Bài mẫu Topic Tree – IELTS Speaking Part 1

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Vietop gửi đến các “sĩ tử” bài viết topic Tree – IELTS Speaking Part 1, cùng theo dõi bên dưới để luyện IELTS Speaking thật tốt nhé!

Topic: "Tree" - IELTS Speaking Part 1
Topic: “Tree” – IELTS Speaking Part 1


Do you like trees?  

Yes, I love trees. Whenever I have time, I love to jog in a park near my house which has a lot of big trees. Wherever there’re trees, the air is fresher and the temperature is cooler.

Would you like to live in a place that has lots of trees?  

Yes, I wish that there were more trees on the street where I live. That would definitely make my window view more colorful and the air more breathable. 

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Do you think places with trees attract more visitors than places with few trees?  

Even though I love trees, I’d say this is not the case at all. Tourists are generally more into historic places, restaurants or places with cultural activities. I don’t think whether there’re trees or not would affect this preference. 

Do you like to go to a forest?  

I would like to trek through some of Vietnam’s most beautiful national parks such as Cúc Phương and Cát Tiên. I’d like to visit the Amazon rainforest in the future also, I’ve heard they have wonderful animals there. 

  • National parks: vườn quốc gia

Is there a forest near your hometown?  

Not that I know of, the nearest one is probably hundreds of kilometers away in another province. I live in Ho Chi Minh city and we hardly have any greenery.

  • Greenery (n): cây cỏ, mảng xanh

Did you ever climb trees when you were a child?  

Unfortunately no, my parents were overprotective and I never got to do anything fun. I understand where they’re coming from but I really wish that they would have allowed me to climb trees with my cousins. 

  • Overprotective (adj): bảo vệ con thái quá

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