BÀI MẪU IELTS WRITING TASK 1 NGÀY 23/05/2019 đón đọc dưới đây nhé.

Task 1:

Task 1: The bar chart shows the distribution of employment among agriculture, sevices, industries in three countries in 1980 and projected distribution in 2020.

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 23-05-2019
Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 23-05-2019

The visuals reveal the information regarding the employment distribution between three sectors, agriculture, services and industry, in three different nations in 1980 and one possible prediction in 2020. 

Overall, in country A and C, most people were employed in the service sector whereas most of the employees in country B worked in agriculture area. Another interesting feature is that the same pattern will be seen in 2020. 

As can be seen in the bar graph that in 1980, around two thirds of the workforce in country C were employed to work in the service sector, compared to nearly 50% of country A. The percentage in country B was much lower, with a mere 30%.

Agriculture attracted the highest proportion of the labor in country B, with the figure making up nearly 70% while the statistics for country A and C were 20% and below 10% respectively. As for industry, both country A and B shared a similar employment rate at 20%, which was far lower than that of country C, with roughly 40%. 

It is projected that by 2020 the employment rate in all three nations will have seen a slight upward trend. In contrast, the data for agriculture in country A and C will plateau while in country B, there will be a gentle drop with 60% of the total employment by this sector.

Finally, the industry sector in country A and C is forecast to lose a small portion of its employees, but the reverse is true for country B with a sharp rise to 40%.

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