[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề IELTS Writing ngày 07/03/2024

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Đề thi IELTS Writing ngày 07/03/2024 vừa qua với dạng đề biểu đồ line graph trong IELTS Writing task 1 và chủ đề lifestyle bày tỏ nhận định về “people are becoming more dependent on or become more independent” trong IELTS Writing task 2.

Vậy ý tưởng để triển khai dạng đề thi này như thế nào? Hãy cùng thầy phân tích chi tiết đề bài và giải đề IELTS Writing ngày 07/03/2024 qua các phần sau:

  • Phân tích đề và lập dàn ý.
  • Các bài mẫu theo band điểm.
  • Tổng hợp từ vựng và cấu trúc ghi điểm cho bài thi viết.

Nào! Cùng bắt đầu học thôi!

IELTS Writing task 1

The graph below shows the percentage of the Australian workforce in five industries between 1962 and 2012. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

(Biểu đồ dưới đây cho thấy tỷ lệ phần trăm lực lượng lao động của Úc trong 5 ngành công nghiệp từ năm 1962 đến năm 2012. Tóm tắt thông tin bằng cách chọn và báo cáo các đặc điểm chính, đồng thời đưa ra so sánh nếu có liên quan.)

Giải đề IELTS Writing task 1 ngày 07/03/2024
Giải đề IELTS Writing task 1 ngày 07/03/2024

Bước 1: Lập dàn ý

Đoạn tổng quan:

  • Significant rise in the service industry’s proportion of the workforce, contrasting declines in manufacturing and agriculture, while construction and mining remained relatively stable.
  • Services consistently employed the majority of workers, while mining had the lowest employment figures throughout the period.
Thân bài 1Thân bài 2Thân bài 3
Service industry:
– Started at just over 50% of the workforce in 1962.
– Experienced significant growth over the decades, reaching around 80% by 2012.
– Consistently employed the highest number of workers compared to other industries.

– Began at around 27% in 1962.
– Declined steadily to approximately 10% by 2012.
– Started with a significant percentage but progressively decreased.
– Ended the period with only 2% of the workforce.

Construction: remained constant.
– had an extremely low level.
– fluctuate mildly.

Bước 2: Hoàn thành bài luận

The line graph illustrates how many people in Australia worked in five different industries over a course of 50 years from 1962 to 2012. 

Overall, the proportion of Australian workforce in the service industry saw a significant rise, while decreases were seen in those working in manufacturing and agricultural sectors, compared to construction and mining, which generally stayed the same. It is also noticeable that services consistently employed an overwhelming majority of workers in this country, while mining remained the lowest throughout. 

At the beginning of the period, the Australian workforce was made up of a little over 50% of service workers, and from this point onwards, its number rose significantly in almost every 10-year period, eventually reaching a striking 80% in the final year, which far exceeded the figures for the remaining industries.

Moving on to categories with declining trends, around 27% of residents in Australia worked in the manufacturing industry, after which there was a consistent decline in its workers numbers, which, by 2012, had fallen to a low of exactly 10%. Similar changes, but to a lesser degree, can be seen in the number of people holding agricultural jobs, which dropped progressively and ended the period at as low as 2%. 

As for sectors with no major changes, the percentage of construction workers remained constant over the period, with 10% of people working in this field. Meanwhile, mining had an extremely low level of employment, and its data just fluctuated around the 1% mark throughout.

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IELTS Writing task 2

Some people think that in modern society individuals are becoming more dependent on each other. Others believe people have become more independent. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

(Một số người cho rằng trong xã hội hiện đại, các cá nhân ngày càng phụ thuộc lẫn nhau nhiều hơn. Những người khác tin rằng mọi người đã trở nên độc lập hơn. Thảo luận cả hai quan điểm và đưa ra ý kiến ​​của riêng bạn.)

Bước 1: Phân tích đề 

  • Từ khoá: more dependent on each other, become more independent.
  • Câu hỏi: Đề bài yêu cầu thí sinh bàn luận 2 quan điểm ở từ khóa, và đưa ra quan điểm cá nhân. Ở đây thầy sẽ cho rằng vấn đến này tùy thuộc vào góc nhìn. 

Bước 2: Lập kế hoạch cho bài luận

Thân bài 1Thân bài 2
Topic Sentence: Some argue that individuals in contemporary society are becoming more reliant on each other.
Supporting Ideas:
– Economic Pressures: Both parents often work full-time due to the high cost of living, leading to reliance on grandparents for childcare.
– Institutional Support: Unemployed individuals rely on healthcare, education, and social welfare programs for sustenance.
Topic Sentence:
Others believe that individuals are becoming more self-reliant.
Supporting Ideas:
– Independence of Young People: Many young individuals choose to live independently in pursuit of their ambitions and careers.
– Financial Independence: While initially reliant on parents, young individuals gradually become self-sufficient through their own earnings and maturity.

Bước 3: Hoàn thành bài luận

It is believed by some that our modern society is characterized by the increasing interdependence among people, whereas others think otherwise, saying that there has been a shift towards leading an independent lifestyle. There is indeed a strong case to be made for both sides of the debate, which will be discussed now. 

On the one hand, advocates of the opinion that individuals in contemporary society are becoming more reliant on each other may justify their position by looking at this issue from the perspectives of adults. Firstly, given a society with ever-increasing cost of living, both parents have to work full time and some may even go as far as to migrate to other countries in search of employment opportunities with higher salaries, so that their families could afford basic human necessities and better raise their children. As a result, grandparents are often relied on, when they have to take the responsibility for taking care of their grand-children while their parents are away from home, as parental care time for children could take a great deal of time and interfere with their career, while relying on babysitters could be prohibitively expensive. On this side of the debate, people also emphasize that for some individuals who are still facing unemployment and struggling financially, these people have to depend on various forms of institutional support, including healthcare, education, and social welfare programs so as to sustain their life. This form of assistance is crucial for the government to offer, as without such a reliance, it would be hard for them to break out of the cycle of poverty and may resort to criminal activities.  

On the one hand, other people, when taking a closer look into this issue from the angles of young people, firmly believe that we are becoming more self-reliant. This is predicated on the assumption an increasing number of the young nowadays are choosing to live far away from their family members, often in city centers of their country, in order to pursue ambitions and career choices. This viewpoint of self-reliance is further reinforced by the fact that many young individuals no longer depend on their family business, and instead they opt for embarking on unconventional career paths that may break down the tradition of one’s family. Granted, some opponents may argue that these young people still have depend on their parents for financial assistance and mental support; however, this tends to be the case at only an early stage of living on one’s own, and gradually, these young individuals can sustain life by themselves thanks to the earnings they are able to make by themselves and level of maturity they have reached as a natural part of life that everyone is about to embrace and gets accustomed to.  

In conclusion, although people may vary in their opinions, I believe that it is unwise to make such a blanket statement when we are becoming dependent or independent. Young people, on the one hand, have demonstrated greater self-reliance, whereas adults, particularly parents and those with financial hardship, still rely on others for help.

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Bước 4: Từ vựng

English VocabularyVietnamese Meaning
forms of institutional supportcác hình thức hỗ trợ từ các tổ chức
social welfare programscác chương trình phúc lợi xã hội
self-relianttự lập, tự chủ
embark on unconventional career pathsbắt đầu sự nghiệp không truyền thống
a blanket statementmột tuyên bố tổng quát
financial hardshipkhó khăn về tài chính

Gap-fill exercise:

  • 1. Many countries provide various ___________ to help citizens in need, including healthcare, education, and housing support.
  • 2. The government has implemented several ___________ to assist low-income families with housing, childcare, and food assistance.
  • 3. In today’s competitive job market, individuals need to be ___________ and adaptable to succeed.
  • 4. After completing her studies, Sarah decided to _________ and start her own business instead of following a traditional career path.
  • 5. It is not accurate to make ___________ about an entire group of people based on limited information.
  • 6. Families experiencing ___________ may struggle to afford basic necessities such as food, housing, and healthcare.


  • forms of institutional support
  • social welfare programs
  • self-reliant
  • embark on unconventional career paths
  • a blanket statement
  • financial hardship

Vừa rồi, thầy đã hoàn thành giải đề thi IELTS Writing ngày 07/03/2024. Các bạn đã nắm được cách trả lời cho dạng bài line graph và dạng discuss both views and give your own opinion trong IELTS Writing.

Dưới đây là một số bước mà bạn cần lưu ý khi làm dạng bài này:

  • Xác định dạng đề và hướng làm bài.
  • Take note các thông tin quan trọng của đề bài.
  • Lập dàn ý dựa trên những phân tích trước.

Bên cạnh đó, các bạn nên thường xuyên theo dõi bộ tổng hợp đề thi IELTS Writing 2024 mới nhất của IELTS Vietop để cập nhật những đề thi IELTS sớm nhất.

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