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Mời bạn đọc BÀI MẪU IELTS WRITING TASK 2 NGÀY 15/07/2017 bên dưới đây nhé.

Task 2: The animal species are becoming extinct due to human activities on land and in the sea. What are the reasons? What solutions to solve the issue?

Sample essay

It is brutally true that many members of the animal kingdom are dying out owing to human beings’ land-based and sea-based activities. Specifically, there exist three main causes of this phenomenon, which could hopefully be addressed in several ways.

Let us start with the detailed reasons. First, deforestation has detrimental effects on animal survival. Thousands of land animals, including elephants, lose their lives every year as a result of forest devastation for the purpose of building the so-called “civilized” resorts. Second, it is hunting that sadly contributes to the extinction of a wide range of animal categories.

A striking instance is the infamous hunting of whales by the Japanese, who are, ironically, living in a developed country with full awareness of environmental protection. Third, for geo-political reasons, certain nations are cruelly destroying the seas of neighbouring countries without any second thought. All these three factors result in sweeping many animal species from this planet.

Admittedly, there is no immediate solution to be applied once and for all, but this global problem could somehow be mitigated. Legally speaking, strict laws should be issued so as to harshly punish individuals or groups violating these laws through such activities as destroying forbidden forests, killing tigers for bones, or dumping rubbish into the sea.

From an educational standpoint, school subjects like biology should be taught and learnt following a more humane approach. This should be focused on developing students’ love and respect for animals in the broadest sense of the term, taking the importance of mutualism into account.

In a word, the three key causal factors have been identified, and legal as well as educational measures have been suggested for partially tackling the problem of extinction risk with which animals are faced.

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Some vocab items

  • Many animal species: Nhiều loài động vật (= many members of the animal kingdom / many animal categories)
  • To be becoming extinct: Sắp tuyệt chủng ( = to be dying out / to be coming (close) to extinction)
  • To be becoming extinct: Sắp tuyệt chủng ( = to be dying out / to be coming (close) to extinction)
  • Deforestation: (Nạn) phá rừng ( = forest destruction / forest devastation)
  • Ironically: mỉa mai thay ( = in a way that is opposite to what is expected)
  • Neighbouring countries: Các nước lân bang / láng giềng ( = adjacent countries)
  • Admittedly, …: Phải thừa nhận rằng … ( = It must be admitted that …)
  • Once and for all: Dứt điểm / dứt khoát 1 lần ( = completely)
  • To mitigate X: Giảm độ trầm trọng của X ( = to alleviate X)
  • poverty alleviation/reduction: (Sự) giảm nghèo 
  • hunger eradication: (Sự) xóa đói
  • To violate the law: (Vi) phạm luật ( = to break the law)
  • To dump rubbish: Đổ rác ( = to remove / get rid of / dispose of garbage) 
  • a dump truck: Xe rác 
  • to dump one’s boyfriend/girlfriend: đá/xù (thằng/con) Bồ
  • Humane: Có tính nhân văn/bản ( = showing sympathy/care/kindness towards others)
  • human: (thuộc) Con người
  • Mutualism: Hiện tượng cộng sinh / nương tựa vào nhau mà sống
  • To tackle X: giải quyết X ( = to solve X / to resolve X / to deal with X / to handle X / to take care of X / to cope with X).

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Some structures:

  • It is brutally true that …: (Có 1) Sự thật phũ phàng là … ( = The brutal truth is that … / One of the brutal truths is that …)
  • to X / because of X / as a result of X / on account of X / by virtue of X)
  • There exist …: Có ( = There are …)There exists … = There is …
  • It is X that sadly contributes to Y: Đáng buồn thay, chính X là nhân tố góp phần vào Y ( = X sadly contributes to Y)
  • To result in X: Dẫn đến X ( = to lead to X / to lead up to X / to cause X)
  • Legally speaking: Về phương diện pháp lý ( = in legal terms / from a legal perspective / from a legal viewpoint / from a legal standpoint)
  • To harshly punish X: Phạt nặng X ( = to punish X harshly / to punish X severely / to severely punish X)
  • To take X into account: (Có) xét đến X ( = to take X into consideration / to consider X)
  • In a word: tóm lại ( = to sum up / to recap / in conclusion)
  • To be faced with X: Đối diện X / đương đầu với X ( = to face X)

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By IELTS Vietop

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