Writing samples: Technology

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Task 1

The charts give information about two genres of TV programmes watched by men and women and four different age groups in Australia. 

Writing samples: Technology
Writing samples: Technology

The charts present details on the types of TV shows that Australian men, women, and people of various ages prefer to watch. The graphs clearly illustrate that women tend to watch more reality shows than men do overall, despite watching a little less game programmes. Besides, the 45+ age group is the one that watches television the most.

The number of women who watch reality shows is close to 70%, which is about twice as many as the percentage of males who prefer this kind of programming. However, the number of people viewing reality shows rises progressively from 16 to 45, with the 16 to 24 age group having the lowest viewership percentage at slightly over 50% and the over-45s having the greatest viewership percentage at 68%.

For game shows, the pattern is different. When it comes to gender statistics, males outnumber girls which is exactly 60%. The number of programmes viewed by those aged 25 to 44 is much lower than that of people aged 16 to 24 and over 45. When compared to those aged 45 and older, who watch game shows at a rate of about 70%, only slightly more than 50% of 16 to 24 year olds do so. Only 41% of those aged 35 to 44 watch game shows, and 38% of people aged 24 to 34 do the same.

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Task 2

Some people believe that technology causes more problems for modern society than it solves. Do you agree or disagree?

Technology undoubtedly has its share of difficulties. Nevertheless, technology has greatly improved the quality of life in the world. In general, I disagree with the notion that technology creates more issues; instead, I would contend that it has helped to address more issues during the course of this essay before reaching a reasonable conclusion.

First and foremost, globalisation is a technology-driven phenomenon. The development of technological devices like cell phones, computers, and a better internet network has helped the country as a whole in many ways. People in remote locations can easily connect with others living in larger, more advanced countries. As a result, they may now access more information to benefit their own nation. Undoubtedly, one way that technology has addressed the issue of inadequate networking and communication in contemporary society is through globalisation. Additionally, mechanisation was brought about through technology. Due to this, the sheer volume of strenuous labour has decreased in modern societies. 

Indeed, technology has its own set of issues. This is particularly true when it comes to climate change. Automobile and industrial exhaust has led to the buildup of greenhouse gases, which in turn have led to ozone layer thinning and climate change. Nonetheless, under the condition that less energy-intensive vehicles are used and industries utilise equipment that pollutes the environment less regarding exhaust, these issues could be avoided. 

In conclusion, despite having its fair share of issues, technology does not create more issues than it has already managed to resolve. In addition, more technological advancements can be made to overcome the alleged drawbacks of technology.

  • Notion (n): ý tưởng, ý kiến
  • Inadequate (adj): thiếu hụt
  • Mechanisation (n): cơ giới hóa
  • Strenuous labour (n): lao động chân tay
  • Ozone layer thinning (n): sự mỏng đi của tầng Ozone
  • Resolve (v): giải quyết hoàn toàn

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