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Task 2 : Some people think the newly built houses should be as same as the old house style in local areas. Others argue that local authorities should allow people to build houses in their own styles. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Đề thi IELTS Wring Task 2 Sample Essay ngày 03/03/2018


One of the most common debates these days is whether new houses should be constructed following well-established local styles or up to what house owners like. The second option is, in my own eyes, preferable.

It is probably understandable that housing in a certain area should reflect consistency. If there were old and new styles mixed, that could be a factor that discourages tourists from enjoying the cultural beauty of the area concerned. This is one of the reasons why some people support the governmental policy against the indiscriminate application of various housing designs which might lead to architectural chaos.

However, as a person in favour of diversity, I firmly believe that citizens’ freedom of building plays a significantly meaningful role in today’s world of globalization. In cultural terms, being allowed to adopt a wide variety of structural styles will contribute to creating a melting pot, not a salad bowl, of traditional and modern shades in the big picture of indigenous communities.

This will attract rather than discourage foreign tourists who wish to witness the distinct development of each area. Additionally, in terms of civilization, it would be impossible for cities to develop if there were efforts to stop local residents from selecting their own styles of building homes. The more new and exotic designs are chosen, the better it is for local areas to progress towards global constructional trends.

In conclusion, despite the fact that there are proponents of the action taken to restrict human rights in building their homes with their favourite styles, I advocate the view of “each to their own” when it comes to architectural style choices.

                         -271 words – Written by IELTS Vietop

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Some vocabulary notes:

  • Preferable: more desirable (Được ưu tiên / ưu ái (hơn))
  • Consistency: coherence (Tính nhất quán)
  • Chaos: disorder (Tình trạng hỗn độn)
  • A melting pot: kết quả hòa nhập theo hướng tích cực (đa dạng & hài hòa)
  • a salad bowl: kết quả hòa nhập theo hướng tiêu cực (đa dạng nhưng hỗn độn)
  • Indigenous: native / local (Bản địa)
  • Distinct: separate / different (Riêng (biệt)) 
  • Exotic: unsual / coming from far away (Lạ / ngộ)
  • Each to their own: each to his own / to each their own / different people like and (should) do different things (Mỗi người mỗi ý / mỗi người một vẻ)

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