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Nội dung chính

Task 1

The table below gives information about UK independent films.

GIẢI ĐỀ WRITING 25/06/2022

The table presents information on ticket sales and independently produced films that were shown in the UK, which is shown as a percentage.

Overall, it is clear that comedy made by far the most income, followed closely by horror, then further away by biography, and drama, while other genres made significantly less money. Dramas, documentaries, and comedies were most prevalent, which contradicts with the overall quantity of films in various genres.

The table shows that the drama and documentary genres produced the most films overall. But only 8.3 percent and 2.9 percent of all ticket purchases went to them, respectively. In 2012, 26 comedies were released, accounting for close to a half of the total revenue from ticket sales. In addition, 11 crime and action movies were released, with ticket sales accounting for 8.8 percent of total revenue. Similarly, the premiere of five romantic films only generated 0.8 percent of revenue.


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The biographical genre was also the only one doing well compared to the other categories because one movie came out and made nearly 10 percent of its money from ticket sales. There were 14 horror-themed movies released, one movie more than thrillers and roughly twice as many as the remaining genres combined. The income from the admission of horror movies was a fifth of total, also higher than that of thrillers.

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Task 2

Some people believe that the government should not spend money on international aid when they have their own disadvantaged people (the homeless and unemployed). To what extent do you agree or disagree? 

Since a vast amount of resources have been used to aid other nations, there have been various controversial debates on whether or not governments should engage in humanitarian work for other nations and use these funds to aid domestic issues. Due to the harm done to the economy and side effects seen as a result of these activities, I support the mentioned viewpoint which would be subjected to objective discussion during the course of this essay.

First off, it is true that providing international aid requires a lot of resources, including human labor and financial resources, which could result in a lack of funding from the government. As a result, numerous domestic issues like homelessness and unemployment would worsen, even though these subsidies should have been used to address them because they have a significant negative impact on the homeland. Meanwhile, the development of new companies and the construction of housing for the homeless could both benefit society by creating additional jobs and improve the general welfare. As a result, the economy would create surplus, which would eventually provide more aid to the desperate countries. 

Furthermore, authorities might encounter upheaval in other nations by paying excessive attention to international affairs. Many governments intentionally or inadvertently sow uncertainty by getting excessively involved in local political matters of the receiving countries. Particularly, many private firms attempt to intervene with local governments while providing support, strengthening their power to benefit themselves. As a result, these governments’ integrity would be compromised, which might give rise to several unlawful behaviors. Additionally, poorer nations are more prone to lose their internal motivation, which is crucial for national development, when they excessively rely on foreign influences. This is taking place in some third-world nations, where people stop taking initiative to solve local problems in favor of waiting for outside assistance. 

In conclusion, first-world nations should focus more on domestic concerns rather than on international ones as the benefits are more apparent for both the giving and the receiving ends. 

  • Humanitarian work (n): hoạt động hỗ trợ nhân đạo
  • Subsidies (n): tiền hỗ trợ 
  • Sow uncertainty (v): gieo mầm sự bất ổn
  • Internal motivation (n): động lực nội tại 
  • Intervene (b): can thiệp nội bộ 

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