Bài mẫu Topic Holidays – IELTS Speaking Part 1

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“Holidays” là một trong những chủ đề quen thuộc trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 1. Vì vậy, bài viết hôm nay IELTS Vietop gửi đến bạn một số câu hỏi cũng như bài mẫu Topic Holidays – IELTS Speaking Part 1, cùng tham khảo nhé!

Topic: "Holidays" - IELTS Speaking Part 1
Topic: “Holidays” – IELTS Speaking Part 1

Part 1 – Topic Holidays

1. Where did you go for your last holiday? 

I had a staycation, but it wasn’t my choice. Since the covid pandemic was raging, I just stayed home and read some books

  • staycation (n): kỳ nghỉ tại nhà

2. Do you like holidays? Why?

Yeah, I find them useful for me since I work a lot and I don’t know when to stop. They somewhat serve as a reminder for me that I need to take a break and blow off some steam.

  • to serve as a reminder (collocation): nhắc nhở, lời gợi nhớ

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3. Which public holiday do you like best?

This may sound cliché, but I like Tet the most. Tet is Vietnamese for “Lunar New Year”. The holiday usually lasts for 10 days to two weeks and I often visit my relatives or go sightseeing. 

  •  cliché (n): ý tưởng không mới mẻ’

4. What do you do on holidays?

When my budget allows, I’d like to travel to far flung places such as an overseas country. Otherwise, I enjoy seeing my family and friends or just simply take a break on these occasions.

  • budget (n): túi tiền, quỹ tiền
  • far-flung place (n): nơi rất xa 
  • otherwise (adv): ngoài việc đó ra

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Part 2

Describe an important holiday in your country

I’m going to talk about Christmas, which is one of the most popular festivals in Vietnam. The festival lasts for 2 days, and it takes places on the 24th of December. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and it is the most expected occasion by Christians around the world in general and in Vietnam in particular… 

People from other countries get days off from work but Christmas is not a national holiday in Vietnam so we still go to work on that day. Although, there has been some debates about whether the government should recognize Christmas as a national holiday, I do not think these arguments will come to an end soon.

There are some common things that people do during this occasion but I think the most popular activity is that people decorate their houses with different decorations such as Christmas Tree, Fairy Lights, Snowman and Wreaths. In addition, many well-known places in big cities are immersed in exciting and colorful tinsels and cheerful melodies of Christmas songs. Another popular activity is that Vietnamese people are keen on gathering for sharing big meals with their families and exchanging gifts. 

The reason why I am a big fan of Christmas is the great atmosphere. I really enjoy the sense of anticipation and excitement during the festival and I also think it is a great time to nurture our souls and strengthen our relationships with our loved ones.

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Part 3: Holidays 

1. Do people in your country like to have holidays?

  • Catch sight of s.th: bắt gặp cái gì 
  • Outskirts of town: vùng ngoại ô 

Yes. I would say pretty often. There are several national holidays throughout the year so people take it pretty seriously. They really want to take some time off from work or school in order to recharge their batteries. Holidays are, in my opinion, the best way to relieve stress from nerve-wracking time. Holidays are popular because they allow people to travel and visit their families. 

  • Recharge one’s battery: nghỉ ngơi, hồi sức 
  • Nerve-wracking time: khoảng thời gian căng thẳng 

2. What do most people do during their holidays in your country? Why?

Many individuals are pleased to simply rest at home, but more and more people nowadays, especially those who live in cities, would seize this opportunity to travel and get away from the fast-paced lifestyle. 

  • Seize the opportunity: giành lấy cơ hội
  • Get away from s.th: thoát khỏi điều gì 
  • Fast-paced lifestyle: lối sống nhanh, hối hả 

3. Where do people in your country like to travel to?

I would say it varies among individuals. But most of them would go for well-known tourist attractions to enjoy their holidays. The beaches are a common choice, but many others are into hiking in the mountains as well. That is why these places are often jam-packed with a lot of people. Some go to foreign countries as well, if they have a little extra money to spend.

  • Be jam-packed with s.o/ s.th: bị chật cứng bởi ai/ cái gì 

4. Why do some people prefer to stay at home during holidays?

As I see it, most people don’t get to travel due to its high cost. In developing countries where people have to bend over backwards to make ends meet, traveling is considered extravagant. Others, however, simply enjoy spending their quality time with their family and friends at home. 

  • Bend over backwards: cố gắng rất nhiều 
  • Make ends meet: đáp ứng nhu cầu cơ bản của cuộc sống 
  • Extravagant (adj): xa xỉ, đắt đỏ 

Trên đây là những mẫu câu hỏi cũng như cách trả lời về chủ đề “Hollidays” trong IELTS Speaking mắc gì về bài viết hoặc trong lúc luyện thi IELTS hãy để lại bình luận bên dưới để được giải đáp nhé!

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