Describe a person you know who likes to help others – IELTS Speaking part 2, 3

Chủ đề Describe a person you know who likes to help others. Câu chuyện NGƯỜI HÙNG – Nguyễn Ngọc Mạnh, cứu bé gái rơi từ tầng 12 khiến nhiều người nhận ra NGƯỜI HÙNG là bất cứ ai nếu họ đủ yêu thương và dũng cảm,… Sau sự kiện này, Vietop xin gửi tặng ANH và các bạn đang và đã học IELTS bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 2, IELTS Speaking part 3 với chủ đề Describe a person you know who likes to help others. Cùng theo dõi nhé!

1. Describe a person you know who likes to help others – IELTS Speaking part 2

Describe a person you know who likes to help others
You should say:
Who this person is
What did he do
Why did he do that
and explain how do you feel about him or her.
describe a person you know who likes to help others
Describe a person you know who likes to help others

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Sample 1

File nghe Describe a person you know who likes to help others – IELTS Speaking part 2 tại đây nhé:

I would like to talk about a person who recently has been hailed as a national hero by my country’s news media. He is known for saving the life of a toddler who fell from the 12th floor of an apartment block. His name is Nguyen Ngoc Manh and he was working as a truck driver when the incident happened.

At that moment, Mr. Manh heard screams and yells for help as the baby was spotted dangling from the outside her apartment’s balcony. Without skipping a beat, he quickly exited his truck and climbed up the corrugated iron veranda right below the baby, which was also 2 meters from than the ground. He made it just in time to catch the falling child. The impact of the fall dented the veranda, leaving Manh a sprained arm and the baby some injuries. Fortunately, none of them was lethal.

When I read the story, I was astounded by his bravery. Later, I admired him even more after learning more about him as a person. Following his heroic act, he was always humble, saying anyone would do the same in his position. His wife, when interviewed by the media, said that he had always been a selfless and generous person.

He always lent his hands to anyone in needs, despite sometimes being exploited for his kindness.  In my opinion, he is an extraordinary person and I will always look up to him as someone who has exemplary courage and who uses it to serve his community.

Vocab highlights:

  • Be hailed as (expression): được tung hô là
  • To dangle (v): bám vào, lơ lững
  • Without skipping a beat (expression): không lỡ một nhịp, rất nhanh
  • Corrugated iron veranda: mái hiên bằng tôn
  • Sprained (adj): bị bong gân
  • Lethal (adj): gây tử vong
  • Bravery (n): lòng dung cám, đồng nghĩa: courage
  • Heroic act (expression): hành động dũng cảm
  • Humble (adj): khiêm tốn
  • Astounded (adj): kinh ngạc, sững sốt
  • Exemplary (adj): đáng làm gương, đáng noi theo

Sample 2

File nghe Describe a person you know who likes to help others – IELTS Speaking part 2 tại đây nhé:

When I think of someone who frequently lends a helping hand, my friend Sarah is the first person who comes to mind. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Sarah for more than a decade, and her unwavering altruism and willingness to go the extra mile to assist others have always left a lasting impression on me.

My initial encounter with Sarah dates back to our high school years when we shared an English class. Her kindness and approachability stood out to me even then. As our friendship developed over the years, I had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the myriad ways in which Sarah extends her support to those in need.

Sarah’s benevolence takes various forms. One of her notable contributions is volunteering at a local food bank. Each week, she dedicates several hours to sorting and distributing food to individuals facing financial hardships. Additionally, she actively volunteers with a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding homeless individuals. She not only provides them with essential provisions like food, clothing, and shelter but also offers her time to engage in meaningful conversations and listen to their stories.

Beyond her volunteer work, Sarah readily assists her friends and family whenever they require help. Whether it involves being a sympathetic ear, providing transportation, or aiding with a relocation, Sarah consistently goes above and beyond to offer her support. Her compassion knows no bounds, and she genuinely cares about the well-being of others.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Sarah in my life. She serves as a source of inspiration, not only to me but to everyone who has the privilege of knowing her. Her acts of kindness and generosity have touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on our community. Whenever I witness her selflessness, it reinforces the significance of being there for one another and underscores the positive influence that even the smallest acts of kindness can have.

Vocab highlights:

  • Privilege of: đặc quyền của
  • Altruism: lòng vị tha
  • Extra: thêm
  • Initial: ban đầu
  • Approachability: khả năng tiếp cận
  • Benevolence: lòng nhân từ
  • Nonprofit organization: tổ chức phi lợi nhuận
  • Fortunate: may mắn
  • Generosity: sự hào phóng

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2. IELTS speaking part 3 sample – Helping others, volunteering

Describe a person you know who likes to help others
Describe a person you know who likes to help others

File nghe Helping others, volunteering – IELTS Speaking part 3 tại đây nhé:

2.1. How can children help their parents at home?

In my opinion, there are several household tasks suitable for involving children in assisting their parents, but the choice should be age-appropriate. For younger children, parents can assign tasks such as tidying up their toys after playtime or setting the table before meals. As for older kids, it’s beneficial to encourage them to take responsibility for keeping their rooms organized or assisting with grocery shopping.

  • Household tasks: nhiệm vụ gia đình
  • Age-appropriate: độ tuổi thích hợp

2.2. Should children be taught to help others?

Absolutely, I firmly believe that children who are raised with values of generosity and support for those less fortunate can be provided with numerous chances to mature into more compassionate individuals as they mature. This approach encourages them to be attuned to the needs of others rather than solely prioritizing their own interests, fostering the development of empathy and compassion.

Additionally, when children engage in acts of kindness and assistance to others, they gain valuable experience in building relationships and becoming effective team players, which are vital interpersonal skills for their future lives.

  • Generosity: sự hào phóng
  • Compassionate individuals: những cá nhân nhân ái
  • Assistance: hỗ trợ

2.3. What makes children help each other at school?

In my view, children can acquire these values through deliberate instruction or by observing their peers at school. Regarding the former, educators can promote children’s participation in group activities that necessitate close cooperation with friends and mutual support to achieve shared objectives.

As for the latter, if children experience support from their peers when facing difficulties, it may inspire them to feel positively about helping others in similar situations.

  • Deliberate: có chủ ý
  • Cooperation: sự hợp tác

Xem thêm bài mẫu Speaking:

2.4. Should students do community service? Why?

Certainly, students should actively participate in community service. It provides a wide array of advantages, including nurturing a sense of social responsibility, cultivating empathy, and fostering personal development. Engaging in community service empowers students to make meaningful contributions to their communities, gain insight into societal challenges, and create positive change.

Furthermore, it aids in the development of crucial skills like teamwork, effective communication, and problem-solving. Additionally, community service exposes students to diverse viewpoints, broadening their perspectives and nurturing a spirit of altruism that can have a positive impact on their future pursuits.

  • Actively participate: tích cực tham gia
  • Including nurturing: trong đó có nuôi dưỡng
  • Empowers: trao quyền
  • Effective communication: Giao tiếp hiệu quả

2.5. Do students in your country do volunteer work?

Absolutely, a significant number of students in my country enthusiastically participate in volunteer activities. These initiatives are actively promoted by educational institutions, including schools and universities, as a means of nurturing social responsibility and personal growth among students.

These young individuals engage in a wide range of volunteer endeavors, which can include contributing to community service projects, supporting environmental initiatives, or providing assistance to disadvantaged individuals. Through volunteer work, students have the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience, cultivate empathy, and generate positive societal contributions.

  • Enthusiastically: nhiệt tình
  • Institutions: thể chế
  • Endeavors: nỗ lực
  • Supporting environmental initiatives: hỗ trợ các sáng kiến môi trường
  • Hands-on experience: trải nghiệm thực tế
  • Cultivate empathy: nuôi dưỡng sự đồng cảm

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