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Mời các bạn đến với phần giải đề IELTS Writing ngày 16/08/2021, đề được trích từ “Cambridge Official Guide to IELTS” để luyện tập IELTS Writing thật tốt nhé.

Task 1

Đề bài

The diagrams below show the changes that have taken place at West Park Secondary School since its construction in 1950.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons relevant.

bieu do Writing task 1 ngay 16.08.1

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Task 2

Đề bài

Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years that many cities in the world we now “one big traffic jam”.

How true do you think this statement is?

What measures can government take to discourage people from using their cars?

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Some people believe  that the recent rapid increase in car ownership has been the major culprit of massive traffic jams in many places. While I partially agree with this assessment, I think there are more factors involved.

While I believe that the recent rise of the number of car owners has a role in severe traffic congestion in cities, other factors such as mass migration into metropolitan areas and dated road infrastructure are also responsible. Over the last few decades, many cities have been successful in economic development and become economic hubs which attract millions of work seekers from less developed areas. Cities from London, New York in the western world to Ho Chi Minh and Rio de Janeiro in developing countries are now home to 10 to 20 million people each. Many of them are also more financially secure than people in the past and they could afford four-wheeled vehicles more easily. However, in most of these cities, the size and number of the roads are almost the same as 30 years ago, leaving them unable to accommodate the influx of cars in the traffic.

Upgrading the public transport systems and establishing policies to encourage people not to use their cars are some possible solutions to this problem. Most people use their cars for convenience and to save cost. The cities could address these needs of people by developing more stops for buses, trams and the subways in vital areas as well as reducing the fares of these means of transportations significantly. To raise the budget for such a project, the cities could impose a sort of ownership tax on vehicle owners since having too many cars in traffic contributes to the deterioration of road conditions and delays the economic flow of these cities. This levy should further prevent the trend of more people purchasing new vehicles and switching to using public transports. 

In conclusion, it is more accurate to deem that heavy congestions in metropolitan areas around the world are caused by not only the rising number of car owners but also by the increase in number of city dwellers, and run-down road systems. This issue could be solved by making the public transport systems more efficient and cost effective.

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  • migration (n): sự di cư
  • metropolitan (adj): tính từ của thành phố lớn
  • infrastructure (n): cơ sở hạ tầng
  • influx (n): sự gia tăng đột ngột
  • to establish a policy (collocation): ban hành chính sách
  • fare (n): giá vé
  • deterioration (n): sự phân hủy/xuống cấp
  • levy (n): thuế 

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