Bài mẫu Topic Climate Change – IELTS Speaking Part 1,2,3


Hôm nay, Vietop mời các bạn cùng tham khảo qua phần bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1, 2, 3 và một số từ vựng liên quan topic Climate Change – biến đổi khí hậu.

topic climate change

Từ vựng thường gặp về topic Climate Change

Từ vựngIPAÝ nghĩa
A Carbon footprintə ˈkɑːbən ˈfʊtprɪntDấu chân carbon – lượng khí nhà kính thải vào khí quyển bởi hoạt động của con người
An ecosystemən ˈiːkəʊˌsɪstəmMột hệ sinh thái
AtrociousəˈtrəʊʃəsGớm ghiếc
AwfulˈɔːfʊlKinh khủng
BeautifulˈbjuːtəfʊlXinh đẹp
Bone drybəʊn draɪThời tiết rất khô
ChangeableˈʧeɪnʤəblCó thể thay đổi
ChillyˈʧɪliSe se lạnh
ClimateˈklaɪmɪtKhí hậu
Climate changeˈklaɪmɪt ʧeɪnʤBiến đổi khí hậu
Deforestationdɪˌfɒrɪˈsteɪʃ(ə)nNạn phá rừng
DismalˈdɪzməlTối tăm, ảm đạm
ExtremeɪksˈtriːmVô cùng, dữ dội
FairfeəCông bằng
Fossil fuelsˈfɒsl fjʊəlzNhiên liệu hóa thạch (than, dầu, khí gas,…)
Gas emissions  gæs ɪˈmɪʃənz Khí thải nhà kính
Global warmingˈgləʊbəl ˈwɔːmɪŋSự nóng lên toàn cầu
HabitatsˈhæbɪtætsMôi trường sống
InhospitableɪnˈhɒspɪtəblKhông dễ sống
Mitigate climate changeˈmɪtɪgeɪt ˈklaɪmɪt ʧeɪnʤGiảm thiểu biến đổi khí hậu
NippyˈnɪpiLạnh, tê buốt
Renewable energiesrɪˈnjuːəbl ˈɛnəʤizNăng lượng tái tạo được (nước, gió, mặt trời,…)
SeveresɪˈvɪəDữ dội
The Greenhouse effectðə ˈgriːnhaʊs ɪˈfɛktHiệu ứng nhà kính
TropicalˈtrɒpɪkəlNhiệt đới
WeatherˈwɛðəThời tiết

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Part 1

1. Do you think pollution is a big problem nowadays?

Definitely, yes. Nowadays pollution of the air and water is an alarming problem. The severity of the air pollution issue is exacerbated by the rise in vehicle exhaust fumes, which degrade the quality of the air.

  • Alarming (adj): đáng báo động
  • Severity (n): mức độ nghiêm trọng
  • Exacerbated (v): làm cho dữ dội, kịch liệt hơn
  • Exhaust fumes (n): khí thải
  • Degrade (v): làm suy thoái

2. Are you worried about climate change? 

Yes. Due to the fact that climate change is a real threat, it’s totally natural to be concerned about its consequences. Because of global warming, the weather in my country is changing, and we are experiencing more serious storms than in the past. Climate change requires more action from both governments and individuals.

  • A threat (n): một mối đe dọa
  • To concern (v): lo lắng
  • To experience (v): trải nghiệm, trải qua

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3. Do you use renewable energy?

Honestly, I really want to but still do not have a chance due to my low income. The reason why I still use fossil fuels even though I always yearn for switching my home over to solar power is that the panels are too expensive for me to purchase.

  • Income (n): thu nhập
  • To switch over (v): đổi, thay đổi

4. What do you do to prevent the environment from pollution?

Well, I am by no means an expert, but to help reduce pollution, I try to lessen my carbon footprint by recycling trash and walking wherever I can instead of driving or using public transportation.

  • An expert (n): chuyên gia
  • To lessen (v): giảm thiểu
  • To recycle (v): tái chế

5. Have you ever participated in any environmental events?

Only at a university campaign about 2 years ago, when we were taught about the greenhouse effect and several endangered species in the world. I hope to join one again soon but I honestly don’t have enough time, so I guess starting with minor actions at home such as waste sorting, filtering water, and saving power should help.

  • Campaign (n): chiến dịch
  • Minor (adj): nhỏ
  • Waste sorting (n): phân loại rác
  • Filtering water (n): lọc nước

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Part 2: Topic Climate Change

Describe an environmental problem or event. 

You should say:

  • What is it
  • Where is it happening
  • What problems does it cause
  • A possible solution to it

So the alarming environmental issue that I want to share with you today is the problem of climate change. It is a significant matter that we are currently dealing with nowadays, caused by the sun’s heat being trapped as greenhouse gas emissions blanket the Earth. As a result, global warming and climate change happen. The world is currently warming faster than at any other time in history, which leads to melting glaciers and rising sea levels and flooding, as well as the occurrence of extreme weather in some areas.

I believe that it is the responsibility of individuals, not corporations or governments, to find a proper solution for this case. Of course, I know it will be difficult because we rely on cars and motorcycles to get around. However, I suppose technology could be a resolution. Several car manufacturers have recently begun designing and producing environmentally friendly vehicles. Furthermore, using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels could significantly reduce pollution levels.

  • Issue (n): vấn đề
  • Significant (adj): rõ rệt
  • To be trapped (v): mắc kẹt lại
  • To blanket something (v): bao trùm
  • To happen (v): xảy ra 
  • Melting glaciers (n): băng tan
  • Rising sea levels (n): mực nước biển dâng cao
  • Flooding (n): lũ lụt
  • Occurrence (n): sự xuất hiện
  • Corporation (n): tập đoàn
  • Proper (adj): thích hợp
  • To get around (v): di chuyển
  • Resolution (n): giải pháp
  • Manufacturer (n): nhà sản xuất (chế tạo)

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Part 3

1. In which way do people damage our planet?

Consider all of the factories that dump toxic waste into rivers and lakes… People also destroy a lot of natural areas in their exploitation of fossil fuels. Not to mention poaching and the endangering of wild animals. We harm the Earth in a variety of ways, I must say. 

  • To dump (v): thải ra
  • Exploitation (n): sự khai thác
  • Not to mention: ấy là còn chưa nhắc tới
  • Poaching (n): nạn săn trộm
  • Endangering (n): làm cho trở nên nguy cấp
  • In a variety of ways: theo nhiều cách khác nhau

2. Do you think that the environmental situation will improve in the nearest future?

Yes, since people are coming up with solutions to serious environmental problems as they become more aware of them. We can see an increasing number of people commute by bike or bus instead of driving or riding their own cars or motorcycles on a daily basis. Furthermore, more businesses are emphasizing environmentally friendly products. For example, instead of using plastic bags, they now use paper bags.

  • To come up with: nghĩ ra
  • Aware (adj): nhận thức
  • To commute (v): di chuyển
  • On a daily basis: hàng ngày
  • To emphasize (v): nhấn mạnh

3. Do you think it is the responsibility of governments alone to protect the environment?

Although it may seem natural for governments and large corporations to take the initiative in the battle against climate change, I would say that if the problem is driven by the public, a much larger movement is sparked, and more positive change is achievable.

  • To take the initiative (v): chiếm thế chủ động
  • To be driven (v): được thúc đẩy bởi
  • To be sparked (v): được khơi dậy
  • Achievable (adv): có thể đạt được

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