Bài mẫu đề IELTS Writing Task 1 và 2 ngày 12-06-2021

Hanny Lê

Dưới đây là bài mẫu đề IELTS Writing Task 1 và 2 ngày 12-06-2021.

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Task 1

Đề bài

The pictures below show the process of making clothes from recycled plastic bottles. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


The given picture illustrates the process of manufacturing clothes using recycled plastic bottles.

Overall, the production of clothes from recycled materials involves plastic bottles undergoing various stages in which they are collected, sanitized, and physically altered.

The process begins with plastic bottles being collected and transported by trucks to factories where they are sorted and then cut into small plastic pieces in a specialized funnel-shaped shredding machine. Next, these particles are passed through an apparatus to be washed, after which they are placed in a container and sun-dried for 10 hours. In the next step, they are transferred to a cylindrical boiler to be melted down.

Subsequently, the melted substance is strained and made into yarn. In the penultimate stage, the yarn is weaved into the desired fabric that is suitable for making clothes and rolled up into separated units. The process ends when the recycled fabric is manufactured into clothes.  


  • undergoing (gerund của verb undergo): trải qua quá trình nào đó
  • sanitize (v): tiệt trùng, làm sạch
  • alter (v): biến đổi, thay đổi
  • funnel-shaped (adj): hình phễu
  • shredding machine hoặc shredder (n): máy cắt, máy hủy
  • sun-dry (v): phơi nắng
  • cylindrical (adj): hình trụ
  • subsequently (adv): tiếp theo, sau đó
  • penultimate (adj): áp cuối

Task 2

Đề bài

Some people think the newly built houses should be the same as the old houses in local areas. Others argue that local authorities should allow people to build houses in their own styles. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Some people are of the opinion that they should have freedom of choice when it comes to designing their own houses, and that they should not be restricted to any former local styles. Although freedom in architecture can be beneficial in fostering diversity,  I would argue that too much leeway in building houses would greatly spoil the overall landscape of the local area.

Free house design is, to a certain extent, a good way of promoting diversity. City skylines, for example, would be more interesting to look at if there are buildings and houses with different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, people from different societal backgrounds see houses as manifestations of personalities, wealth, and societal positions. Mansions of the rich, exotic houses of those who are artistic all combine with other normal-looking ones to form a melting pot of creativity.

However, I would not consider an area whose houses are built without any regard to the nature of the surroundings beautiful. Having different styles of houses co-existing in one place can be an architectural disaster rather than a welcome innovation. Ho Chi Minh City is a prime example of unsightly concrete jungles chaotically mingled with historic structures existing for hundreds of years. Architectural homogeneity, on the other hand, often brings aesthetic appeals to the local landscape. The beauty of ancient towns, for example, comes from the uniformity and harmony in terms of architectural design.

In conclusion, my firm conviction is that it is better for new houses to be built in a similar fashion to the other buildings in the area.


  • of the opinion: có quan điểm rằng
  • leeway (n) : sự tự do
  • manifestation (n): sự thể hiện
  • exotic (adj): kì lạ nhưng mang lại sự thích thú; kì thú
  • melting pot (n, idiomatic expression): nơi có đa dạng người, ý tưởng etc. cùng tồn tại với nhau
  • co-exist (v): cùng tồn tại
  • align (v): thẳng hàng, đồng nhất
  • erect (v): xây dựng
  • mingle (v) + with: trộn lẫn
  • homogeneity (n): sự thống nhất
  • aesthetic appeals (n): tính thẩm mỹ
  • uniformity (n): sự đồng bộ
  • in a similar fashion to: có kiểu tương tự như

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