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Talk about volunteer work – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 2, part 3

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Talk about volunteer work là dạng đề bài không còn quá xa lạ đối với các bạn đang ôn luyện IELTS nữa. Tuy nhiên, để có thể làm tốt chủ đề này, thí sinh cần nắm chắc từ vựng và cấu trúc về chủ đề Online Learning. Hôm nay, Vietop sẽ cung cấp cho bạn bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2, Part 3: Talk about volunteer work.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Talk about volunteer work

Đề bài

Describe a volunteering experience you have had. You should  say:
When it was
Where it was
Why you volunteered
And explain how you felt
IELTS Speaking Part 2 Talk about volunteer work
IELTS Speaking Part 2 Talk about volunteer work

Talk about volunteer work thuộc chủ đề lớn là Experiences/ Past events. Mở đầu bài nói, ngoài việc đề cập rõ thời gian và địa điểm trải nghiệm từ thiện đã diễn ra, thí sinh có thể khai thác thêm một số điểm liên quan đến bản thân như: Có hay dành thời gian làm việc từ thiện hay không? Tham gia trải nghiệm tình nguyện này một mình hay với một nhóm? Các nhiệm vụ chính khi tham gia tình nguyện là gì?

Tiếp đến, thí sinh cần giải thích lý do tại sao bản thân lại quyết định đi từ thiện. Thí sinh có thể đề cập đến một số kỹ năng mà mình muốn học hỏi và cải thiện tốt hơn từ sự kiện lần này. 

Cuối cùng, thí sinh nêu cảm nhận khi đã tham gia đợt tình nguyện đó, có thể biến phần này thành kết bài cho bài nói bằng việc nêu một số cảm nhận của người đã được nhận giúp đỡ trong đợt tình nguyện này, cũng như cảm nghĩ của bản thân khi nhận được những lời khen và lời nói tích cực.

Sample: Describe a volunteering experience you have had

Mời bạn cùng nghe Podcast bài mẫu Part 2 từ IELTS Vietop nhé:

I’m going to share with you today about my favorite volunteer experience, which was engrossing, unforgettable, and eye-opening.

Well, as I can clearly recall, I did not have many opportunities to engage in volunteer work when I was a student because I was too preoccupied with how to ace the test at the time.

Fortunately, I was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a sort of start-up conference called Youth Colab Summit 2019 three years ago when I was only a sophomore. More specifically, because my university served as the event’s host partner, a few of my classmates and I were in charge of directing and receiving delegates from Asia-Pacific nations.

Since volunteers had to interact with delegates and other people throughout the entire event in English to support them, my main motivation for trying it out was to improve my problem-solving and English-speaking abilities.

Turning to that momentous day, six representatives from Pakistan were placed under the supervision of my tiny group, 5 Little Ducks. They were visiting Vietnam for the first time, and we were playing a big part for the first time, so it was inevitable that we would run into some unforeseen issues.

The conference was a huge success, nevertheless, and many of the attendees told us that our vigor, enthusiasm, and support had motivated them. This made us incredibly happy, grateful, and proud.

Vocabulary Highlights

  • Engrossing (adj): hấp dẫn 
  • Eye-opening (adj): mở rộng tầm mắt
  • Preoccupied (adj): bận tâm
  • Ace the test (v): vượt qua bài kiểm tra
  • Start-up conference (n): hội thảo khởi nghiệp
  • Sophomore (n): sinh viên năm hai
  • Delegates (n): đại biểu
  • Momentous day (n): ngày trọng đại
  • Representatives (n): đại diện
  • Supervision (n): sự giám sát
  • Inevitable (adj): không thể tránh khỏi
  • Run into some unforeseen issues:  gặp phải một số vấn đề không lường trước được
  • Vigor (n): sinh lực
  • Enthusiasm (n): sự nhiệt tình

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Talk about volunteer work

Talk about volunteer work - Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 2, part 3
Talk about volunteer work – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 2, part 3

Mời bạn cùng nghe Podcast bài mẫu Part 3 từ IELTS Vietop nhé:

1. Why do you think people volunteer?

I think there might be numerous factors at play when people volunteer. Some people choose to volunteer because they care about the issue and want to take action. Some people volunteer because it teaches them a lot of things. You pick up skills like organization, patience, teamwork, and leadership.

  • Organization (n): kỹ năng tổ chức
  • Patience (n): sự kiên nhẫn
  • Teamwork (n): kỹ năng làm việc nhóm
  • Leadership (n): kỹ năng lãnh đạo

2. What could you do to help if you had no money?

Money has nothing to do with helping. Even though I might not be able to give someone money, I can contribute what I do have—like my knowledge, my experience, and the lessons I’ve learned. It is wonderful to be able to impart information, and it is undoubtedly a genuine source of joy for the recipient.

  • Impart (v): truyền tài
  • Recipient (n): người nhận

3. What personalities and qualities are required for being a volunteer?

There are several desirable qualities that volunteers should possess. But I firmly feel that kindness stands out as the best. They should be thrilled when they can assist those in need and make a small contribution to a better community, to be more precise. Additionally, those who aspire to work on a volunteer basis should possess selflessness.

In actuality, volunteering does not earn people money; rather, it may require volunteers to give not only their time and energy, but occasionally also their money to help others. As a result, in order to successfully complete their jobs, volunteers should put the needs of others before their own

  • Desirable qualities (n): phẩm chất mong muốn
  • Thrilled (adj): hồi hộp
  • Aspire to (v): mong muốn
  • Put the needs of others before sb’s own (v): đặt nhu cầu của người khác trước nhu cầu của mình

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4. Do you think people nowadays should volunteer more? 

Definitely, yes. There are still a variety of frustrating issues that need to be solved in this day and age despite technological and economic advancements, which calls for more volunteers. For instance, severe floods and protracted droughts leave millions of people starving every year and destroy millions of tons of precious crops.

At the same time, millions of people are forced to flee their homes and become refugees as a result of wars and conflicts that have broken out in many areas of the world. These victims would never be able to overcome their problems, and those worrying social problems would never be addressed without those who freely give up their time and money for others. 

  • In this day and age: thời buổi bây giờ
  • Protracted droughts (n): hạn hán kéo dài
  • Starving (adj): chết đói
  • Flee sb’s homes (v): chạy trốn khỏi nhà
  • Refugees (n): những người tị nạn
  • Break out (v): diễn ra

5. How does modern technologies assist volunteers and volunteering experiences?

Modern technology has a wide range of beneficial effects on people’s lives, and volunteers and charitable work are no exception. As an illustration, consider long-distance giving. Volunteers or those who are financially or physically disadvantaged can get money from kind contributors all around the world thanks to internet banking services made possible by big data, a creation of the fourth industrial revolution. This was never the case in the past when people hardly ever had the opportunity to transfer money to or borrow it from someone who lived far away. 

  • Charitable work (n): công việc từ thiện

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6. What benefits other than personal satisfaction could you personally get by volunteering?

Volunteering provides many wonderful benefits on its own. Your social and relational skills improve, you make more friends, and you become more integrated into society overall. Additionally, it aids in reducing the negative impacts of stress, rage, and anxiety. Some people think it aids in the struggle against depression. Then there are those who are alone, such as elderly individuals, for whom volunteering provides a feeling of or a reason for living.

  • Be integrated into society: hòa nhập vào xã hội

Hy vọng rằng qua bài viết này, bạn đã có thêm vốn từ vựng cũng như cấu trúc sử dụng cho dạng đề bài Talk about volunteer work. Bên cạnh về chủ đề Talk about volunteer work – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2, Part 3, bạn cũng có thể tham khảo thêm một số chủ đề khác thường hay gặp trong IELTS Speaking Part 1, IELTS Speaking Part 2, IELTS Speaking Part 3 ở Vietop. Chúc bạn chinh phục IELTS thành công!

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