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Task 1: The maps below show information about the change of Riverage college 30 years ago and now

Đề IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample Essay

Sample answer

The maps provided illustrate how the architectural structure of Riverage College has changed over the last three decades, with two key features identified.

First of all, to the west, the sport hall & the terrace are still where they were 30 years ago, with no expansion. While the library became smaller and the reception room remains unchanged (in size and location) in the main building.

However, greater changes have taken place in a number of sections. Trees have replaced the car park in the east of the college, and instead of the common room and flowers on the ground floor, one now finds a coffee shop and a staircase respectively. In the main building, a music room has also been added right below the reception room. On the first floor, a huge art classroom is located in the space for the previous four offices, which have been combined into only one replacing the refectory adjacent to the library.

Overall, the general layout of the college has not changed significantly, but it looks more environment-friendly.

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