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IELTS Writing task 1

Task 1: The maps below show the changes that have taken place at Queen Mary Hospital since its construction in 1960. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Giải đề Writing ngày 01042023
Giải đề Writing ngày 01/04/2023


The maps show how Queen Mary Hospital developed in the years 1980 and 2000 after it had been constructed in 1960. 

Overall, the facilities surrounding Queen Mary Hospital experienced a number of changes, the most significant of which was the replacement of a shopping center and farmland by a range of new hospital-related amenities, which also saw redevelopments in terms of size and location. Good overview

In 1960, a main road ran through the area, and on the south side of that road, on the right-hand side, there was a hospital, which was in front of a parking area for cars. Over the following 20 years, in 1980, the main road, along with the hospital and the car park, remained the same, whereas a shopping center, which used to be located to the left of the hospital, was demolished to make way for a cancer centre and a pharmacy. Another notable change is that the original land for farming was knocked down and a nursing school took its place.  

As for developments in the year 2000, no changes were made to the main road, the hospital and the pharmacy, whereas the remaining facilities saw major transformations. In particular, the area to the south of the hospital experienced two changes, with the car park reducing by a half in terms of size and situated in the back right-hand corner, and the nursing school also becoming smaller and being moved eastwards to be situated adjacent to the aforementioned car park. Finally, the cancer center was significantly expanded, occupying the space of a nursing school.

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  • Amenities = facilities: tiện nghi
  • Be demolished to make way for: được phá để nhường chỗ cho
  • Be adjacent to: kế bên
  • Be moved eastwards: di chuyển về phía đông
  • Occupy the space of: chiếm vị trí của
  • Các từ vựng mô tả vị trí:
    • On the south/north side of …
    • On the right-hand side
    • In the back right-hand corner 

Phân tích

Một số cấu trúc cần nhớ: 

(an area with many changes)

   The … (location)… also saw a number of changes, with A being transformed into B, and C being converted into D

= The … (location)… also saw a number of changes, with the transformation of A into B , and the conversion of C into D. 

S1 + remained the same/ No changes were made to + S1, whereas + S2, which used to be …, V2/Ved

Phân tích:

  • Thân bài 1 ta viết và so sánh 2 năm đầu (1960 và 1980). Ta tập trung mô tả những đặc điểm không có sự thay đổi giữa 2 năm rồi mới mô tả những đặc điểm thay đổi. 
  • Thân bài 2 ta viết về năm cuối (2000) và có sự so sánh với năm 1980.  Ta cũng tập trung mô tả những đặc điểm không có sự thay đổi giữa 2 năm rồi mới mô tả những đặc điểm thay đổi.

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IELTS Writing task 2

Task 2: More and more people no longer read newspapers or watch TV programs to get news. They get news about the world through the Internet. Is this a positive or negative development? (+) > (-) 


With the widespread availability of the Internet, an increasing number of people have turned to this platform rather than newspapers or televisions to access news. Although there are certain drawbacks regarding the growing popularity of online news readers, I believe that this development is predominantly advantageous. 

Admittedly, there are certain issues involved when the Internet has become the main means of obtaining news. To begin with, there is a higher possibility of encountering misleading information and fake news. This is mainly because there has been a growing trend for amateur journalism, which means that amateur journalists or even ordinary people can be involved in the process of reporting and writing news. In contrast, news from newspapers or TV programs are more trustworthy since these are established media sources which employ professional journalists and editors. Moreover, online sources often distort the reality and cover negative stories for the purpose of attracting a far wider readership, thus exposing online news readers to sensitive and violent information. This is in stark contrast to newspapers and TV programs which strictly regulate and censor any pieces of news before they can be published or viewed by the public. 

Despite the disadvantages above, I believe the benefits of online news consumption are much more significant. First of all, internet literacy is increasing, with readers and viewers trying to hone their critical faculties and fact-checking reports by independent means before accepting and sharing them. There is also the multiplicity of news sites, which makes it possible to cross-reference what we read. Furthermore, amateur journalism has gradually received more trust among the public. This could be attributed to the fact that citizen journalists and open sites are getting the scoop on major stories, and with the growth in online versions of newspapers, the public can easily comment, point out errors, and share alternative viewpoints, potentially creating a sense of trust and shared responsibility between the media and local communities. Finally, due to rigorous news censorship, newspapers and TV programs are selective in what can be published, whereas online news consumers can get access to a range of topics, such as politics, showbiz, army, corruption and scandals, which would better suit the public taste by adding variety to their life. 

In conclusion, while the growing popularity of accessing news via online sources does bring some problems, in my view, this development is a desirable one. 


  • The widespread availability of: sự có mặt rộng rãi của 
  • Online news readers: người đọc tin tức online 
  • Predominantly advantageous: chủ yếu là có lợi 
  • Means of obtaining news: phương tiện lấy tin tức 
  • Misleading (adj): lệch lạc
  • Amateur journalism: báo chí nghiệp dư
  • Trustworthy (adj): đáng tin cậy
  • Established media sources: các nguồn truyền thông nổi tiếng
  • Distort (the reality) (v): bóp méo (sự thật) 
  • Attract a far wider readership: thu hút lượng người đọc lớn hơn 
  • Censor (v): kiểm duyệt
  • Online news consumption: sự tiêu thụ tin tức online 
  • Internet literacy: sự hiểu biết về Internet 
  • Hone (v) their critical faculties: cải thiện kỹ năng phản biện 
  • Cross-reference (v): tham khảo chéo 
  • Citizen journalists: nhà báo thực hiện bởi công dân 
  • Get the scoop: lấy được tin sốt dẻo  
  • Rigorous news censorship: kiểm duyệt tin tức nghiêm ngặt 
  • Selective (adj): chọn lọc 
  • Suit the public taste: phù hợp sở thích công chúng 

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Phân tích

Quan điểm chung: Thuận lợi nhiều hơn bất lợi 

Thân bài 1: Các bất lợi tiêu thụ tin tức online

  • Thông tin lệch lạc/sai lầm do sự xuất hiện của nhà báo nghiệp dư 
  • Thông tin bạo lực/nhạy cảm để thu hút nhiều người đọc 

Thân bài 2: Thuận lợi nhiều hơn 

  • Phản biện lại ý thông tin lệch lạc/sai lầm: điều này đã cải thiện về sự hiểu biết internet đã tăng lên + tham chiếu chéo nhiều nguồn 
  • Phản biện lại ý nhà báo nghiệp dư: điều này đã được ủng hộ hơn vì họ là người phát hiện tin sốt dẻo trước báo chí/TV
  • Người dân có thể chia sẻ quan điểm của mình về các mẫu tin tức trên các trang online 
  • Người dân tiếp cận đa dạng các loại tin tức trên các trang online 

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