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Bài mẫu topic Business – IELTS Speaking part 1, 2, 3

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Với bài viết hôm nay, IELTS Vietop giới thiệu đến các bạn phần bài mẫu topic Business – IELTS Speaking part 1, 2, 3. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo qua nhé!

1. IELTS Speaking topic Business part 1

Bài mẫu topic Business - IELTS Speaking part 1, 2, 3
Bài mẫu topic Business – IELTS Speaking part 1, 2, 3

Mời các bạn nghe Audio Topic Business part 1 tại đây nhé!

1.1. Do you work or are you a student?

I am currently in my first year of college. My major is information technology. However, I have recently considered starting my own business. Perhaps it will be an online store that sells used devices such as laptops or cell phones.

  • To consider (v): cân nhắc

1.2. Do you prefer to work for someone else or work for yourself?

While some people prefer to work for an organization, others decide to start their own businesses. For me, I would prefer to start out working for a company before switching to being my own boss once my financial situation has been secured.

  • To start one’s own business (v): tự thành lập công ty, tự mình làm chủ công việc
  • Financial situation (n): tình hình tài chính
  • To be secured (v): được bảo đảm, được bảo vệ

1.3. Do you think it is risky to set up a business by yourself?

Yes, it is always a high risk to start your own company. Your personal income is not guaranteed, particularly in the initial months and years of the existence of your business. Surely it would require a lot of effort when being your own boss.

  • Personal income (n): thu nhập cá nhân
  • Initial (adj): ban đầu
  • Effort (n): nỗ lực
  • To be your own boss (v): tự làm chủ


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2. IELTS Speaking topic Business part 2

Mời các bạn nghe Audio Topic Business – IELTS Speaking part 2 tại đây nhé!

Describe a businessman you admire.

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you knew this person
  • What kinds of business this person does

And explain why you admire this person

Today I’m going to tell you about a businessman that I really respect. Most of my family members are working for companies or running their own enterprises. Among them, I would pick Alex as the most admirable businessman and also the best cousin that I have ever had.

Alex’s father is my uncle while his mother is French. He is 35 years old and he established his first business when he was only 28. He has acquired a reputation as a profound and dedicated person to his work, I usually find him leaving for work early and getting home late.

Even on weekends, he is still glued to his computer screen instead of hanging out with friends. It’s not good for his health when overworking like that but he tells me that there is something that is worth trading for, such as passion. Like he always says, “You will never get tired of doing the things you love to do.”

Despite being older than me, Alex looks really young and is always full of energy. Few people have great passion and relevant skills to pursue their goals. Alex is one of those who could achieve his dream by himself at the age of 35, and this is what I find most appealing about him. 

Another of his lovely traits is definitely his wise advice. Therefore, whenever I feel discouraged, I will seek his advice. I have learnt many useful things from him. He teaches me numerous valuable knowledge in life, especially in terms of communication with people.

To me, Alex is not just a successful businessman, but also a lovable cousin whom I could learn many things from. My family and I are really proud of him.

  • To acquire a reputation (v): có được danh tiếng
  • Profound (adj): uyên thâm
  • Dedicated (adj): cống hiến
  • To glue to a computer screen (v): “dán” mình vào máy tính, làm việc không ngừng
  • Overwork (v): làm việc quá sức
  • Relevant (adj): liên quan, thích hợp
  • Appealing (adj): hấp dẫn
  • Discouraged (adj): nhụt chí

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3. IELTS Speaking Topic Business part 3

Mời các bạn nghe Audio Topic Business – IELTS Speaking part 3 tại đây nhé!

3.1. Why do some people decide to set up their own businesses?

Some people started their businesses out of love for what they also value the ability to control their work experiences, I suppose. They believe wholeheartedly that passion is a crucial quality of success. Running their businesses gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

  • Wholeheartedly (adv): một ngã rẽ bất ngờ (trong câu trả lời thì nói về một tình huống bất ngờ trong các câu chuyện)
  • Passion (adj): thần kỳ, nhiệm màu, tuyệt vời
  • Crucial (adj): quan trọng, chủ chốt
  • Accomplishment (adj): thành tích

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3.2. What kinds of qualities do people need to run their own businesses?

To operate a successful business, entrepreneurs often possess traits that are advantageous such as interpersonal abilities, decision-making abilities, and self-determination. These characteristics correlate with the capacity to manage a business, I think.

  • To operate (v): điều hành, vận hành
  • Entrepreneur (n): doanh nhân
  • To possess (v): sở hữu
  • Interpersonal abilities (n): các kỹ năng giao tiếp
  • Decision-making abilities (n): các kỹ năng đưa ra quyết định
  • Self-determination (n): lòng cương quyết, quyết tâm
  • To correlate (v): tương quan, liên quan
  • Capacity (n): khả năng

3.3. Are there any disadvantages to running a business?

I believe the most serious disadvantage when running a business is the risk of failure. All businesses take time and money to get off the ground and if you’re not careful, you could end up with nothing. However, failure is part of the growth process so I think “Fail fast, fail often, fail cheaply” is a startup motto and something high-growth startup founders should follow.

  • To get off the ground (v): bắt đầu cách thành công
  • To end up with (v): kết thúc với
  • Motto (n): châm ngôn

3.4. What are important factors in making a company successful?

To my mind, the key success factors of an organization are its essential business processes, which include leadership, labour, operations, marketing, and finances. We can easily determine an organization’s success in an industry by understanding these key success factors.

  • Essential (adj): thiết yếu
  • Leadership (n): khả năng lãnh đạo
  • Labour (n): nhân công
  • To determine (v): xác định

Trên đây là bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Business Topic. IELTS Vietop hy vọng sau khi tham khảo bài viết trên, các bạn đã có thêm nhiều từ vựng và ý tưởng cho phần thi IELTS Speaking của mình. 

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