Noun + Pre – Một số danh từ đi kèm giới từ thông dụng trong IELTS

Thùy Trang

Khi một danh kết hợp với giới từ thì sẽ cho ta nhiều ý nghĩa khác nhau, vậy hãy cùng Vietop thử cùng kết hợp một số danh từ với 10 giới từ “By”, “For”, “At”, “Without”, “On”, “Under”, ”In”, “Out of”, “From”, “With” nhé!

Bạn có thể học thêm một số bài học bổ ích sau:

A. Một số danh từ đi kèm giới từ thông dụng trong IELTS

1. “By”

by accident = by chance = by mistake = by coincidence

tình cờ, ngẫu nhiên

by heart

học thuộc lòng

by surprise

1 cách kinh ngạc

by cheque

bằng ngân phiếu

by oneself

một mình

by the way

nhân tiện đây

Ví dụ: 

  • Literature is my least favorite subject. Back when I was in high school, my teacher asked me and my clasmates to learn by heart plenty of long poems
  • I bumped into Minh – my best friend quite by chance at university.
  • During exam season, I like to study by myself so that no one can distract me

2. “For”

for ages

tình cờ, ngẫu nhiên

for ever

học thuộc lòng

for a while

1 cách kinh ngạc

for sale

bằng ngân phiếu

for instance = for example

một mình

for fear of

nhân tiện đây

for the time being

trong thời gian này

Ví dụ

  • When my best friend said that she would come back Vietnam for Tet Holiday, I was really excited because we haven’t met for ages
  • Being an extrovert, I like to be surrounded with a lot of people. However, I sometimes want to be by myself for a while so that I can do whatever I want
  • Although I was very tired, I agreed to go shopping with my sister for fear of upsetting her

3. “At”

at times

thỉnh thoảng

at last

cuối cùng

at first

lúc đầu

at least

tối thiểu

at sea

ở ngoài biển

at present

bây giờ

at a loss

thua lỗ

at first sight

ngay từ cái nhìn đầu tiên

at any rate

bằng bất cứ giá nào

Ví dụ

  • When I met my boyfriend, there was nothing especially attractive about him at first sight.
  • At present, I am living in a two- storey house with my family in District 1
  • In my free time, I love playing football with my classmates and I also play video games with them at times
  • At first, I didn’t have  a good impression about my teacher  because she looked very fierce. But then I realized that she was very kind-hearted and patient
  • At least five foreign countries’ first cases of Coronavirus were directly imported from Iran, putting millions more lives at risk

4. “Without”

without a chance

không có cơ hội

without a break

không được nghỉ ngơi

without doubt

không nghi ngờ

without delay

không trậm trễ, không trì hoãn

without exception

không có ngoại lệ

without a word

không một lời

without success

không thành công

without doubt

Không còn nghi ngờ gì

Ví dụ:

  • While intelligent machines, without a doubt, can improve our lives in many ways, the potential risks of such technologies should not be ignored.
  • Without exception, every single household in this area is being overcharged for their water usage.
  • After studying for 5 hours without a break, I felt very sleepy and exhausted

5. “On”

on average

tính trung bình

on behalf of

thay mặt cho

on board

trên tàu

on business

đang công tác

on foot

Bằng chân

on fire

đang cháy

on the contrary to

tương phản với

on one’s own

một mình

on loan

đi vay mượn

on the market

đang được bán trên thị trường

on the phone

đang nói chuyện điện thoại

on time

đúng giờ

on the verge of

đang đứng bên bờ/ sắp sửa

on a diet

đang ăn kiêng

on purpose

cố tình

on the other hand

mặt khác

Ví dụ:

  • Numerous animals species are on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss, poaching, and climate change
  • My sister turned up the music on purpose because she knew that it would annoy me and distract me from studying
  • I decided to go on a diet because I want to wear bikini in the next summer vacation
  • Math is not my cup of tea because it’s too difficult. My sister, on the other hand, finds it really interesting
  • I prefer going shopping on my own because my friends’ tastes in fashion are different from mine
  • My father often has to travel abroad on business because his company has many offices around the world

6. “Under”

under age

chưa đến tuổi

under no circumstance

trong bất kì trường hợp nào cũng không

under control

bị kiểm soát

under the impression

có cảm tưởng rằng

under cover of

Đội lốt, giả danh

under pressure

chịu áp lực

under discussion

đang được thảo luận

under repair

đang được sửa chữa

under the influence of

dưới ảnh hưởng của

under the law

theo pháp luật

Ví dụ:

  • The percentage of women who were out of work in Ireland and Wales decreased significantly last year
  • I was under the impression that my teacher was very fierce , but she turned out to be very nice and kind-hearted
  • Some students work while studying, which results in lacking time for education and constantly feeling under pressure
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited in Vietnam. People who violate this law will have to pay a very hefty fine of 4 million VND
  • He sometimes has difficulty keeping his temper under control

7. ” In”

in addition

ngoài ra, thêm vào.

in advance


in all likelihood

có khả năng

in common

có điểm chung

in charge of

chịu trách nhiệm

in the end

cuối cùng

in favor of

ủng hộ

in (good/ bad) condition

trong điều kiện tốt or xấu

in a hurry

đang vội

in a moment

một lát nữa

in pain

đang bị đau

in the past

trước đây

in practice

đang tiến hành

in public

trước công chúng

in short

tóm lại

in trouble with

gặp rắc rối về

in time

vừa kịp giờ

Ví dụ:

  • My friends and I went on a trip to Dalat in the peak season so we had to to book the hotel rooms and flight tickets in advance
  • Like most families, my mother is in charge of cooking in my house because she’s a really good cook 
  • Despite my sister is 10 older than me, we have a lot in common. For example, both of us like Kpop and fried chicken
  • Although I have used my Iphone for quite a while and dropped it many times, it is still in good condition 
  • While my friends think that students should wear casual clothes, I am in favor of wearing uniform to school 
  • This morning, I was in a hurry so I skipped breakfast, which drove my mom crazy

8. “Out of”

out of work

out of work

out of date

lỗi thời

out of reach

ngoài tầm với

out of money

hết tiền

out of danger

hết nguy hiểm

out of the question

không bàn cãi, bất khả thi

out of order

out of stock

Hết hàng

out of sight, out of mind

xa mặt cách lòng.

Ví dụ:

  • On my first day at school, the lift was out of order so I had to take the stairs
  • As a student, I have to live on a limited budget. Therefore, dining at a 5- star-hotel is out of my reach
  • Yesterday, while browsing Shopee, I came across a very lovely dress. Unfortunately, the dress on size S is out of stock
  • Alan broke his leg, so a trip to Dalat is out of the question
  • The two men who were critically injured in the murder in Saigon are out of danger and in stable condition.

Khóa học IELTS đang được nhiều bạn ở TPHCM theo học

9. “From”

from now on

kể từ giờ trở đi

from time to time

thỉnh thoảng

from memory

theo trí nhớ

from bad to worse

ngày càng tồi tệ

from what I can gather

from what I can gather

Ví dụ:

  • I go to the coffee shop from time to time to meet my best friends
  • From what I can gather, she’s madly in love with him.
  • I promise, from now on, I will never smoke again 

10. “With”

with the exception of

ngoại trừ

with intent to

cố tình

with regard to

đề cập tới

with a view to + Ving

với mục đích làm gì

Ví dụ:

  • Spending on all sectors showed upward trends during the given period, with the exception of transport and recreation
  • With regard to its location, Bitexco is located in District 1, which is a very bustling and touristy area in downtown Saigon
  • Numerous actions have been taken with a view to reducing unemployment rate

B. Bài tập

Bài tập thực hành

Bài tập 1: Điền các từ trong hộp dưới đây vào chỗ trống thích hợp

out of work

in public

out of order

for sale

in advance

in favor of

from time to time

at risk

  1. Coronavirus is putting people’s lives ……………………
  2. The washer machine went …………………… while I was washing my sweater boots
  3. The policy was rejected ……………………a more cautious approach
  4. Because he cannot pay off his debt,  he put the family home up ………………….
  5. The plant closed in November 2010, leaving 400 people ……………………
  6. If you’re going to come, please let me know ……………………
  7. Her husband was always nice to her …………………., but treated her badly at home.
  8. The two still talk on the phone ………………………..

Bài tập 2: Nối định nghĩa tiếng anh với từ thích hợp

1. without doubt

a. having no chance of being harmed or killed

2. at least

b. too young to engage legally in a particular activity

3. out of danger

c. to the point when (something) is about to happen or is very likely to happen

4. for fear of

d. sometimes, but not often

5. on the verge of

e. as much as, or more than, a number or amount

6. out of reach

f. one is afraid of something or that something will happen

7. for a while

g. for a short time

8. at times

h.definitely true.

9. underage

i. right away

10. without delay

j. not able to be achieved

Nên biết: Tiêu chí chấm điểm Speaking – Pronunication bạn cần nắm vững

Đáp án

Bài tập 1

  1. at risk
  2. out of order
  3. in favor of
  4. for sale
  5. out of work
  6. in advance
  7. in public
  8. from time to time

Bài tập 2

  1. h
  2. e
  3. a
  4. f
  5. c
  6. j
  7. g
  8. d
  9. b
  10. 10. i

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