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Task 1: The table below shows the salaries of secondary/high school teachers in 2009. Describe the main features of the figure.

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 01/06/2019.
Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 01/06/2019.

The table compares the information about the pay scale of secondary and high school teachers from various countries in 2009. 

Overall, teachers from Luxembourg had both the highest starting and maximum salary. Another interesting feature is that teachers in Luxembourg, Japan and Korea worked for more than 30 years to achieve the top salary whereas their counterparts in Australia, Denmark and only took less than 10 years. 

As can be seen from the table, secondary/ high school teachers in Luxembourg were offered 80000 dollars as their starting salary, compared to only 28000 in Australia. Denmark lagged behind Luxembourg with 45000, which was still significantly higher than the statistics of Japan and Korea, with 34000 and 30000 respectively. 

After 15 years of career, Luxembourg topped the table with their teachers being paid 119000, and up to 132000 within 30 years. Japan came next, where teachers’ salary nearly doubled in 15 years and reached 86000 in 37 years. What stands out from the data is that Korean teachers were not paid as much as the other nations’, with 48000 for 15 years. Working for 34 years, they had their pay rate more than doubled with 62000. There was also a significant increase in the figures of Australia and Denmark with 48 and 54 thousand respectively for 15 years. Also, teachers in these two nations needed only around 9 years to reach their highest pay, which is substantially small compared to the other remaining three countries

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