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Nội dung chính

Task 1

The charts below show what UK graduate and postgraduate students who did not go onto full-time work did after leaving college in 2008. 

GIẢI ĐỀ WRITING 18/06/2022

The bar charts show what UK graduates and postgraduate students did after graduating from college in 2008, excluding those who began working full-time.

Overall, the most popular destination for graduate students was further education, whereas volunteer work was the least prevalent. For graduate students, the same held true.

Regarding the first bar chart, graduates who went on to pursue additional education outweighed those who ended up in other circumstances by roughly 30,000. Compared to other post-graduate destinations, voluntary work was the least frequent, with only 3,500 graduates choosing it. About half of those who pursued higher education were part-time workers, and the percentage of unemployed youth was relatively comparable.


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Moving to the second diagram, it could be seen that ​​the largest and smallest categories for postgraduates, respectively, were those who continued their education (2,725) and those who engaged in volunteer work (345). However, far more postgraduates worked part-time (2,535) than were unemployed (1,625).

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Task 2:

Young people are committing more crimes. Discuss the causes and solutions for this problem. 

In many countries worldwide, there has been an increasing number of crimes committed by young people. During the course of this essay, I would look at the reasons for this situation and propose feasible solutions to alleviate the issue. 

There are several factors for this phenomenon. The primary causes of this problem are, first and foremost, unemployment and inflation. As an example, consider how there are more young educated individuals than job openings and how inflation is rising daily. When there are not enough jobs for everyone, jobless youths commit crimes like snatching and robbery to get decent money for two square meals. In addition to that, parents’ busy schedules play a significant role. For instance, whether both parents must work to support the family financially, they would not have sufficient time for their children, being unable to instill moral and social principles in them.

In my opinion, the government should take the lead in encouraging families to exercise consistent parental supervision over their children in order to reduce the number of juvenile crimes. First, parents should be encouraged and given financial assistance so they may send their kids to various educational settings during their leisure time. Young people will be less likely to be exposed to negative influences since they will benefit from extra educational services including supplementary lessons on different subjects, learning certain artisan skills, and increasing foreign language abilities. Besides, in order to identify the kids who are skipping school in favour of wandering around, the authorities should increase their supervision of locations like game centres, stores, and movie theatres. 

In conclusion, it is believed that both lack of parental oversight and financial capability are catalysts for a rise in the proportion of young people who commit crimes. This alarming trend may, however, be reversed by identifying the children who are most likely to disregard school and putting in place certain measures to assist families in improving control over their young members.

  • Inflation (n): sự lạm phát
  • Instill (v): truyền đạt, chỉ dạy 
  • Juvenile crime (n): tội phạm vị thành niên
  • Artisan skill (n): kỹ năng thủ công

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