Describe an important historical event – IELTS Speaking Part 2

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Bạn có thể tham khảo một số bài viết hữu ích cùng chuyên đề sau:

Describe an important historical event in your country

You should say:

  • when it happened
  • what happened
  • who the most important people involved were
  • and say why it is important to the history of your country


The Reunification Day, which took place on April 30th 1975

The Reunification Day, which took place on April 30th 1975

To be completely honest with you, history has never been my cup of tea. Partly because back when I was in high school, my history classes were dead boring. However, there was one historical event that left a lasting impression on me. That was the Reunification Day, which took place on April 30th 1975.

After North Vietnamese forces successfully overran numerous provinces in Central Highland and near Saigon , the Politburo in Hanoi issued an order to launch the final attack on Saigon called the “Ho Chi Minh Campaign,” By April 27, the North Vietnamese troops, under the command of General Van Tien Dung, seized the key facilities and strategic points around Saigon. They advanced into downtown Saigon at dawn on April 30 and met little resistance. About noon, a column of tanks of the North Vietnamese army crashed through the gate of the Presidential Palace, forcing Saigon government to surrender unconditionally. At half past eleven, Vietnam’s flag was raised over the Presidential Palace, marking the victory of the historic “Ho Chi Minh campaign”

This event is considered a significant milestone in Vietnamese history because it marked the end of the Vietnam War, which lasted over 2 decades and claimed millions of Vietnamese lives. Another reason is that North and South Vietnam, after many years of separation, were formally unified as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. From then on, April 30 is celebrated as a national holiday in Vietnam and public celebrations are held annually to commemorate the reunification between the two regions as well as to pay a tribute to brave soldiers who sacrificed during the war

Vocab highlights:

1. dead boring

chán chết

2. leave a lasting impression on

để lại ấn tượng sâu sắc với …

3. forces

lực lượng

4. overran

tràn ngập, chiếm

5. Central Highland

Tây Nguyên

6. The Politburo

Bộ chính trị

7. issue an order

ra lệnh

8. launch

chiến dịch

9. campaign

phóng, phát động

10. attack

tấn công

11. troop

đội quân

12. under the command of

dưới sự chỉ huy của

13. seized

thu giữ, chiếm giữ

14. key facilities

cơ sở chính

15. strategic points

điểm chiến lược

16. advanced into

tiến vào

17. resistance

kháng cự

18. surrender

đầu hàng

19. unconditionally

vô điều kiện

20. milestone

cột mốc, dấu mốc

21. claimed millions of lives

cướp đi hàng triệu sinh mạng

22. separation

tách biệt, chia cắt

23. be formally unified

được chính thức thống nhất

24. national holiday

lễ Quốc khánh

25. commemorate

kỷ niệm

26. reunification

đoàn tụ

27. pay a tribute to

vinh danh

28. brave soldiers

những người lính dũng cảm

29. sacrifice

hy sinh

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