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Hôm nay VIETOP sẽ chia sẻ đến các bạn một bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2, 3 chủ đề Job. Cùng theo dõi bài viết dưới đây nhé!


Part 2

1. Đề bài

Describe an ideal job you’d like to do in the future 

You should say:  

  • What it is.
  • How you can get this job.  
  • What kinds of work you would do for the job. 
  • And explain why you want to have it.

2. Sample

I’m an independent person so it is my ultimate goal to have my own business. I’m thinking of opening my own vegetarian restaurant. The reason is that I love vegetarian food. I think this diet is healthy and more humane and I want to promote this kind of lifestyle to more people.

I know that being a restaurateur is no easy task. There is a lot of planning and there’re hundreds of details that need to be taken care of before a restaurant is fully prepared to service people. For instance, we have the legal paperwork, hiring the kitchen staff and waitstaff, renting, decorating, marketing and so on. Even after you get your restaurant going, there’re still daily tasks for you to solve. These are things that I both love and fear. I enjoy the constant challenges but I’m afraid of being overwhelmed.

I’m fully aware that I still have a long way to go. In terms of education, I’m in the process of getting my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. After graduation, I plan to work for prestigious restaurants in my hometown to learn about how a restaurant is operated, earn some cash, and do some networking. In my free time, I visit the local markets to research and explore the range of fresh local vegetables, non-meat products and I also experiment with different recipes.

Eventually, I’d like to open my dream restaurant in my hometown, Ho Chi Minh city, to serve the community that I grew up in.

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3. Vocab

  • ultimate (adj): cuối cùng
  • humane (adj): mang tính nhân văn/nhân đạo
  • to promote (v): quảng bá, chiêu thị
  • restaurateur (n): chủ quản lý nhà hàng
  • to service (v): phục vụ
  • Legal paperwork: công việc giấy giờ 
  • waitstaff (n): tập thể nhân viên phục vụ
  • get something going (expression): bắt đầu/khởi động
  • prestigious (adj): có uy tín/trứ danh
  • to have a long way to go (expression): còn nhiều thứ phải học/cải thiện
  • networking (n): việc giao lưu mở rộng mối quan hệ
  • to experiment (v): thử nghiệm
  • recipe (n): công thức

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Part 3

1. What do most people consider when finding/accepting a job? 

From my experience talking to my friends, salary and bosses are what people think of when they try to decide on a job offer. Obviously, everyone wants to earn the amount of money that is proportional to their contribution to the company. However, there are cases in which people choose to work for a lower wage if they have supportive bosses , especially for people who are seeking entry level jobs. Having a superior to serve as your mentor can help you to progress in your career more quickly.

  • proportional (adj) + to : đúng tỉ lệ với. nghĩa bóng: xứng đáng. 
  • wage (n): thù lào
  • superior (n): cấp trên
  • Entry level (adj): mới vào nghề (về cấp độ của công việc)
  • To serve (v) + as : đóng vai trò
  • to progress (v): phát triển, thăng tiếng

2. What is more important? Job satisfaction or a high salary?  

It really depends on who you’re asking. I think people who prefer a higher salary are the ones who are in some sort of debt or have home mortgages. More and more people are buying apartments or houses through mortgage programmes, so I think a lot would prioritize a higher salary and be willing to do jobs that they might not enjoy. On the other hand, there are people, like myself, who think that it’s absolutely crucial for a person to do what he or she loves to do. Personally, doing something that I don’t like to make money can be psychologically taxing to me. 

  • Debt (n): món nợ
  • Mortgage (n): tiền mượn ngân hàng để mua nhà (thế  chấp)
  • To prioritize (v): ưu tiên
  • Taxing (adj)+ to + noun : là gánh nặng, là sức ép lên cái gì đó/ai đó 

3. What kinds of jobs do people in your country prefer?

This is extremely difficult to answer. There’re many people in my country and I can’t make a blanket statement about what people consider to be their job preferences. Even in my group of friends, some of them like fast paced and trendy jobs related to the stock market or computer programming. But also, some of them enjoy just slow and steady office work. I think that it’s wonderful that we have diversity in what we love to do.

  • A blanket statement (n, expression): câu phát ngôn vơ đũa cả nắm
  • Preference (n): lựa chọn ưa thích
  • Fast-paced (adj): có tốc độ nhanh
  • Related (adj) + to : liên quan đến
  • Stock market (n): thị trường chứng khoán 
  • Steady (adj): bền, ổn định. 

4. Do you think robots will take over humans’ jobs in the future?  

Well, I think jobs that are repetitive and don’t require problem solving skills have been and will continue to be replaced by robots. For starters, assembly line work is obviously going to be the first kind of job to be automated. Then, when we figure out the algorithm for self-driving cars then our vehicles will essentially be transportation robots that replace human drivers. I’m sure that automation won’t stop here. It might be a good development but it will surely bring some social unrest as many people will be left without a job.

  • repetitive (adj): mang tính lặp đi lặp lại
  • assembly line (n): dây chuyền lắp ráp
  • automated (adj): tự động hóa. automation (n): sự tự động hóa
  • algorithm (n): thuật toán
  • self-driving (adj): tự lái 
  • social unrest (n, expression): bất ổn xã hội.

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