Bài mẫu Topic TV programs – IELTS Speaking part 1

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Hôm nay VIETOP sẽ mang đến cho các bạn một chủ đề IELTS Speaking part 1 khá thú vị, đó là topic TV programs. Cùng xem và nghe bài mẫu dưới đây của VIETOP nhé!

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1. What kind of TV programs do you like? 

I love watching news on televisions as I want to be informed about what’s happening around me, especially in this tumultuous time of the Covid pandemic. I want to have information that can be used to keep me and my family safe. 

  • tumultuous (adj): biến động

2. What’s your favorite TV program? What kind of tv program you like best

I prefer watching news programs on either BBC or CNN. The advantage of watching news on these channels is that they speak in a clear and precise manner. I can learn a lot on how to use formal language watching the presenters on these two channels. 

  • precise (adj): chính xác

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2. Do you often watch programs on TV or your cell phone?

I find myself watching more and more content on my cell phone on the bus or at lunches rather than watching TV in my living room. It is just more convenient. Most of these programmes are also free, so I’m thinking of cutting the cord to just watch these programs exclusively on my personal devices. 

  • Cutting the cord (expression, noun phrase): việc từ bỏ không sử dụng cáp truyền hình nữa

3. Do you like watching the same kind of program all the time?

Well, after a while, news can bore me out and the severity of some news can take a toll on my mental health. Therefore, every now and then I also choose to watch sitcom series such as “How I met your mother” and the likes because the humour is lighthearted and suitable for relaxation.

  • to bore someone out (expression): làm ai đó chán
  • severity (n): mức độ nghiêm trọng
  • to take a toll on someone/something (expression): gây thiệt hại cho ai đó/cái gì đó
  • sitcom (n): phim truyền hình nhiều tập về hài tình huống.

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5. Do you like watching TV?

Yes, I can spend hours watching my favorite shows in front of the TV, so everyone calls me a couch potato. When I’m fully engrossed in a TV show, it actually helps me feel refreshed and removes all of my daily stress.

  • A couch potato: người nghiện xem tivi
  • Engrossed (a) IN: hăng say về
  • Refreshed (a): thư giãn

Sample: TV programs & Children

1. What do children like watching on TV?

From my perspective, children like watching cartoons on TV. Most kids are addicted to watching cartoons all day because they do not enjoy being bored. Therefore, funny, fanciful/fantastical cartoons are the best choices for them.

  • Be addicted to (a): thích thú đến nghiện
  • Fanciful = fantastical (a): huyền ảo

2. Do you think kids are watching too much television?

I do believe that kids spend too much time in front of the television. These days, parents are too preoccupied with their jobs to spend the time and patience playing with their children; instead, they turn to the television. This is in contrast to the past, when youngsters merely wanted to be outside having fun without using any technology.

  • Preoccupied (a): Bận rộn
  • Patience (n): Sự kiên nhẫn
  • Merely (adv): Đơn thuần

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3. What are the impacts of watching TV programs on children?

Young people are greatly influenced by television, both positively and badly. On the one hand, kids’ horizons can be greatly expanded by watching shows like game shows, quiz shows, or reality shows. These programs are extremely educational, and kids can learn a great deal from them. However, when kids binge on their preferred TV series, they frequently disregard other obligations like homework or domestic chores. This explains why more and more kids are withdrawing from society and becoming more reckless.

  • Horizon (n): chân trời/kiến thức
  • Binge on (v): say sưa với
  • Disregard (v): xem thường
  • Withdraw from (v): rút ra khỏi
  • Reckless (a): liều lĩnh

Hy vọng bài mẫu trên về topic TV programs sẽ giúp ích được cho bạn trong quá trình luyện thi IELTS. Chúc các bạn có phần thi IELTS Speaking thật tốt.



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