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Topic Happiness – IELTS Speaking part 1

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IELTS Vietop gửi đến các sĩ tử topic HappinessIELTS Speaking Part 1. Các sĩ tử xem ngay và áp dụng để bài thi IELTS Speaking được ấn tượng hơn nhé!

1. Topic Happiness – IELTS Speaking part 1

Topic Happiness - IELTS Speaking part 1
Topic Happiness – IELTS Speaking part 1

Mời mọi người nghe Audio topic Happiness tại đây nhé!

1.1. How would you define happiness?

Happiness to me is the result of accomplishing my goals and objectives. So when I complete a task, no matter how small, I often reward myself with a brief moment of reflection to take in the feeling of happiness.

  • Objective (n): mục tiêu
  • To accomplish something: hoàn thành gì đó
  • Take in (v + adv): chiêm nghiệm

1.2. What kinds of things make people in your country happy?  

Just like people anywhere else, a roof over their heads, food on their tables are the things that make people happy and feel secure in Vietnam. If they are parents, seeing their children succeed in school and lives also help them to be happy. 

  • Secure (adj): an toàn (cảm giác)

1.3. Do you think money can make people happy?  

Well, let me put it this way. Money  itself doesn’t bring joy. But, it’s an important tool for many essential things without which we may be desperate such as food, water, housing and clothing. I’d say that money doesn’t guarantee happiness but it can help us to satisfy our essential needs, which are the foundation of happiness.

  • Desperate (adj): tuyệt vọng
  • Guarantee (v): đảm bảo
  • Essential (adj): thiết yếu

1.4. Why do some people say happiness never lasts long?

I agree with them because happiness, as I said, is the very last result of the whole process of achieving something. Once you’ve done that, it’s your natural response to be back in the game again, and try to achieve more goals. The feeling of happiness doesn’t last long but it makes you more motivated and I think that’s a good thing.

  • Be back in the game: trở lại cuộc chơi, tiếp tục trải qua thử thách

1.5. Are you a happy person?

To be frank, I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a “ray of sunshine” as some might say. I can’t claim to maintain unwavering high spirits regardless of circumstances; I tend to feel down quite easily. Nevertheless, I consciously endeavor to find enjoyment and take pleasure in life’s simple joys.

  • Ray of sunshine: tia nắng
  • Regardless of circumstances: bất kể hoàn cảnh

1.6. What usually makes you happy?

My family consistently uplifts my spirits. I make a conscious effort to maximize my free time by being with my loved ones. Whether it’s fishing with my father, cooking alongside my mother, or playing video games with my younger brother, these moments are priceless.

No matter how low my mood might have been, their presence has a remarkable way of cheering me up, often turning my frown into a smile without me even realizing it. I genuinely treasure every single moment spent with them.

1.7. Do you think people in your country are generally happy people?

In my view, individuals in my country usually bear considerable responsibilities, which can hinder a carefree demeanor. It’s challenging to maintain a joyful attitude when the burden of supporting oneself and loved ones lies heavily on their shoulders.

Nonetheless, it’s not accurate to assume that people are persistently gloomy. While they might not constantly display wide smiles, observing them in moments spent with friends or family often reveals genuine happiness shining through their eyes.

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