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Task 1

Task 1: The maps below show the changes in the art gallery ground floor in 2015 and present day.

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Sample answer:

The maps depict modifications to the ground floor of an unspecified art gallery from 2015 to the present day. Overall, the ground floor underwent a complete transformation with various facilities being relocated, replaced or added.

Between 2015 and the present day, the reception desk was relocated to a position where it is closer to the entrance. The hall was further expanded to the right-hand side of the ground floor, taking up the space where there once was a gallery office. There is now a lift adjacent to the former stairs, and the café on the top left corner of the ground floor was converted into a gallery shop with a vending machine located just outside.

Another major change to the area was the re-arrangement of the exhibition rooms. The exhibition room #4 on the left-hand side of the room was divided into a temporary one and an area for children, while the three exhibition rooms on the right-hand side remain unchanged. The final change made to the layout of the ground floor is the additional ramp for wheelchairs, which makes the gallery become more accessible to the disabled. 

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Vocabulary highlights:1.    Relocate (v): Chuyển chỗ2.    Replace (v): Thay thế3.    Add (v): Thêm vào4.    The right-hand side (n): Bên tay phải5.    The left-hand side (n): Bên tay trái6.    Adjacent to = next to: Kế bên7.    Accessible (adj) to: Dễ tiếp cận8.    The disabled (n, plural): Người khuyết tật

Structure highlights:

1.    With various facilities being PP…: Với nhiều phòng ốc, phương tiện được…2.    where there once was: Nơi đã từng là…

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