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Collect things (Thu thập đồ) là một chủ đề hay trong IELTS Speaking đã từng khiến cho nhiều bạn học IELTS gặp khó khăn trong việc khai thác ý tưởng. Vậy làm thế nào để làm tốt phần câu trả lời cho chủ đề Collect things. Hãy cùng Vietop tham khảo ngay một số câu hỏi cùng câu trả lời cho IELTS Speaking part 1 Topic Collect things ngay dưới đây nhé!

IELTS Speaking part 1 Collect things sample 1: You & Collect things

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 1 topic Collect things
Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 1 topic Collect things

Mời mọi người nghe Audio topic Collect things part 1 – Sample 1: You & Collect things tại đây nhé!

Have you ever collected anything?

I used to be obsessed with perfume bottles while I was in high school, and I took advantage of the opportunity to buy more perfume whenever I went on vacation. I recall counting over 100 bottles at one time.

  • Be obsessed with (adj): có niềm đam mê mãnh liệt với
  • Take advantage of (v): tận dụng, lợi dụng

Are there any things you keep from childhood?

That is, not anymore. I used to save birthday cards and gifts from old friends as keepsakes, but I became tired of having to organize my space every year since they simply kept stacking up, so I decided to throw them all out.

  • Keepsakes (n): vật kỷ niệm
  • Stack up (v): xếp chồng lên

Would you keep old things for a long time? Why? 

Yes, if those items hold any kind of significant value for me. For instance, I still have a shirt in my closet from five years ago. I have a strong emotional attachment to it because my younger sister gave it to me as a birthday present.

  • Have a strong emotional attachment to: có một tình cảm gắn bó mạnh mẽ với

Where do you usually keep things you need?

There isn’t a specific location; rather, I simply look for a site and determine whether there is enough room for me to store my belongings. I will confess that my home appears cluttered and disorganized, but as long as I can always find what I need, I don’t mind.

  • Belongings (n): đồ đạc, vật sở hữu
  • Cluttered (adj): lộn xộn
  • Disorganized (adj): vô tổ chức

Would you like to start collecting something new in the future?

When I was 20 years old, I had retained all my mobile phones and I’m hoping to continue with this habit. I want to show my kids and maybe even my grandchildren all these phones so they can see how things have changed over the years. It’s fascinating to observe how quickly technology has developed.

  • Retain (v): giữ lại
  • Fascinating (adj): lôi cuốn, thú vị

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IELTS Speaking Topic Collect things sample 2: People & Collect things

IELTS Speaking Topic Collect things sample 2 People & Collect things
IELTS Speaking Topic Collect things sample 2 People & Collect things

Mời mọi người nghe Audio topic Collect things part 1 – Sample 2: People & Collect things tại đây nhé!

What kinds of things do people often like collecting?

Individuals collect a wide variety of items, including pricey fine art, rare albums, Pokemon cards, and TV program memorabilia. There seems to be no end to what humans will gather. The earliest and most well-known example is stamp collecting, which is still popular today. Yet in my opinion, the collectible goods that can actually be used are the most fascinating. Because of this, if I were to begin collecting anything, it would probably be either music, books, or magazines. Instead of being bought merely to add to a collection, these are things that can be used and appreciated on their own.

  • Pricey (adj): đắt tiền
  • Fine art (n): đồ mỹ nghệ
  • Rare (adj): hiếm
  • Memorabilia (n): kỷ vật
  • Collectible (adj): sưu tầm

Why do you think people collect certain objects?

I think there are a variety of reasons why people choose to collect things. Some people choose to amass particular items in an effort to impress others. The others, however, might develop a love for particular things, become fixated on them, lose control of their desire, and as a result, amass a large number of possessions.

  • Amass (v): tích lũy
  • Impress (v): gây ấn tượng
  • Fixated on (adj): cố định với

Why do people like to collect different items?

To be honest, as the idea doesn’t float my boat, I can’t say for sure. Yet I suppose it’s a simple pastime that doesn’t call for a lot of practice or expertise. Even if you only spend a short while collecting stuff, you’ll find it to be a fun and fulfilling hobby. Perhaps it’s most suited to senior citizens who have a lot of free time and wish for a pleasurable, if perhaps pointless, way to pass the time.

  • Float my boat: không phải điều mình thích
  • Expertise (n): sự chuyên môn
  • Pointless (adj): vô nghĩa

Where can people find interesting things to add to their collection?

Obviously, a lot depends on the type of data they are gathering. Of course, folks should visit their local comic book shop if they enjoy collecting vintage comic books. Their best chance would likely be auction houses if they were interested in antique furnishings. Generally speaking, flea markets and thrift shops are excellent locations to look for collectible objects, especially if you’re looking for a deal.

  • Folks (n): mọi người
  • Vintage (adj): cổ điển
  • Antique furnishings (n): nội thất cổ
  • Flea market (n): chợ trời
  • Thrift shops (n): cửa hàng tiết kiệm

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