Bộ Forecast IELTS Speaking tháng 5 – 8/2022 (Full 3 parts) – Version 1.0


Bộ Forecast IELTS Speaking đã giúp nhiều sĩ tử luyện thi IELTS ôn tập trọng tâm hơn và có thể đạt được điểm Speaking IELTS tốt nhất có thể. Vì thế bạn đừng bỏ lỡ Bộ Forecast IELTS Speaking tháng 5 – 8/2022 (Full 3 parts) – Version 1.0 đã được Vietop tổng hợp đầy đủ nhé!


Toppic: Collecting things 

  1. Have you ever collected anything as a hobby? (What?)
  2. What kinds of thing do people often like collecting?
  3. Why do you think people collect certain objects?
  4. Is there anything that you would like to collect in the future?

Topic: Meeting places 

  1. Where do you often meet your friends?
  2. Do you prefer meeting people indoors or outdoors?
  3. What are some good places to meet others in your country? 
  4. Are there any differences between your favorite meeting places now compared to when you were young?

Topic: Talents

  1. Do you have a talent or something you are good at?
  2. Was it mastered recently or when you were young?
  3. Do you think your talent can be useful for your future work? Why?
  4. Do you think anyone in your family has the same talent?

Topic: Boring things

  1. What do you do when you feel bored?
  2. What kind of things is boring to you?
  3. Do you think young people are more likely to get bored?
  4. Why is it that some people work at boring jobs?

Topic: Advertisements

  1. What kinds of advertisements do you watch?
  2. Where can you see advertisements?
  3. Do you watch advertisements from the beginning to the end?
  4. Have you ever bought something because of its advertisement?

Topic: Computers

  1. Do you often use a computer?
  2. How do you usually get online?
  3. Do you prefer desktops or laptops?
  4. What do you use your computer for?
  5. Do you think it is important to learn how to use a computer?

Topic: Watch

  1. How often do you wear a watch?
  2. What was your first watch like?
  3. What kinds of watches do you like to wear?
  4. Do people still wear watches in your country?


Xem thêmMách bạn chiến lược làm bài Speaking Part 1 hiệu quả


Topic: Describe a traditional product of your country

Part 2

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how it is made
  • when you tried it for the first time

And explain why you like it.

Part 3

  1. Describe another traditional product from your country? 
  2. What are the benefits of traditional products to locals ?
  3. Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products ?
  4. Is it necessary to protest tradition ? 

Topic 2: Describe a time when you helped a child

Part 2

You should say :

  • who you helped
  • how you helped him/her
  • how you felt when you helped him/ her

And explain how this chlld benefited from your help.

Part 3

  1. How do people usually help each other?
  2. How is online help different from real-life help?
  3. Should schools be responsible for teaching students how to cooperate?
  4. What are the differences between help from friends and help from family?

Có thể bạn quan tâmTop 52 Chủ đề IELTS Speaking Part 2 thường gặp nhất trong bài thi

Topic: Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

Part 2

You should say:

  • Where it is
  • How you knew it
  • How often you go there
  • What you do there

And explain why you like the place.

Part 3

  1. Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?
  2. Why is it quieter in the countryside?
  3. Why do people go to quiet places?
  4. Compared with young people, do old people prefer to live in quiet places?
  5. Why do some people not like quiet places?
  6. Do you know other quiet places?
  7. Do you need a quiet place when you are working?
  8. Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?
  9. Do you know anyone who likes noise?

Topic: Describe an interesting neighbor

Part 2

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person 
  • What this person likes to do

And explain why you think this neighbor is interesting.

Part 3:

  1. Do you think neighbours’ are important?
  2. What are the qualities of a good neighbour?
  3. Do most Indian people know their neighbours?
  4. Now that most people watch a lot of TV’s, how do you think this has affected people’s relationships with their neighbours’?
  5. How should (or how can) modern people communicate with their neighbours?
  6. What are some of the qualities of a good community?

Topic: Describe a time when you were stuck in a traffic jam

Part 2

You should say:

  • when it was
  • where you were going
  • how long you had to wait

and explain how you felt about this.

Part 3

  1. Is traffic jam a serious problem in your area?
  2. What are your suggestions on how to reduce traffic jams in your area?
  3. What are some positive and negative aspects about the transportation in your country?

Topic: Describe an important river/lake in your country

Part 2

You should say:

  • What this river is called.
  • How you know about it.
  • How long/big it is.

And explain why it is important.

Part 3

  1. What are some advantages and disadvantages of living near the water?
  2. What are some activities that can be done near or in the water?
  3. Do you think water pollution is a problem in your area?
  4. Is there much water transportation in your country?

Topic: Describe something that can help you concentrate on work or study

Part 2

You should say:  

  • What it is 
  • How  it helps you 
  • How effective it is

And explain what you think about it 

Part 3

  1. Is it important to keep concentrating on something?
  2. What can be done if there is too much noise around?
  3. What is the ideal time to concentrate on working or studying?

Topic: Describe something important that you lost in the past

Part 2

You should say:  

  • What it was
  • How you lost it
  • Why it was important to you

And you felt when you lost it

Part 3

  1. What kinds of people may lose things often?
  2. What can we do to prevent losing important things?
  3. What would you do if you saw something valuable but didn’t belong to you on the street?

Topic: Describe a time when you were very busy

Part 2

You should say:

  • when it was
  • what you had to do during that time
  • how you managed it

And explain how you felt about being much busy.  

Part 3

  1. What is the best way to deal with stress?
  2. What kind of people are likely to have a busy lifestyle?
  3. Do you think the modern, and maybe stressful lifestyle are suitable for young children?

Topic: Describe an invention that changed people’s lives

Part 2

You should say:

  • What it was
  • Who invented it
  • When it was invented

And explain how it changed people’s lives

Part 3

  1. How can technology make our life easier?
  2. Why should we restrict the use of mobile phone in public places?
  3. How easy is it for an adult to think of a new idea?
  4. How can children be taught to become innovative?
  5. What role should the government play in encouraging innovation?


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