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GV. Võ Tấn Tài - IELTS 8.5 Overall

GV tại IELTS Vietop.

Khởi đầu năm mới với biểu đồ cột cho task 1 và dạng discuss both views and give your own opinion cho task 2. Hôm nay, thầy/ cô sẽ hướng dẫn chi tiết bài giải đề IELTS Writing ngày 18/01/2024 bao gồm:

  • Phân tích đề
  • Các bước lập dàn bài
  • Bài mẫu IELTS Writing task 1 và task 2 kèm từ vựng ghi điểm cho đề thi.

Cùng luyện tập ngay nào.

IELTS Writing task 1

The graphs below show the percentage of men and women aged 60-64 who were employed in four countries in 1970 and 2000. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features make comparisons where relevant.

(Các biểu đồ dưới đây cho thấy tỷ lệ phần trăm nam và nữ trong độ tuổi 60-64 được tuyển dụng ở bốn quốc gia vào năm 1970 và 2000. Tóm tắt thông tin bằng cách chọn và báo cáo các đặc điểm chính, so sánh có liên quan.)

Biểu đồ IELTS Writing ngày thi 18/01/2024
Biểu đồ IELTS Writing ngày thi 18/01/2024


The bar charts illustrate the proportion of men and women of four countries between the age of 60 and 64 who participated in the workforce in 1970 and 2000.

Overall, there were fewer working people aged 60 to 64 in 2000 compared to 1970. It is also clear that the rates of men were always higher than those of women across the four given countries.

In 1970, it is evident that the percentages of working males and females aged between 60 and 64 in the USA was the highest, at 86% and 76% respectively. This was closely followed by Indonesia (84% for men and 65% for women), and Belgium (79% for men and 63% for women). Japanese working people who fell into the 60-to-64 bracket ranked last, at 76% men and 56% women.

In 2000, Belgium experienced drastic drops in the figures for both genders and became the countries with the lowest proportion for men (52%) and women (8%), with the widest discrepancy of 44%. Men in the USA, Japan and Indonesia all reduced to 78%, 63% and 74%, respectively; for women, the percentages varied between 45% and 50%. 


  • To participate in the workforce: tham gia vào lực lượng lao động
  • Compared to: so với 
  • Be followed by: được theo sau bởi
  • Closely (adv): một cách sát sao
  • Fell into (expression): rơi vào
  • Bracket (n): một nhóm/khoảng được định nghĩa dựa vào giá trị lớn và bé. Vd: Most of my neighbors’ monthly income falls into the $500-$1000 bracket. (Đa số lương tháng của hàng xóm của tôi rôi vào khoảng $500 đến $1000.)
  • Figure (n): con số (khi nói về thống kê)
  • Discrepancy (n): sự chênh lệch
  • Respectively (adv): một cách lần lượt

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IELTS Writing task 2

Some people want the government to spend money on life on other planets, however, others think it is a waste of public money when the earth has so many problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

(Một số người muốn chính phủ chi tiền cho sự sống trên hành tinh khác, tuy nhiên, số khác lại cho rằng thật lãng phí tiền công khi trái đất có quá nhiều vấn đề. Thảo luận cả hai quan điểm và đưa ra ý kiến của riêng bạn.)

Bước 1: Phân tích đề 

  • Từ khoá: The government, spend money, life on other planets, a waste of public money, the earth has so many problems 
  • Câu hỏi: Ở đây đề bài yêu cầu thí sinh bàn luận 2 quan điểm và đưa ra ý kiến cá nhân. Vietop sẽ bàn cả 2 quan điểm, và đưa ra ý kiến cá nhân là nên kết hợp cả 2 nhé. 

Bước 2: Lập kế hoạch cho bài luận

Thân bài 1Thân bài 2Thân bài 3
1) Topic Sentence: Supporters highlight the potential for technological innovation as a significant benefit of extraterrestrial exploration.
2) Supporting Ideas:
– Space exploration necessitates cutting-edge technologies (e.g., satellite communication, medical advancements).
– Innovations developed for space missions often have practical applications on Earth.
– The pursuit of understanding extraterrestrial life serves as a backup plan for humanity’s long-term survival.
1) Topic Sentence: Opponents argue that spending on extraterrestrial exploration is a luxury when Earth faces urgent issues.
2) Supporting Ideas:
– Limited resources should prioritize immediate challenges (poverty, healthcare, education, environmental sustainability).
– The pursuit of life beyond Earth is seen as extravagant and disconnected from pressing global needs.
– Earthly concerns directly impact human life, making them more urgent and deserving of funding.
1) Topic Sentence: A balanced approach entails recognizing the coexistence of space exploration and addressing Earthly challenges.
2) Supporting Ideas:
– Innovation and breakthroughs from space exploration can contribute to solving Earth’s challenges.
– Investment in space exploration does not necessitate neglecting urgent issues on Earth.
– Equitable resource distribution ensures that both Earthly concerns and the quest for understanding the universe are addressed.

Bước 3: Hoàn thành bài luận

In recent years, the idea of allocating government funds towards the exploration of life on other planets has been subject to debate. While some argue that understanding extraterrestrial life is crucial for the future of humanity, others contend that such endeavors cannot be justified, particularly when Earth faces pressing challenges. There is indeed a strong case to be made for both sides of the debate, which will be discussed now. 

Supporters of government spending on extraterrestrial exploration often emphasize the potential for technological innovation. The challenges posed by space exploration often necessitate the development of cutting-edge technologies in various fields, such as satellite communication and medical advancements. Obviously, these developments would not only benefit astronauts but also have a wide range of transferable applications for life on Earth. On this side of the debate, people also contend that given the unpredictability of catastrophic events and disaster as well as the current deterioration of the planet, looking for other forms of life could serve as a crucial back-up plan and ensure the long-term survival of human beings.

Opponents of establishing a human presence on other planets often point to the fact that this is a luxury and a waste of money when the Earth faces a myriad of pressing issues. They contend that limited resources should be allocated to challenges such as poverty, healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability, all of which have a direct impact on human life, whereas the pursuit of life beyond the planet appears to be extravagant and disconnected from the immediate needs of the global population. 

In my opinion, a balanced approach is necessary. While acknowledging the importance of addressing pressing issues on Earth, I believe that investing in space exploration can coexist with these efforts. Investment in space exploration does not necessarily mean the neglection of other significant issues on Earth, as every innovation and breakthrough driven by space exploration can lead to many solutions that can alleviate the challenges humans are currently facing. 

In conclusion, while it is true that governments should allocate funds to address pressing issues on Earth, including poverty, education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability, I also believe that a portion of the budget should be dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life. An equitable distribution of resources can ensure that both Earthly concerns and the quest for understanding the universe can be addressed. 


VocabularyMeaning in Vietnamese
ExtraterrestrialNgoài hành tinh
NecessitateĐòi hỏi, cần thiết
CatastrophicThảm họa, thê thảm
DeteriorationSự suy giảm, sự giảm chất lượng
Back-up planKế hoạch dự phòng
ExtravagantHoang phí, phung phí
Disconnected fromTách rời, không liên quan
BreakthroughĐột phá, sự phá vỡ
Equitable distributionPhân phối công bằng
QuestHành trình, cuộc hành trình, sự tìm kiếm

Gap-fill Exercise:

  1. The __________ exploration mission aims to search for signs of life beyond our planet.
  2. Developing advanced technologies for space missions often __________ breakthroughs in various industries.
  3. The impact of climate change can lead to __________ events, such as extreme weather conditions.
  4. The __________ of the old infrastructure has raised concerns about the safety of the city.
  5. Having a __________ is essential in case the primary plan faces unforeseen challenges.
  6. Critics argue that spending excessive amounts on luxury items is __________ and should be curtailed.
  7. Some people feel ____________ modern technology, leading to a sense of isolation.
  8. The scientists celebrated a significant __________ in understanding the nature of dark matter.
  9. Achieving an ____________ of resources is crucial for addressing global inequalities.
  10. The ongoing space __________ involves exploring the universe to understand its mysteries.


  • 1. Extraterrestrial
  • 2. Necessitate
  • 3. Catastrophic
  • 4. Deterioration
  • 5. Back-up plan
  • 6. Extravagant
  • 7. Disconnected from
  • 8. Breakthrough
  • 9. Equitable distribution
  • 10. Quest

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