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Bài mẫu topic Reading – IELTS Speaking part 1

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Topic Reading không phải là một chủ đề quá khó trong phần thi IELTS Speaking, tuy nhiên đây là chủ đề khá lạ và mới này, hãy cũng xem cách Vietop giải quyết chủ đề này như thế nào trong phần IELTS Speaking part 1 nhé!

Bài mẫu topic Reading – IELTS Speaking part 1

Topic Reading

1. Do you like to read books? 

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of reading. My attention span is pretty short, so I find it difficult to keep my eyes open to finish a book. However, I am taking up a new hobby of covering at least 10 pages before bed, and I do find it helpful in increasing my concentration every day. 

  • Be a big fan of rất yêu thích cái gì đó 
  • Attention span (n): độ tập trung 
  • Keep one’s eyes open: giữ sự tập trung 

2. Where do you usually read?

There are various locations that I’ve spent time reading in such as cafés, my university’s library, or the parks in the morning. However, nowhere beats the comfort of my bedroom. I’m a private person, so to me not having strangers staring at me while I’m reading makes the experience so much better.

  • To beat (v): đánh bại
  • Private (adj): mang tính cá nhân, hướng nội.
  • Private person: người có lối sống kín đáo

3. Do you prefer to read individually or as a group?

As I just stated, I’m an introverted person. Therefore, I like it better when I read alone. I’m satisfied if there’re only me, the books and, perhaps, a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Introverted (adj): có tính nôi tâm
  • Satisfied (adj): cảm thấy hài lòng

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4. What makes a perfect place to read?

In my opinion, the qualities of a good place to read is silence, lighting and air conditioning. First, I don’t want my concentration to be disrupted by strange noises. Second, I want to protect my precious eyes from overworking to compensate for the lack of lighting. And finally, reading at the right temperature is pleasant and also good for the preservation of the books. 

  • Concentration (n): sự tập trung
  • Precious (adj): quý báu
  • To compensate (v): bù vào
  • Preservation (n): sự bảo quản

5. What was your favorite book as a child?

I have a vivid memory of my deep affection for the book “Alice in Wonderland.” I can still recall the enchanting tale of a young girl named Alice, who, while pursuing a rabbit, found herself inexplicably transported to a fantastical realm. Initially filled with trepidation, Alice ultimately summoned her courage to embark on a quest to find her way back home.

  • Rabbit: con thỏ
  • Trepidation: sự lo lắng
  • Summoned: được triệu tập

6. Do you read professional books?

Currently, I find myself swamped with work, leaving me with limited time to delve into books pertaining to my academic discipline. However, during my university years, I proudly identified as a devoted bookworm, and I regularly acquired new books each week to further enrich my knowledge in my chosen field of study.

  • Swamped: đầm lầy
  • My academic discipline: ngành học của tôi
  • Enrich: làm giàu

7. Do you think it’s important that children read regularly?

Certainly, reading is synonymous with acquiring knowledge, which serves as the gateway to unlocking the doors of education for children. This is why parents should promote and foster a regular reading habit in their kids. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to impose it as an obligation.

  • Obligation: nghĩa vụ

8. How often do you visit the library?

I used to reside near a local library, and I made regular visits there, often two or three times a week. Occasionally, I didn’t even pick up a book; instead, I relished the peaceful ambiance and simply enjoyed my time. Since my relocation, I still make occasional trips to the library, as I believe it will assist me in sustaining my passion for reading and exploration.

  • Ambiance: bầu không khí
  • Sustaining: duy trì

9. Do you typically read for pleasure or for work purposes?

In my youth, reading served as a mere pastime, but now, as an adult, it has evolved into a substantial part of my academic pursuits. I find myself immersed in scholarly books, journals, and textbooks due to the demands of my studies. Nevertheless, I make a conscious effort to unwind with my beloved novels, providing a welcome respite after a demanding day of work.

  • Substantial: đáng kể
  • Pursuits: theo đuổi

10. Do you believe it is essential for children to read frequently?

The act of reading is a pathway to knowledge, and knowledge, in turn, unlocks the doors of education for young minds. Hence, it is vital for parents to encourage their children to embrace reading as a regular habit. Nevertheless, enforcing it as a compulsory activity would not be the right approach.

  • Pathway: con đường
  • Enforcing: thực thi

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