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IELTS Writing Task 1

Task 1: The chart below shows the changes that took place in three different areas of crime in New Port city center from 2003-2012.
Đề IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 03-09-2022
Đề IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 03-09-2022

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The line graphs illustrate the variation of three types of crimes in Newport city centre over a 10-year period. 

Overall, the majority of crime rates fluctuated over the given period of time except burglary which experienced a generally downward trend.

To begin with, burglary was the category which experienced the most dramatic development. To be specific, the contribution of burglary was around 3500 in the first year. Subsequently, it had a considerable increase of about 250 before drastically declining to around 1100 in 2008, which was followed by a minor surge to roughly 1400 in 2012, being merely under a half of the initial figure.

Moving to the remaining categories, initial estimates put the figures for auto thefts over five times higher than that for robbery, which was only over 500 cases. Initial estimates put the number of auto thefts almost ahead of that of robberies (around 2800). However, while the latter simply fluctuated in a relatively stable manner throughout the period, the former was constant before falling noticeably in 2006 and witnessed a series of variations till 2012, after outstripping burglary in 2007, ending at just under 2500 cases.

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IELTS Writing Task 2

Task 2: Some people think that detailed crime reports on newspapers and TV can have many disadvantages. To what extent do you agree/disagree? 


There is a consideration that many testimonies, which provide in-depth information about crimes that have been committed through TV and written media, have a negative effect on the population. As a result, this practice ought to be abolished. During the course of the essay, I would subject this opinion to careful analysis before drawing on a rational conclusion.

On the one hand, publishing thorough details of crimes has certain deleterious repercussions. First of all, after a while, people who regularly and consistently watch shows and read articles in magazines that are filled with graphic details and horrific intricacies of atrocities have grown accustomed to it. Violence in all its forms has become the new norm of living. Secondly, the releases may draw unwelcome public attention to those who were involved in the violent events, including victims, survivors, and their families. For instance, TV reporters and writers frequently chase persons who in some way experienced violence and criminal actions, leading to victims and their families being approached to conduct interviews on the sensitive subjects and relive those moments repeatedly. Consequently, their mental well-being could remarkably deteriorate. 

On the other hand, depicting and describing crimes in the media (such as the news) can have some advantageous impacts. Primarily, increasing people’s understanding of behaviours and situations that incite violence could greatly aid individuals in preventing participation in such terrible incidents. For instance, assuming individuals were aware that burglars frequently target homes without dogs in the backyard or inside, they would decide to purchase a dog to ward off thieves. Additionally, releasing comprehensive information about crimes will undoubtedly draw attention to the troubling situation, and this upsurge of discontent would probably drive politicians, government officials, and police officers to take some action to address the issue. As a result, there will be less violent crimes committed.

In conclusion, despite the fact that thorough accounting of legal infractions has some shortcomings, the advantages far exceed these drawbacks.


  • Testimony (n): lời chứng thực, lời tường thuật
  • Abolish (v): loại bỏ hoàn toàn
  • Repercussion (n): hậu quả không mong muốn
  • Atrocity (n): tội ác kinh hoàng
  • Incite (v): kích động
  • To ward off (v): đuổi đi, gây nản lòng
  • Discontent (n): sự bức xúc

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