Topic Concentration – IELTS Speaking part 1

Hanny Lê

Concentration là một chủ đề tương đối khó trong bài thi Speaking. Thí sinh có thể gặp khó khăn về mặt từ vựng cũng như ý tưởng (vì đây là một chủ đề không phổ biến). Trong bài viết hôm nay, Vietop xin gửi đến các bạn một bài nói tham khảo cho chủ đề này nhé!

Nội dung chính

1. Sample

  • When do you need to be focused?

That is when I have to complete a tough and time-consuming assignment. At that time, I have to be mentally alert and any distractor like a deafening noise can make my blood boil.

  • Can you concentrate on work during the noise?

I simply can’t. I will be on the warpath if there is any ear-piercing noise disturbing me when I am concentrating on my work. I used to get a very low mark on my final exam just because of the noise of the construction work next to my school. It is hard to concentrate and once being distracted, I cannot bring back the flow of ideas.

  • Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

Yes, it is very hard. I need a very silent and peaceful ambience to stay focused. At that time, I can work efficiently and easily come up with new ideas. I hate the noise of the surroundings but a very small volume of jazz also can boost my productivity.

  • What do you do to help you concentrate?

I think jazz or piano melodies can enable me to stay focused. I think I can work more effectively when I listen to music while immersing myself in working.

  • What is the best way to concentrate?

As I said before, music can be considered as the optimal measure that helps me stay focused. I can be an eager beaver when listening to my beloved songs. I reckon other people also share a certain similarity in the way of concentration.

  • What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?

I think it would be noises of flies buzzing around. It may leave a bad taste in my mouth and it may take me an hour to get into thestate of concentration.

  • When is it hard to concentrate?

It is when people are getting stuck in a hectic pace of life. Like when I was in a hurry, it is nearly infeasible to stay completely focused on doing one certain thing, and at that moment, I also easily made wrong decisions.

  • In what situation do you need to concentrate?

That was when I had a very tough and important assignment to deal with. After that period, I was often exhausted and need some days to put my feet up.

  • What do you do to improve concentration?

Firstly, I will set an achievable goal and a small present that I can honor myself after completing the mission. Then I just put away all the unnecessary technological devices and turn off all notifications. Finally, all I need to do is rolling up my sleeves to hit the big time.

  • Is it easy for you to do two things simultaneously?

Honestly, I am not a multitasking person who can do several different things simultaneously. I used to try to be multitasking but I failed. When trying this, I recorgnised that I was easier to make mistakes and completely ruined two projects of mine.

Nếu bạn đang cần cải thiện trình trạng hoặc nâng cao kĩ năng IELTS Speaking của mình, có thể tham khảo khóa học IELTS Speaking độc quyền tại VIETOP

2. Vocab

Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
Mentally alerttinh thần tỉnh táoAlthough Granny was frail in her old age but was mentally alert
Distractorvật cảnThe task is built so that one distractor shows the same object as the correct picture but with a different attribute.
Deafeninggây điếc taiThe music was deafening
Make my blood boilgiận dữIt makes my blood boil when people litter.
On the warpathtức giận, có thể dẫn đến xung độtOur boss is on the warpath about people leaving their computers on overnight.
Ear-piercinggây điếc taiI can’t stand listening to this ear-piercing song
Disturbcắt ngangPlease don’t disturb your sister – she’s trying to do her homework.
The flow of ideasdòng ý tưởngThere is a stimulating flow of ideas between the departments.
Ambiencengoại cảnhDespite being a busy city, Dublin has the ambience of a country town.
Come up withnghĩ raShe’s come up with some amazing scheme to double her income.
Productivitynăng suất làm việcStudies show that if a working environment is pleasant, productivity increases
Immerse myself inđắm chìmShe got some books out of the library and immersed herself in Jewish history and culture
Optimal measurephương pháp tối ưuPlanting more trees constitutes an optimal measure to protect our environment.
An eager beaverngười làm việc chăm chỉOur new intern is such an eager beaver. She works really hard.
Startlelàm giật mìnhShe was concentrating on her book and his voice startled her.
Leave a bad taste in my mouthgây ác cảmHis habit of dropping litter leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Get intobắt đầu một trạng thái, cảm xúcWhen I complained he got into a temper and began shouting at me.
Get stuck inmắc kẹtWe showed them where the crates had to be moved to, and they got stuck in straight away
Hectic pace of lifenhịp sống nhộn nhịp, nhanh nhảuThe area has become a haven for people tired of the hectic pace of life.
Infeasiblekhông thểIf we do not try our best, it is nearly infeasible to complete the task on time.
Devotedành, cống hiếnHe devoted his life to serving his family, friends, and neighbors.
Burn the candle at both endslàm việc chăm chỉ từ sáng đến tốiNicole’s burning the candle at both ends. She must be exhausted.
Put my feet upthư giãn, nghỉ ngơiAfter a long day of working at the store, Marc likes to put his feet up and watch TV
Roll up my sleeveschuẩn bị làm việc cật lựcWe have to roll up our sleeves of we’re going to finish the building this month.
Hit the big timethành côngMalik’s band has hit the big time. It performed at the national stadium last night.
Multitaskingđa nhiệm, có thể làm nhiều việc tại cùng một thời điểmWomen are often very good at multitasking.
Simultaneouslycùng một lúcTwo children answered the teacher’s question simultaneously.
Ruinphá hủyHer injury ruined her chances of winning the race.


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