Giải bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1, 2: Job satisfaction

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Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Vietop không thiếu, Vietop chỉ cần bạn xem và tương tác thôi. Topic: Job satisfaction là một chủ đề khá khó với các bạn còn đi học, nhưng với các bạn đi làm, nếu bạn có ý tưởng nhưng lại không có vốn từ vựng nhiều về topic này thì dù dễ cũng trở nên “chua ăn”.

Vậy nên, hôm nay Vietop sẽ gửi đến bạn bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1,2 về chủ đề này, cùng xem và lưu lại để ôn tập nhé!

Task 1

The graphs show figures relating to hours worked and stress levels amongst professionals in eight groups. 
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Eight professional groups are represented by two graphs, each with distinct information. The pie graph depicts the percentages of persons suffering from stress-related diseases in the various occupations presented, while the bar chart depicts the number of weekly work hours completed by the groups.

Businessmen, on average, work the longest of the eight groups, whereas academics often work the shortest amount of time. Lecturers, according to the pie chart, have the highest work-related stress. Despite the fact that their typical working hours are less than those of the other groups in the graph, professors experience the highest amount of stress as a result of their employment.

According to the bar graph, businesspeople and movie producers work the most, averaging 70 and 62 hours each week, respectively. Lecturers, on the other hand, work just about 25 hours each week. Other professionals’ working hours varied, with physicians, authors, programmers, attorneys, and chefs working 52, 46, 35, and 32 hours per week, respectively.

Lecturers, with a 25% prevalence of stress-related diseases, are the profession with the greatest incidence of stress-related illnesses, according to the pie graph. With 18% and 15%, respectively, movie makers and physicians have high rates. The numbers for businesses, attorneys, chefs, and authors may be categorized into percentages ranging from 11 to 8%. Programmers had the lowest rate of stress disease, at only 5%, which is less than a fifth of the amount for lecturers.


  • Vary (v): thay đổi đa dạng 
  • Prevalence (n): sự phổ biến 
  • Incidence (n): sự tác động 
  • Be categorized into: được phân loại thành 

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Task 2

A lot of people spend a major part of their adult life at work, so job satisfaction is very important for individual happiness.

What are the main factors that contribute to job satisfaction?

What are the possible solutions for people who are unsatisfied with their jobs?


Many people spend a significant portion of their adult lives working, thus it is critical that they feel content with their jobs in order to achieve ultimate happiness. Workplace satisfaction may be influenced by a variety of variables which would be subjected to careful consideration during the course of this essay. 

A person’s happiness with his or her career can be attributed to a variety of factors. However, timely promotions and prizes that a corporation should provide to its employees may be the most important. Furthermore, picking the correct field for oneself has a noticeable impact on the overall satisfaction with chosen employment. For example, it could be seen that there are a lot of individuals working on a job they despise. As a result, selecting a suitable field and making the right selection might have a significant influence.

There are a few options to consider in case individuals prefer to be happy in their employment. Most importantly, the government should create employment opportunities in all disciplines, allowing people to pursue any vocation they like. In addition, organizations should provide timely incentives and promotions to motivate their employees. For example, according to a recent poll, the markets with the finest team members are the ones that prioritize employee appreciation. As a result, sticking with a firm that supports its employees is critical to achieving satisfaction.

In conclusion, it is believed that a person’s professional fulfillment is crucial because they spend so much of one‘s older years working. People’s pride in their careers is heavily influenced by their ability to perform what they desire. Furthermore, working for a firm that rewards and promotes its personnel is critical.

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  • Feel content with (v): cảm thấy hài lòng với
  • Variables (n): biến số
  • Incentives (n): tiền thưởng

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