Task 1: The chart and the graph show the number of new graduates and the their employment in the UK from 1992 to 2002

Đề thi IELTS Writing task 1 ngày 03-08-2017

Đề thi IELTS Writing task 1 ngày 03-08-2017

  • Đây là dạng đề 2 charts: 1 line graph + 1 bar chart.
  • Line graph: số lượng sinh viên mới tốt nghiệp ở Anh Quốc trong giai đoạn 1992- 2002. Số liệu tăng từ 1992 đến 1997, sau đó giảm đến tận năm 2002. Nhìn chung, số liệu năm 2002 cao hơn năm 1992 (xu hướng chung là tăng).
  • Bar chart: tỷ lệ công ăn việc làm (trong 5 nhóm ngành nghề) của những sinh viên mới ra trường ở 3 năm cụ thể là 1992, 1997 & 2002.

Có 2 xu hướng: tăng (3 nhóm sau) & giảm (2 nhóm đầu)

Sample answer:

The provided charts indicate how many fresh college graduates there were in the UK during the 1992-2002 period and how they were employed in 1992, 1997 and 2002.

Overall, there was an increase in the number of graduates over the period while professional jobs dominated the other jobs in the job market for graduates.

First, the line graph shows only one trend: the number of new graduates fluctuated over the years. From 165,000 in 1992, this number soared to 195,000 five years later, followed by a drop lasting until 2002 (180,000). Compared with 1992, the year 2002 witnessed a 15,000-graduate increase.

Second, as seen in the bar chart, the employment rates indicate two different trends: upward and downward. A rise happened to clerical and secretarial positions (from 9% in 1992 to 19% in 2002), sales (4% up to 10%) and “other” jobs (7% up to 9%). A fall occurred to professional occupations (from nearly 60% to over 40%) and managerial and administrative jobs (20% down to 19%). Additionally, a large number of fresh graduates were employed in professional jobs in all the three years despite the decline, followed by managerial and administrative jobs, clerical and secretarial ones, sales & “other” jobs respectively.

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Vocab items & Structures:

  • The given charts illustrate X: (= The provided charts indicate X / shed light on X / reveal some information about X)
  • New graduates: sinh viên mới ra trường / mới tốt nghiệp ( = fresh graduates / new colllege graduates / fresh university graduates / people who just graduated from university / people who just finished college education)

Note: graduate students: học viên sau đại học (học viên cao học / nghiên cứu sinh)

  • Their employment: tình hình công ăn việc làm của họ ( = their jobs / their occupations / how they were employed)
  • An upward trend: Xu hướng tăng; ( = An increasing trend / a rising trend)
  • A downward trend: Xu hướng giảm; ( = A decreasing trend / a falling trend / a dropping trend)
  • To increase/rise to X%: tăng tới mức X%;
  • To decrease/fall to X%: giảm tới mức X%;
    Note: To increase/decrease by X%: tăng/ giảm với mức X% ( = to  increase/decrease X%);
  • A rise/fall occurred to X: X tăng/giảm; ( = A(n) increase/decrease happened to X; X increased/decreased; X experienced positive/negative growth);
  • To be employed in managerial jobs: Làm công việc quản lý; ( = To work as managers / to work in management)
  • To account for X%: Chiếm tỷ lệ X%; ( = To make up X% / to comprise X%);
  • Nearly X%: gần X%; ( = Almost X%);
  • Approximately X%: khoảng X%; ( = roughly X%);

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