghệ. 

3. Are there any transport problems in your city?

For sure. During the peak hours of the weekends and holidays, the traffic in HCMC is chaotic. Public and private transports commute on the same narrow lanes, causing serious traffic jams at between 5 and 6 p.m every evening.

Besides, though investments in road traffic have been made, the quality is often substandard, as some routes just need a light rain to be completely flooded and damaged. The exhaust fumes and loud whistles from vehicles are also causing fatigue and irritation for commuters during their travels. 

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  • Peak hour (n): giờ cao điểm 
  • Chaotic (adj): hỗn loạn
  • Substandard (adj): tệ, dưới mức tiêu chuẩn
  • Flooded (adj): ngập 
  • Commuter (n): người tham gia giao thông
  • Fatigue (n): sự mệt mỏi
  • Irritation (n): sự khó chịu

→ Liệt kê một vài điểm tiêu cực của giao thông (kẹt xe, đường ngập nước, khói xe gây ô nhiễm, còi xe ồn ào…), lưu ý sử dụng những từ nối Besides, also để liên kết các ý, tránh rời rạc. 


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Nhận tư vấn miễn phí khóa học hè

Nhận tư vấn miễn phí khóa học hè

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IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member

Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member
Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member

IELTS Speaking Part 2: You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Who this person is 
  • What the person did

And explain why you felt proud of him/her.


When I read this cue card, my little brother is the first person that springs to mind. He has always been the pride of my family and I’d like to talk about the time when he won a gold medal in the local junior science competition last year. 

My 17-year-old little brother, Minh, has shown a keen interest in science since he was a child. He has always been a cut above in his class so I wasn’t surprised at all when he was chosen to showcase his ability in such competitions.

Minh was having a lot on his plate at the time, as he had to be well-prepared for the upcoming competition, while ensuring his academic performances in class. There were times when I saw him burn the midnight oil to finish all his homework and do extra reading, and though he kept saying that he was okay, I knew that he was under a lot of pressure. 

On the day of the competition, our whole family came to encourage Minh and boost his confidence. He had to outperform over 100 other contestants, dealing with 100 nerve-racking questions ranging from Mathematics, Physics to Chemistry to get into the Final round. But not until he was announced to be the winner did the whole crowd reach fever pitch.

As soon as we heard the announcement, we couldn’t help ourselves but burst into tears and ran over to Minh to give him a tight embrace. There were tears of happiness in his eyes and he kept expressing his gratitude for us being by his side. Words could not describe how much we were all proud of him at that very moment.

Despite possessing an inborn talent, Minh always stays humble and shows an unparalleled dedication and stamina in everything he does. I am so proud of him, not just because of the gold medal he had achieved, but the time and effort he invested were what actually mattered. 

Xem ngay: Khóa học IELTS Speaking – Online và Offline cùng giáo viên IELTS 8.0+ Speaking

  • Spring to mind: xuất hiện ngay trong đầu
  • Show a keen interest in thích thú 
  • A cut above (n): người vượt trội hẳn so với những người khác
  • Have a lot on one’s plate: bận rộn
  • Burn the midnight oil: thức đêm học bài/ làm việc
  • Nerve-racking (adj): căng não
  • Reach fever pitch: vỡ oà, chạm đến cao trào
  • Burst into tears: bật khóc 
  • Embrace (n): cái ôm 
  • Gratitude (n): sự biết ơn  
  • Inborn talent (n): tài bẩm sinh 
  • Unparalleled (adj): không thể sánh bằng 
  • Dedication/ stamina (n): lòng quyết tâm 

→ Bài nói dựa trên việc chiến thắng cuộc thi khoa học, từ đó bộc lộ được những phẩm chất tốt của người em trai (giỏi giang, chăm chỉ, khiêm tốn, luôn cố gắng hết sức,…) đã khiến mình cảm thấy tự hào.

*Lưu ý luôn bám sát câu hỏi gợi ý để tránh sa đà: When it happened (last year); Who this person is (brother – Minh); What the person did (won a gold medal); Why you felt proud (he’s talented, humble, determined,…)

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Feeling proud 

Feeling proud
Feeling proud

IELTS Speaking part 3: Sample

1. When would parents feel proud of their children?

The way I see it, parents are proud of children when they achieve their own goals, whether it be saying their first word, taking their first step, getting an A in class, graduating from college, getting their first job, or buying their first house. Parents, in general, develop a sense of well-being seeing their children mature every day, and no matter how big or minor the achievement might be, they are deliriously happy. That is, undoubtedly, the beauty of parental love. 

  • Sense of well-being (n): cảm giác hạnh phúc
  • Mature (v): trưởng thành
  • Deliriously happy (adj): vô cùng vui sướng, hạnh phúc

→ Liệt kê vài hành động của con cái khiến cha mẹ tự hào, và khẳng định rằng dù thành tựu đó lớn hay nhỏ cũng đều khiến cha mẹ cảm thấy vui và hạnh phúc. 

2. Should parents reward children? Why and how?

Yes, definitely. Parents should reward their little ones for their achievements and hard work. A little pat on one’s back suggests that their effort has been recognized, and this would develop a sense of achievement among children, encouraging them to keep up the good work in the future. Parents see rewards as a way to get kids going in the right direction on the path to establishing good habits. The reward shouldn’t necessarily be money or material goods, but parents can reward children by showing them affection, praising them, or giving them extra time with a favorite activity. 

  • Pat on one’s back: cái vỗ lưng (ý chỉ hành động khen)
  • Sense of achievement (n): cảm giác đạt được thành tựu
  • Affection (n): tình yêu thương
  • Praise (v): khen ngợi 

→ Câu hỏi gồm 3 ý lớn, nên cần trả lời đầy đủ cho cả 3: Khẳng định có/ không; Giải thích lý do vì sao (động viên con trẻ, giúp trẻ có thêm niềm vui từ đó tiếp tục những thói quen tốt,…); Gợi ý cách thức (thể hiện tình thương, khen ngợi, cho trẻ làm những hoạt động yêu thích,…)

3. Is it good to reward children too often? Why?

Well, it is true that there are things regarded as personal responsibilities. It is thought by many people that giving rewards too often for achievements children “should do anyway” may undermine such duties and open up having to negotiate constantly with kids. They certainly don’t need rewards for every single good behavior or every small task they perform.

However, as I said, there are plenty of rewards that don’t cost any money. Free rewards and incentives are just as effective in providing motivation for kids. Allowing children to earn a later bedtime, choose a special meal or pick a game to play is enough to make them feel on top of the world

  • Undermine (v): phá hỏng, đục khoét 
  • Negotiate (v): đàm phán
  • Constantly (adv): liên tục
  • Be on top of the world: cảm thấy cực kì vui sướng

→ Nêu ra những tác động tiêu cực của việc thưởng cho trẻ quá thường xuyên (làm trẻ mất tính trách nhiệm, dựa dẫm vào vật chất,…). Tuy nhiên có thể mở rộng ý theo hướng phần thưởng không nhất thiết phải là tiền/ hiện vật mà còn được thể hiện dưới những dạng giá trị tinh thần khác. 

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4. On what occasions would adults be proud of themselves?

Each individual has different accomplishments worth celebrating, in different aspects of their lives. Some people believe that they should only be proud of themselves when achieving something “big” enough, like getting a promotion, buying a new car or being able to afford an expensive designer bag.

However, I suppose there are a lot of simple reasons to be proud of yourself, such as learning and growing from your mistakes, lending a helping hand for those in need, or simply how you strive for your definition of success. Both big and small accomplishments are worth acknowledging as they are the reasons one has come so far in life, and people should always feel proud of themselves for all the good deeds they do, whether to themselves or the world around them. 

  • Lending a helping hand: giúp đỡ
  • Acknowledge (v): công nhận 

→ Liệt kê những lý do người ta có thể cảm thấy tự hào về bản thân, dù lớn hay nhỏ. Từ đó khẳng định tầm quan trọng của việc trân trọng những giá trị cá nhân. 


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