101 từ vựng thường gặp trong đề thi IELTS Reading

Phần thi IELTS reading là một phần thi đòi hỏi thí sinh phải nắm một lượng từ vựng tương đối nhiều và đa dạng. Dưới đây là 101 từ vựng thường gặp trong IELTS reading để giúp các bạn chuẩn bị tốt hơn trong phần thi này nhé.

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101 từ vựng thường gặp trong đề thi IELTS Reading
101 từ vựng thường gặp trong đề thi IELTS Reading
STTTừ vựngNghĩa của từVí dụ trong các sách Cambridge
1fairy-taleTruyện thần tiênImagining fairy-tale turrets and fire-breathing dragons, wicked witches and gallant heroes, she’s creating an enchanting world.
2abandonBỏ rơiAlice has abandoned the kingdom in favour of playing schools with her younger brother
3settle downChơi thoải máiwhen they tire of this and settle down with a board game
4take turnThay phiênshe’s learning about the need to follow rules and take turns with a partner
5emphasisNhấn mạnhand by the emphasis on ‘earlier is better’
6leisureRãnh rỗi, giải tríand to consider implications for leisure facilities and educational programmes
7puzzleCâu đốDr Jenny Gibson agrees, pointing out that although some of the steps in the puzzle of how and why play is important have been looked at
8possibilityKhả năngA strong possibility is that play supports the early development of children’s self-control
9predictorYếu tố dự đoánthe ability to self-regulate has been shown to be a key predictor of academic performance
10well-beingSức khỏeplay can give us important clues about their well-being
11disorderChứng bệnhcan even be useful in the diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders
12autismTự kỉcan even be useful in the diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders
13trivialTầm thườngIt’s regarded as something trivial
14fundamentalQuan trọngthe fundamental contributions it makes to human achievements in the arts, sciences and technology.
15schemeKế hoạchHow Dutch engineer Luud Schimmelpennink helped to devise urban bike-sharing schemes
16consumerismChủ nghĩa tiêu dùngan answer to the perceived threats of air pollution and consumerism
17initiativeKế hoạchThe police were opposed to Provo’s initiatives
18prone toCó xu hướngThe system, however, was prone to vandalism and theft
19work-life balanceĐời sống cân bằng  The idea originated from workplaces – usually in the non-service sector – that emphasized fun and enjoyment as part of work-life balance
20hospitality industryNgành lữ hànhthe hospitality industry has historically been dominated by underdeveloped HR practices
21obstacleTrở ngạimotivate employees to work together, and remove obstacles preventing effective performance
22hypothesisGiả thuyếtno evidence exists to support this hypothesis
23adoptChấp thuậnDeery (2008) has recommended several actions that can be adopted
24merchantThương giathe son of a successful merchant.
25artificialNhân tạoas a source of artificial light
26evaluateĐánh giáa useful source for evaluating Henderson’s early work
27enableLàm cho có thểenable him to make a living
28time-consumingTốn thời giantime-consuming techniques
29canoeThuyền đôc mộcHe was especially fond of the wilderness and often travelled by canoe
30RecordLưu lạirecord the principal structures
31solelyChỉ mộtto end the reliance on sealed buildings which exist solely via the ‘life support’ system of vast air conditioning units
32emissionKhí thảiThe energy use and carbon emissions this generates is spectacular
33abandonBỏ rơiWhat is surprising is what a rich legacy we have abandoned
34detrimentalHư hỏngThis assumption has also fostered the idea that disorder must be detrimental to organisational productivity
35bottleneckVấn đềfilled with bottlenecks in terms of information flow, power structures, rules, and routine
36Cutting-edgeHiện đạiemploying cutting-edge technologies
37LikelihoodKhả năng xảy rathis appears to be rather a future aspiration than a likelihood for the near future.
38AuthorityNhà cầm quyềnThe British Waterways authority were keen to create a dramatic twenty-first-century landmark
39HydraulicThủy lựcTwo hydraulic steel gates are raised
40DepositThả raaircraft having deposited dry ice, silver iodide and cement powder to disperse clouds
41OrganismSinh vậtbe eroded by marine organisms
42VerbalBằng miệngin terms of reported verbal interactions with parents
43Take account ofTính đếnto take account of the many ways individuals think
44OutstandingĐặc biệtBut scientific progress is not all theoretical, knowledge is a so vital to outstanding performance: individuals
45InterpretDiễn dịchIt could be argued that the practice of interpreting or ‘reading’ each medium follows different conventions.
46ApprenticeThực tâpreproduction of their creations to their workshop apprentices
47CriticismSự chỉ tríchparticipators criticism which can be found in abundance in criticism of classic works of literature
48PlausibleCó líhe most plausible suggestion
49DescendantCon cháu, hậu duệwho their closest descendants are today.
50SpontaneousBộc phátNow my extroverted behaviour is spontaneous
51LaunchPhóng, tiến hànhHe therefore launched a support group to help others
52OverlookBỏ quathe impact of spending by visitors can easily be overlooked or underestimated
53MitigateLàm giảmthen looked for a way to mitigate the danger
54PrimitiveTiền sửa primitive, sub-human state.
55ProbabilityKhả năngin terms of probability
56PracticeThói quen, cung cáchpoor management practices
57UnderestimateĐánh giá thấpWe shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the style of a particular artist
58TerrestrialTrên mặt đấtJoel Berge,who works on the American pronghorn and other large terrestrial mammals
59PredatorĐộng vật săn mồiupward by night to seek food, downward by day to escape predators
60ResembleGiốngThe pronghorn, which resembles an antelope
61PlainĐồng bằngif they can’t pass through again in autumn, escaping south onto those windblown plains, they are likely to die
63AilmentBệnh tậtidentical twins are more similar to each other with respect to an ailment than fraternal twins are
63DetermineQuyết địnhunderstanding the interplay of nature and nurture in determining our personalities
64UnderscoreNhấn mạnhhis use of dialogue underscores the dizzy quality
65UbiquitousPhổ biếnWe are probably all familiar with background music in films, which has become so ubiquitous
66Embark onBắt đầuwe could never have embarked on our ascent to unparalleled power over all other animals
67Take for grantedĐánh giá thấpsince in everyday life its triumphs are usually taken for granted
68Come up withNghĩ raWho could possibly have come up with such a nifty contraption?
69InhabitantCư dânNew Zealand is a small country of four million inhabitants
70AuthenticChính xácexhilarating outdoor activities and authentic Maori culture
71RemarkableĐánh kểCork – the thick bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber) – is a remarkable material
72ThrivePhát triểnLike grape vines, the trees thrive in poor soil
73Moistureẩm ướtputting down deep root in search of moisture and nutrientsThermal
74DesertificationSa mạc hóaand prevent desertification in the regions where they are planted
75AntiqueĐồ cổThey’ll look for, say, antiques that they can buy cheaply and expect to be able to sell at a profit
76FossilHóa thạchmany collectors amassed fossils, animals and plants from around the globe
77PorcelainĐồ gốmthrough the wax and porcelain of later centuries, to the plastics of today’s doll
78EthicalThuộc về đạo đứcThe regular instructor is a colleague who appreciates the kind of ethical perspective
79ExpertiseChuyên mônthese need not even concern the acquisition of marketing expertise as such
80ScrutinyKĩ lưỡnghence both deserve scrutiny
81VolatilitySự không ổn địnhincluding extreme weather, long-term climate change, and price volatility in input and product markets
82TransparencySự minh bạchMany participants and commentators emphasized that greater transparency in markets is needed
83AdequateĐầy đủwhether adequate stocks and supplies are available
84MagnitudeĐộ lớnclimate change increases the magnitude and the frequency of extreme weather events7
85DistributionPhân phốiDirect food distribution systems
86CivilizationNền văn minhthe last capital of the Inca civilisation.
87AccompanyCùng vớiHis companions showed no interest in accompanying him up the nearby hill
88WonderTự hỏiHe wondered whether it could have been the birthplace of the very first Inca
89ArchaeologistNhà khảo cổOne question that has perplexed visitors, historians and archaeologists alike ever since Bingham, is…d
90BilingualĐa ngôn ngữAccording to the latest figures, the majority of the world’s population is now bilingual or multilingual
91PhenomenonHiện tượngSome of the most compelling evidence for this phenomenon, called ‘language co-activations
92Associate withCùng vớiNeurological roots of the bilingual advantage extend to brain areas more traditionally associated with sensory processing
93AdolescentTrẻ vị thành niênWhen monolingual and bilingual adolescents listen to simple speech sounds
94CounterpartBên tương ứngSurprisingly, the bilinguals’ brains had more physical signs of disease than their monolingual counterparts
95InhospitableThù địchThis inhospitable environment is home to the giant Galapagos tortoise.
96ExploitationKhai thácThis historical exploitation was then exacerbated
97BreedingSinh sảnThe aim was to use a helicopter to move 300 of the breeding centre’s tortoises
98UnprecedentedChưa từng thấyThis unprecedented effort was made possible by the owners of the 67-metre yacht White Cloud
99VaccinationTiêm phòngA While many diseases that affect humans have been eradicated due to improvements in vaccinations
100ReputationDanh tiếngthe Venetians gained a reputation for technical skill and artistic ability in the making of glass bottles
101BeverageĐồ uốngmany beverages are sold in glass

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