[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề Writing ngày 26/11/2022 

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IELTS Writing Task 1

Task 1: The table and charts below give information on the police budget for 2017 and 2018 in one area of Britain. The table shows where the money came from and the charts show how it was distributed.
Giải đề Writing ngày 26/11/2022 
Giải đề Writing ngày 26/11/2022 

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The table and pie charts provide information about the 2017-18 police budget of one area of Britain. The sources of the budget’s funds are shown in the table, and the charts illustrate how the money was used.

Overall, the budget for the police thrived, with the national government providing the majority of the funding in both years. Meanwhile, salaries continued to be the main form of spending.

Initially, the police department’s overall budget was £304.7 million in 2017, and it increased significantly to £318.6 million in 2018. With an increment from £175.5 million to £177.8 million, the national government provided the majority of this money. Local taxes showed the strongest growth of all revenue sources, from £91.2 million to £102.3 million, while other sources made up £38.5 million of the overall budget in 2018, a raise of $0.5 million over the prior year.

Moving to the pie charts, officer and employee salaries made up the majority of expenditures, however their share dropped from 75% to 69%. The amount spent on technology, nevertheless, nearly increased from 8% to 14%, while the amount spent on construction and transportation stayed constant at 17%.

Phân tích 

Đây là dạng mixed charts giữa table và pie charts.

  • Câu overall: nêu lên điểm nổi bật nhất của từng chart.
  • Body 1: Viết về phần table, tập trung vào việc mô tả số liệu.
  • Body 2: Tập trung thể hiện sự đối lập về xu hướng của các số liệu. 

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IELTS Writing Task 2

Task 2: Many people think modern communication technology is having some negative effects on social relationships. Do you agree or disagree?


Technology breakthroughs in the contemporary world have significantly and profoundly altered human life. Some people believe that the use of technology in modern communication has a negative influence on social ties. During the course of this essay, I would discuss this opinion objectively before drawing on a rational conclusion. 

Obviously, there are a plethora of detrimental impacts from this phenomenon. To start with, compared to earlier times, people are less socially active today due to digital connections. Children and adults, for instance, spend the majority of their time on smartphones or other devices to connect virtually rather than in person. Half of these connections might be fraudulent, harming people psychologically and eventually physically. Moreover, it is not a good indicator for the community to maintain a positive environment when people are becoming less emotionally invested in their physical interactions. Children, in particular, are easily used and persuaded to carry out risky deeds, such as causing property damage or other dangerous trends. Not to mention that due to their sedentary lifestyles, humans will experience health problems including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses. 

Contrarily, establishing virtual ties can really help people connect with one another around the world and are not always undesirable for society. The development of social media platforms like Facebook has made it much easier to maintain a relationship with less interaction than it was in the past. Furthermore, modern communication links those in need of assistance, especially during such problematic periods like the Covid-19 pandemic.

In conclusion, I think that despite some limitations, current communication technology helps improve several circumstances. In order to make the process productive, it is each person’s obligation to utilise it wisely.


  • Profoundly (adv): chưa từng có tiền lệ
  • Fraudulent (adj): mang tính lừa đảo
  • Risky deeds (n): những hành vi nguy hiểm
  • Virtual tie (n): mối quan hệ ảo
  • Obligation (n): trách nhiệm

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Phân tích

Đây là dạng bài Agree và Disagree điển hình:

  • Quan điểm đưa ra: các kỹ thuật giao tiếp hiện đại gây ra nhiều vấn đề
  • Yêu cầu: đồng ý hoặc phản đối. Bài viết này sẽ tập trung vào phần Đồng ý nhiều hơn.

Body 1:

  • Việc lạm dụng các thiết bị công nghệ khiến cho thời gian trên mạng quá nhiều
  • Môi trường trên mạng gây nhiều tác động tiêu cực tới hành vi trẻ em
  • Việc sử dụng mạng quá mức cũng gây ra 1 số vấn đề về sức khỏe

Body 2:

  • Lợi ích  của việc giúp duy trì mối liên lạc giữa các thành viên gia đình và cộng đồng
  • Đặc biệt hữu ích, ví dụ trong trường hợp đại dịch Covid-19 

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