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Animals Vocabulary IELTS Writing Task 2 or Speaking

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Trong bài viết IELTS Vietop đã tổng hợp Animals Vocabulary IELTS theo cụm từ để các bạn có thể áp dụng vào bài IELTS Writing Task 2 hoặc IELTS Speaking Part 2. Hy vọng nó sẽ giúp ích được cho các bạn nhé.

Animals Vocabulary IELTS

Topic Animals Vocabulary IELTS
Topic Animals Vocabulary IELTS
abolish (v)loại bỏ, xóa bỏSlavery was abolished in the US in the 19th century.
barbaric (adj)man rợThe way the whales are killed is nothing short of barbaric.
biodiversity (n)sự đa dạng sinh họcthe biodiversity of the rainforest
blood sports (n)các môn thể thao gây hại đến động vậtBaiting is a blood sport used for entertainment and gambling.
carnivore (n)động vật ăn thịtLions and tigers are carnivores.
companionable (adj)thân thiện, hòa đồngDogs are considered as companionable animals.
docile (adj)ngoan ngoãnThat dog is friendly and docile.
encroach on (v)lấn chiếmFarmers encroached on forest land to grow crops.
endangered speciesđộng vật bị đe dọa tuyệt chủngThe lizards are classed as an endangered species.
food chain (n) chuỗi thức ănThroughout the entire food chain, corn is used both as an ingredient and as animal feed.
green credentials (n)uy tín về mặt môi trường (của các công ty)The company has rebranded itself to promote its green credentials.
herbivore (n)động vật ăn cỏCows and goats are herbivores.
in captivity (prep. phrase)trong giam cầmAnimals bred in captivity
instrumental in (adj)thiết yếuHe was instrumental in developing links with European organizations.
mammal (n)động vật có vúHumans, dogs and dolphins are mammals, but birds, fish and crocodiles are not.
marsupial (n)thú có túiMarsupials include koalas, possums, platypus and kangaroos.
medical breakthroughs using animal testing các đột phá y học sử dụng thử nghiệm trên động vậtVirtually everyone alive today has benefited from the medical breakthroughs using animal testing.
mitigate (v)làm xoa dịu, làm giảm nhẹIt is unclear how to mitigate the effects of tourism on the island.
natural habitats (n)môi trường sống tự nhiênAccording to the crop’s biology, “populations” in their native habitat might evolve through genetic isolation in places like river valleys.
poach (v)săn bắn trái phépAnybody you see with a piece of ivory has poached it.
pose a threat to (v)là mối đe dọaPollution poses a threat to fish.
predator (n)động vật săn mồiLions, wolves are predators that hunt, kill and eat other animals.
shrinking (adj)nhỏ dần, thu hẹp dầnI’m worried about washing that shirt in case it shrinks.
sustainable (adj)bền vữngA large international meeting was held with the aim of promoting sustainable development in all countries.
teetering on the brink of (phrase)mấp mé bên bờ vựcThe country teetered on the brink of war.
vivisection (n)hoạt động thí nghiệm trên động vậtAnimals ‘give’ their lives in vivisection and the food industry.

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Một số câu hỏi thường gặp cho chủ đề Animals

Một số câu hỏi liên quan Wild Animals Vocabulary
Một số câu hỏi liên quan Wild Animals Vocabulary

Do you like to watch TV programs about wild animals?

Actually, I don’t make a special effort to find those shows, although I do like some of the National Geographic documentaries that I stumble onto. The images of wildlife, especially those in which a predator is pursuing its victim, are immensely fascinating to me. 

  • Make an effort to V: cố gắng làm gì đó
  • Stumble onto (v): vô tình bắt gặp
  • Immensely (adv): vô cùng
  • Fascinating (adj): thú vị

What is the most popular animal in your country?

Vietnam was historically a country that produced agricultural goods. Therefore, we often refer to the water buffalo as our friends because they help us on the farm. They are frequently shown as one of the national symbols on postcards. They were also selected to serve as the mascot for the 2003 South East Asian athletic event that Vietnam hosted.

  • Agricultural (adj): Nông nghiệp
  • Symbol (n): Biểu tượng
  • Select (v): Lựa chọn
  • Mascot (n): Linh vật

Why do some people keep pets at home?

I’ve read that owning a pet is a sort of treatment for people with mental illnesses. Additionally, having a pet makes a terrific company for those like me who live alone. Some people treat their dog or cat as a buddy and teach their kids the value of treating animals like family.

  • Mental illnesses: vấn đề về tinh thần
  • Make a terrific company for: bầu bạn
  • Buddy (n): bạn bè

Do you like to see animals in the zoo?

I’ve only gone to the zoo once, so I can’t say for sure if I enjoy it. When you were a child, it was enjoyable to watch exotic animals like lions or giraffes. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand that zoos, where animals are confined and shut away from their natural habitat, are no different than prisons for them.

  • Exotic (adj): kỳ lạ
  • Confine (v): giam giữ
  • Shut away (v): đóng lại

What do you think are the benefits for children to keep pets?

Children who are raised with pets can benefit in a number of ways. One of them is that kids who have to care for pets can grow up with a sense of responsibility. They need to learn how to bathe or feed their animals. Additionally, having a pet encourages kids to live a healthy lifestyle. Kids may find it to be a fun and effective way to get fitness by taking their pets on walks around the neighborhood.

  • Responsibility (n): trách nhiệm
  • Encourage (v): thúc đẩy
  • Healthy lifestyle: lối sống khỏe mạnh
  • Effective (adj): hiệu quả
  • Get fitness: giữ dáng

What’s the role of animals in your country?

I don’t know about other nations, but animals play a big part in Vietnamese culture. The first is that they are a significant part of the Vietnamese diet. For instance, cows and pigs are raised for their milk and meat, respectively. Furthermore, some animals are tamed to aid humans in farming. To prepare a field for planting, they can move a plow across it using water buffaloes or oxen. Finally, some canine breeds are also taught to assist their owners in deterring intruders.

  • Diet (n): chế độ thức ăn
  • Respectively (adv): lần lượt là
  • Tamed (adj): được thuần hóa
  • Aid somebody in V-ing (v) = Assist somebody in V-ing: giúp ai đó làm gì
  • Plow (n): cái cày
  • Canine (adj): giống chó
  • Deter (v): đe dọa, răn đe, ngăn cản
  • Intruder (n): kẻ đột nhập

What are people’s attitudes towards animals in your country?

To my knowledge, animal protection is becoming more and more important to Vietnamese citizens. I’ve seen that more zoos or nature preserves have been built to conserve endangered species. The government has also passed regulations to stop unlawful hunting and trafficking. Not to add that having pets is growing in popularity among Vietnamese people. 

  • Conserve (v): bảo tồn
  • Regulation (n): Quy định
  • Unlawful hunting and trafficking: Săn bắn và buôn bán bất hợp pháp

Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet?

I don’t think so. This is due to the fact that cities are locations with heavy traffic and tons of development, which harms pets’ health and increases their likelihood of being involved in accidents or having insufficient play space.

  • Heavy traffic: Giao thông đông đúc
  • Tons of: Hàng tấn
  • Likelihood (n): khả năng
  • Insufficient (adj): không đủ

If you have children in the future, will you allow them to keep a pet?

Of course, sure. I guess having a pet is good for a kid’s development. Pets can become their friends and provide them with emotional support by sharing a home with them.

  • Emotional support: Hỗ trợ tinh thần
  • Share a home with: làm bạn với

Bài tập ứng dụng Animals Vocabulary

Exercise 1: Circle the correct answers.

  1. Vivisection/Poaching is an act of carrying out experiments on animals.
  2. Instrumental/Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.
  3. They are cutting down on air travel in an effort to improve their green biodiversity/credentials.
  4. It is unclear how to mitigate/poach the effects of tourism on the island.
  5. Some people believe that killing animals for sport is barbaric/sustainable and brutal.

Exercise 2: Fill in each blank with ONE word.

  1. There are 13 species in this area that are teetering ________ the brink of extinction.
  2. Poaching has posed a serious threat ________ antlers in this area.
  3. Wild animals living________ captivity are reported to be weakened.
  4. Farmers encroach ________ forest land to grow crops.
  5. Experiments on cows were ________ in developing the vaccine that eliminated smallpox worldwide

Exercise 3: Fill in each blank with ONE word from the given list. You may need to change the word form if necessary.

  1. Sundance is emphasizing its green _________ more than ever this year.
  2. My firm conviction is that vivisection must be _________ at all cost.
  3. New houses were built, _________ on the land where there once was a lot of trees.
  4. To do so you would have to keep careful pedigree records of caddises bred in _________, and breeding them is difficult.
  5. The natural habitats have been _________ on an unprecedented scale.

Tham khảo: Trọn bộ đề IELTS Writing Task 1 qua từng năm

Đáp án

Exercise 1

  1. Vivisection
  2. Sustainable
  3. credentials
  4. mitigate
  5. barbaric
  6. instrumental

Exercise 2

  1. on
  2. to
  3. in
  4. on
  5. instrumental

Exercise 3

  1. credentials
  2. abolished
  3. encroaching
  4. captivity
  5. shrinking

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