Describe a special hotel you have stayed in – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2

Hôm nay VIETOP sẽ mang đến cho các “sĩ tử” một bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 chủ đề “Describe a special hotel you have stayed in”. Các bạn cùng theo dõi bài mẫu dưới đây nhé!

Nội dung chính

Đề bài

Describe a special hotel you have stayed in. You should say:  

  • Where it is  
  •  You went there
  •  Why you went there  
  • And why you think it is a special hotel.


Các bạn nghe trực tiếp bài đọc tại đây nhé:

I would like to talk about Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, an upscale hotel in Đà Lạt city which I had the opportunity to visit a couple years ago. Being a big fan of learning about history, I always knew that I had to visit this spectacular place.

 As its name suggests, it was built over a hundred years ago in the heart of Đà Lạt city in the Central Highland of Vietnam. The area surrounding the hotel is scenic and culturally rich as there are the solemn Đà Lạt cathedral and numerous petit cafes and bars. My first impression about this place was that the building itself was grand and majestic. The interior of the hotel was decorated elegantly and luxuriously with vintage furniture and old European paintings throughout its halls and corridors. The room that I stayed in was even furnished with a pair of Art deco armchairs and a rotary phone on top of the bedside table. From the window of my room, I could see the romantically tranquil Xuân Hương lake.

Above all, what I enjoyed the most about this place was the clever design that integrated the old and new ways of life. Besides the vintage features, other modern amenities such as Wifi, a modern gym and even a karaoke room could also be found here. When I was there I joined a group of people and we sang in the Karaoke room until midnight. I think that this blend of past and present is what makes Dalat Palace stand out.

Bạn có thể tham khảo Khóa học IELTS Speaking để nâng cao kỹ năng Speaking


  • upscale (adj): sang trọng
  • Spectacular (adj): ngoạn mục
  • Culturally rich (adv + adj): giàu về văn hóa  
  • Solemn (adj): trang nghiêm
  • Petit (adj): nhỏ nhắn 
  • Majestic (adj): lộng lẫy
  • Vintage (adj): xưa
  • Hall (n): sảnh
  • Corridor (n): hàng lang
  • To be furnished with (n): được trang bị (dùng cho nội thất)
  • Rotary phone (n): điện thoại quay số cổ
  • To Integrate (v): kết hợp
  • Amenity (n): các tiện nghi
  • Blend (n): sự hòa quyện

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