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Task 1

The chart below shows the number of men and women in further education in Britain.

education 1

The graph shows the quantity of men and women enrolled in tertiary education in Britain throughout three time periods: 1970–1971; 1980–181; and 1990–1991; as well as whether their studies were full–time or part–time.

Overall, the graph illustrates the fact that more men and women studied part-time than full-time throughout each period. However, whereas the number of women enrolled in courses of all kinds increased dramatically across the years depicted, the number of men enrolled in part-time studies shrank rather marginally.

Initially, men who were enrolled in full-time education increased by 200 thousand from 100 thousand in 1970–1971 to 200 thousand in 1990–1991 throughout the course of the period. The number of women pursuing this type of education was likewise approximately the same, which was significantly greater than the figure of around 40 thousand in 1970/71.

In terms of part-time study, there was a significant increase in the proportion of female students, who went from 700 thousand to 1.1 million, the greatest number ever recorded for any type of study. The number of men enrolled in part-time studies, on the other hand, decreased by 100 thousand during this time, from 1 million to roughly 800 thousand between 1970/71 and 1980/81, before rising to 900 thousand in 1990/91.

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Task 2

Good teaching is more important for scholastic success than individual ability. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Along with the development of contemporary society, education has been receiving more attention from the public. There is an opinion that academic achievement is more dependent on effective teaching than on a student’s inherent talent. During the course of this essay, I would discuss this perspective in an objective manner before drawing on a rational conclusion. 

Fundamentally, a segment of society supports the idea that a tutor’s ability to instruct students directly affects scholastic development. Undoubtedly, top-notch teachers help students succeed scholastically by identifying their weaknesses and providing precise guidance. To be specific, professional teachers frequently have experience and competence, thus they are more likely to be able to advise students on how to raise their academic standing. In other words, these teachers might help students identify their weaknesses—flaws that they might overlook or ignore—and then construct lessons that are specific to their needs, giving them a better grasp of how to raise their academic performance. Students who carefully follow these guidelines are more likely to succeed academically.

On the other hand, the individual ability of students to perceive the lessons should not be subjected to underestimation. Initially, in order to utilise the provided lessons from the teacher to the fullest potential, the students are required to possess the ability to maintain resilient attention both in class and at home. This skill is particularly vital as a day at school for most students in Vietnam is conventionally long and followed by a host of extra classes. On top of that, under the circumstance that a learner merely processes the given knowledge by the teachers in a passive manner without the capability to ignite, create, and maintain their own learning progress, this student could only become a version of being successful as their teachers have intended, with personalisation being totally absent. 

To conclude, regardless of the significance of having the finest teachers conducting the education progress, a learner without certain key abilities would face immersive challenges toward educational success. 

  • Inherent (adj): bẩm sinh
  • Precise guidance (n): sự định hướng chính xác
  • Competence (n): năng lực
  • Resilient (adj): kiên định
  • Ignite (v): bắt đầu

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