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Task 2: In many cities, there is little control on the design and construction of new houses. Some people think that people can choose to build houses in their own styles instead of building them with the same style as the old house style in local areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Samle Essay đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 23/05/2019


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Some people are of the opinion that they should have freedom of choice when it comes to designing their own houses, and that they should not be restricted to any former local styles. Although freedom in architecture can be beneficial in fostering diversity, too much leeway in building houses would greatly spoil the overall landscape of the local area and therefore I believe this is more likely to be a negative development.

Free house design is, to a certain extent, a good way of promoting diversity. City skylines, for example, would be more interesting to look at if there are buildings and houses with different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, people from different societal background see houses as manifestations of personalities, wealth, and societal positions. Mansions of the rich, exotic houses of those who are artistic all combine with other normal-looking ones to form a melting pot of creativity.

However, I would not consider an area whose houses are built without any regard to the nature of the surroundings beautiful. Having different styles of houses co-existing in one place can be an architectural disaster rather than a welcome innovation. Ho Chi Minh City is a case in point; ugly buildings not aligned in style with other structures in the city have been erected for years, leaving the historic parts of the city messily mingled with the concrete jungle of brick houses and skyscrapers. Architectural homogeneity, on the other hand, often brings aesthetic appeals to the local landscape. The beauty of ancient towns, for example, comes from the uniformity and harmony in terms of architectural design. 

In conclusion, my firm conviction is that new houses should be better built in a similar fashion to the other buildings in the area.

Band 8.0+ (288 Words)

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Some vocabularies

  1. of the opinion: có quan điểm rằng
  2. leeway: sự tự do
  3. manifestation: sự thể hiện
  4. exotic: kì lạ nhưng mang lại sự thích thú; kì thú
  5. melting pot: nơi có đa dạng người, ý tưởng etc. cùng tồn tại với nhau
  6. co-exist: cùng tồn tại
  7. align: thẳng hàng, đồng nhất
  8. erect: xây dựng
  9. mingle with: trộn lẫn
  10. homogeneity: sự thống nhất
  11. aesthetic appeals: tính thẩm mỹ
  12. uniformity: sự đồng bộ
  13. in a similar fashion to: có kiểu tương tự như

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