Giải đề IELTS Speaking ngày 01/11/2021 – Hướng dẫn chi tiết

Hương Giang

IELTS Vietop gửi đến bạn bài giải chi tiết đề IELTS Speaking ngày 01/11/2021. Xem và bắt tay ôn luyện ngay nào!

Part 1 

Topic: Footwear


1. Do you like buying footwear?

I love buying shoes.1 I’m not a sneaker-head (người chơi giày) or anything, but I do buy new shoes on a regular basis (thường xuyên). I have a whole collection of shoes, ranging from sneakers, sandals, boots, slip-ons, loafers to high heels.2 Shoes, in my opinion, are indispensable in completing a look, especially to someone who owns a wide variety of clothing items like I do. 

(1): Trả lời câu hỏi Yes/ No;

(2): Mở rộng câu trả lời bằng cách liệt kê tên một số loại giày

2. Have you ever bought shoes online?

Countless times, I have to say.3 I mean I buy most of my things online and shoes are no exception (không phải ngoại lệ). Though I do enjoy in-store shoe shopping, as I can try them on to see if they fit (vừa vặn), purchasing footwear on websites is a much more convenient experience.4 There is an accurate size chart for every kind of shoes, so all I have to do is to pick up the color I love and wait for the package to be delivered. 

(3): Trả lời câu hỏi;

(4): Kết hợp sử dụng nhiều liên từ (though, as,…) trong 1 câu giúp câu được kéo dài và bao gồm được nhiều ý tưởng

3. How much money do you usually spend on shoes?

I try not to splurge on (tiêu nhiều tiền) shoes, because it would result in me living beyond my means (tiêu tiền quá tay). However, I do think a good pair of shoes is a worthy investment, as it doesn’t only protect my feet, but can also support my stability (sự cân bằng) as I walk. If the quality of those shoes is worth the price, I am willing to spend millions of VND to own them.5

(5): Câu trả lời kết hợp nhiều liên từ thể hiện nguyên nhân – kết quả, đối lập và câu điều kiện. 

4. Which do you prefer, fashionable shoes or comfortable shoes?

Wow, I wish I could choose both as they are equally important, I guess.It’s not easy at all to decide which one outweighs the other, but as a person who is passionate about fashion, I would go for the shoes that are in vogue  (thời thượng).6 To be honest, I don’t walk that often, so spending 15-20 minutes per day walking in a pair of high heels should not be a big problem. As long as I look good in those shoes, you know, I feel better. 

(6): Đối với câu hỏi lựa chọn có thể bắt đầu bằng những câu mở đầu thể hiện sự phân vân để kéo dài ý tưởng, sau đó đưa ra lựa chọn và giải thích cho lựa chọn đó. 

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Topic: Handwriting


1. Do you like handwriting?

Though I don’t write by hand very often now, as I make frequent use of smartphones and laptops, I still show a keen interest in (thích thú) Calligraphy (nghệ thuật viết chữ). I think it’s brilliant how people can create mesmerizing (đầy mê hoặc) handwritten fonts in different styles, from soft and dreamy letterforms to the spiky (nhọn) handwriting of another era. These man-made artworks look as if they were the products of computer programming.7

(7): Sử dụng các cấu trúc phức bằng các liên từ ‘though’, cụm từ ‘’ để mở rộng câu trả lời. 

2. Do you think handwriting is important?

Though it is believed that 8 your handwriting styles reveal some of your personality traits (tính cách) I don’t think it is that important, especially in this age of advanced technology, where most of us do not bother  (màng tới) writing by hand anymore. The way I see it, no one has the right to judge that you’re insufficient or inadequate (không đủ năng lực) just because your handwriting doesn’t look nice. 

(8): Cấu trúc bị động giúp lược bỏ chủ ngữ (vì nó không quan trọng).

3. What’s the difference between handwriting and typing?

I guess the most significant difference between these two is how closely we are connected to the information. When you jot down (viết nhanh) things by hand, you develop a stronger conceptual understanding (sự hiểu nhận thức về khái niệm) Handwriting forces your brain to mentally engage with the concepts, thus improving literacy and reading comprehension simultaneously (đồng thời). On the other hand, typing encourages verbatim (nguyên văn) reports without giving much thought to the content.9

(9): Đối với câu hỏi so sánh/ phân biệt, nêu ý tưởng về đối tượng thứ 1 sau đó sử dụng liên từ thể hiện sự đối lập. 


Part 2: Describe something interesting you learnt from the internet


You should say:

  • What you learnt?
  • What website did you learn it from?
  • How did you learn it?
  • And explain why you think it was interesting?

The Internet has changed my way of studying for the better (thay đổi để tốt hơn) as it provides me with an endless supply of information. Today I would like to talk about, a website that was extremely useful for me to brush up on (trau dồi) my English speaking skills.

I first learned about the “shadowing technique” (kỹ thuật cái bóng) when I was attending a seminar on how to speak English fluently. It’s quite a simple concept – you listen to a model and you repeat what they say in real time, you know, like a shadow. As a big fan of movies, I realized that I could practice this technique while enjoying my favorite films. I came across (vô tình gặp) when I was browsing through movies with English subtitles. 

Just like other movie streaming platforms, had a wide range of genres (thể loại) to choose from: action, romance, comedy to TV shows,…you name it (dùng để liệt kê khi quá nhiều lựa chọn). But what set this website apart (tạo nên sự khác biệt) from their counterparts was the provision of thousands of English spoken films with bilingual subtitles (phụ đề song ngữ). This allowed English learners to easily follow the lines of actors and actresses, while having a full understanding of what they were talking about. On top of that, before and after the viewing, I could take a listening and vocabulary test to evaluate (đánh giá) my speech perception (nhận thức ngôn ngữ) and vocabulary acquisition in English. The test results revealed (hé lộ) that watching the English subtitled versions was a cut above (điều tốt hơn) compared to the Vietnamese subtitled or no-subtitled versions in enhancing my overall skills. 

This website has helped me upgrade my English to the next level. It was truly an effective way of learning and I was glad that I found such an interesting movie-based learning material on the Internet. 

Phân tích: 

Bài nói dựa trên các câu hỏi của đề bài, giới thiệu kiến thức mình học được (shadowing technique), học ở đâu (website, phương thức học như thế nào (watch bilingual subtitled movies, do tests,…) và cảm xúc của mình sau khi học được nó (glad, interesting,…)

Bài viết lồng ghép vài phrasal verbs dễ sử dụng như ‘provide with’, ‘brush up on’, ‘come across’, ‘set apart’, ‘ ở thì quá khứ đơn, kết hợp với các cấu trúc câu phức có liên từ. Mỗi lần chuyển ý sẽ có các cụm từ chỉ dẫn để báo hiệu: ‘I would like to talk about…’, ‘I first learned about…’, ‘What set this apart…’,…


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Part 3: Internet 


1. What are some of the advantages of the internet?

Ahh.. the Internet, one of the greatest inventions of humankind, provides people with instant access (sự tiếp cận nhanh) to an endless supply of knowledge and entertainment.1 The network system has completely revolutionized (cách mạng hoá) communication around the globe, as no matter where you are, you can communicate with others even from the remotest of the locations. Working from home, online education, and E-commerce, along with many other services, have now been brought closer to us than ever. 

  1. : Đánh giá chung về đối tượng được nói đến, sau đó mới đi sâu vào các luận cứ bổ sung 

2. Do people in your country use the Internet a lot?

According to a recent survey on Internet usage 2 that I bumped into (vô tình gặp), Vietnam is among the countries with the most internet users in the Asia Pacific region. Out of 96 million people in the population, the number of internet users reached approximately 69 million. You can see that using the internet has become a daily habit among many Vietnamese people, with multiple purposes including work, study, entertainment, and more. 

(2): Lấy dẫn chứng có thể thêm các từ thể hiện số liệu thực tế để tăng tính thuyết phục cho câu trả lời. 

3. How has the Internet changed our lives?

The Internet is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant game-changers (thứ thay đổi cục diện) to humanity, as it has turned our existence upside down (thay đổi hoàn toàn). It has shifted (thay đổi) the way we communicate, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. The Internet, in addition, has an immense wealth of possibilities for buying content, news, and leisure products, and all sorts of advantages arise from e-commerce. You can reserve a table at a restaurant, get a T-shirt from the US, or order a pizza in no time with the aid of new applications. Everything is now in the palm of our hands (trong lòng bàn tay), thanks to the world’s largest network system. 

4. Do you think people take notice of advertisements on the internet?

Most of the advertisements today are made to aim at a number of targeted audiences, so they do, to some extent, successfully draw people’s attention (thu hút sự chú ý). When seen multiple times, advertisements make products ingrain (khắc sâu vào) in people’s mind, so when they want to buy something, they will go for a brand that they are familiar with, or at least come across (vô tình gặp) once while scrolling their newsfeed. Though some advertisements may cause irritation (sự khó chịu) among Internet users because of their annoying sounds and ridiculous messages, their great impact on people’s subsequent buying decisions is inarguable (không có gì bàn cãi). 



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