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Nội dung chính

Task 1

The given chart demonstrates how an essay in a formal academic module is written. 

GIẢI ĐỀ WRITING 21/05/2022

The given flow chart demonstrates the sequential process of preparing and composing a formal academic essay for a university course.

Overall, the procedure is divided into two sections. While the first step emphasises research in the library and field to develop the first draft, the second stage includes scholarly conversations with others in order to finalise the essay.

In the first tutorial, a student discusses the dissertation subject with the tutor and acquires a list of resources, which includes books and articles. Then, at a library, they conduct research on the issue by reading existing literature and annotating. Students also do fieldwork by creating questionnaires, interviewing respondents, and surveying individuals. University students need to prepare their essays by organising their information and creating an outline using formal language acceptable for academic writing at the conclusion of the first stage.

Once the first edition is completed, the students attend the second tutorial when they address their concerns and seek comments from others. They then examine their resources and change their initial draft to suit new insights, keeping this feedback in consideration. Finally, they have to edit the essay, double-check typos, and add references to literature as well as the title of their writing to meet the deadline.

  • Sequential process (n): quy trình theo thứ tự 
  • Address (v): giải quyết (vấn đề, thắc mắc)

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Task 2

To succeed in business, one needs to learn and know math. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  

When it comes to the corporate world, arithmetic is unquestionably important. I partially concur with the preceding argument since I believe that maths is far from being the only expertise that future entrepreneurs would need to thrive, which would be elaborated objectively during the course of the essay. 

To begin, there is one major reason why I believe maths is one of the most important disciplines. It is a fundamental tool for regular accountings and analytics, which are critical in any business structure, not just for those running a small business or store, but also for brokers, bankers, entrepreneurs, accountants, and marketers who need to keep track of their finances. Furthermore, understanding the foundational theories of maths may assist future businessmen and businesswomen in avoiding being scammed by their own employees by closely monitoring the accounting process for the company’s expenditures and revenues.

Regardless of basic mathematical skills, effective business owners should have additional qualities to ensure that their employees might take off. Leadership abilities are, in reality, a significant tool for increasing market share and maintaining excellent relations with team members. An entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg is an outstanding demonstration. He is well-known for hiring only the best specialists and putting a high priority on learning how to be a good leader and motivator. Segmenting a firm into multiple departments, all under the skilled hands of a visionary executive, is the key to success.

In conclusion, I still consider that maths plays an impactful part in the growth of a firm, but individuals need additional professional characteristics in order to avoid going out of business while managing their own.

  • Arithmetic (n): số học, tính toán
  • Concur with (v): đồng tình với
  • Analytics (n): phân tích số liệu
  • Broker (n): người môi giới
  • Take off (v): phát triển thuận lợi
  • Entrepreneur (n): chủ doanh nghiệp có tính mạo hiểm cao
  • Segment (v): phân bổ, chia nhỏ theo chức năng
  • Visionary (adj): có tầm nhìn chiến lược

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