Chủ đề Job/Work – IELTS Speaking

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Trong bài viết ngày hôm nay Vietop sẽ chia sẻ đến bạn một số bài mẫu cho bài thi IELTS Speaking cả 3 part về chủ đề Job/Work . Các bạn có thể tham khảo để luyện thi IELTS, hãy vận dụng ngay nếu gặp chủ đề ngày nhé!

A. IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions topic Job/Work

Chủ đề Job/Work – IELTS Speaking
Chủ đề Job/Work – IELTS Speaking

1. Do you work or study?

Well, I am currently working as a sale executive for one of the most well – known five-star hotel in Saigon, which offers me great opportunities to enhance my communication skills and negotiation skills.

2. What are your responsibilities? 

Actually, I am in charge of cooperating with travel agents to promote my hotel properties and amenities. Beside that, conducting sales calls to acquire new business and coordinating with other department to maintain guest’s satisfaction are also parts of my duty.

3. Do you enjoy your work?

Absolutely Yes. Although I have to work under high pressure, I feel that there is no other job I would rather do. Moreover, The dynamic working environment in hospitality industry has brought me huge motivation to move up my career ladder.

4. Why did you choose to do that type of work (or, that job)? 

Honestly, I didn’t really intend to become a saleperson because I initially thought It was so stressful. After graduation, I took me ages to be called for an interviewed because most of headhunters  was in search of experienced candidates. Fortunately, I was employed to work in the Sales department of an international hotel brand and gained a lot of experiences within the field. Unlike any other business, working within such a fast-paced environment literally triggers my mind to access its full potential, so it makes me a real trouper.

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B. IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions topic Job/Work

Describe a well-paid job that you will be good at
You should say:
– what the job was
– how you knew this job
– how you feel about this job
– and explain why you think you will be good at it

What I’ve been through has proved that I was born to be a sale person, especially within Hospitality. Honestly, I literally picked Accounting when I enrolled in university to follow my father’s footsteps. I don’t really want to brag but my father firmly assured me of my career path as an accountant because he was the head of Accounting Department in Kreston, which is one of the most prestigious Accouting and Auditing Enteprise in my country. However, I had no interests in working with figures and computer-based auditing programs. Instead, I found it really appealing when I partake in social activities which offered great opportunities to gain my confidence in communication during my university years. Besides, I have some part-time job experiences in this field and have been working as a  sale executive for the last two years. My skills in analysing the market and understanding the target audience along with my persuasive skills make me a deserving candidate for this job. With regard to the future, I will definitely go extra miles to get promoted as a sale manager.

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C. IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions topic Job/Work

1. Which jobs are the most respected in your country?

There are a wide range of professions which people can gain respect from others in my nation such as: teacher, lawyer and so on. To me, every job done sincerely with best intentions is respectable.

2. Some people say it’s better to work for yourself than be employed by a company. What’s your view?

From my perspective, it is wiser to first seek a position at a company to gain more hands – on experience before launching a start – up. In addition to entrepreneurship, your working day may be much longer and more irregular than someone who isn’t self-employed. Business commitments may mean that you spend less time with your friends and family, or struggle to switch off from work life.

  • enroll (v): đăng kí
  • Hospitality (n): Ngành dịch vụ
  • follow my someone’s footsteps: nối nghiệp của ai đó
  • brag (v): khoác lác
  • appealing (adj): hấp dẫn
  • go extra miles: cố gắng hết sức
  • partake in (v): tham gia
  • respectable (adj):
  • hands – on experience (n): kinh nghiệm thực tế
  • launch (n):  mở/thành lập
  • start – up (n): công ty khởi nghiệp
  • Business commitments (n): cam kết trong kinh doanh
  • Switch off (v): thư giãn
  • Sale executive (N): chuyên viên kinh doanh
  •  Well – known (adj): nổi tiếng
  •  Enhance (v): tăng cường
  •  Fast-paced environment (n): môi trường làm việc với nhịp độ nhanh
  • Triggers my mind to access its full potential: Kích thích trí óc làm việc hiệu quả
  • Real trouper (n): người cầu tiến

Hãy bắt đầu bài nói của mình ngay nhé. Chúc các bạn học tập tốt!

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