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[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề Speaking 06/08/2022 

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IELTS Vietop gửi đến bạn bài mẫu giải đề Speaking 06/08/2022, nếu bạn đang bị thiếu ý tưởng hoặc từ vựng cho chủ đề này trong phần IELTS Speaking thì nhớ lấy giấy bút note lại nhé!

Giải đề Speaking 06/08/2022
Giải đề Speaking 06/08/2022

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Window view


1. What scenery can you see from the window of your home/dormitory?

The window in my room faces the garden so I have a beautiful view. There are loads of roses and daisies as well as some small critters in my garden.

  • Critter (n): động vật
  • Loads of: a lot

2. Do you like to watch the scenery from your window?

Yes, because it is therapeutic to me. It helps me to feel calm and peaceful. Not only do I love watching it, I also enjoy the soft breezes coming from the garden. 

  • Therapeutic (adj): có tính chất trị liệu
  • Breeze (n): cơn gió thoảng

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3. Do you want to live in a house with beautiful window views?

Isn’t that what everyone wants? It’s one of my life’s goals, to work and save until I can afford to live in a place where there’s a fantastic view from the window.

  • Afford (v): có đủ điều kiện

4. How do you feel when you can’t see any beautiful view from your window?

One time, my father had to renovate the entire garden. So for a week, his tools and machines obstructed my view of the garden. Although it wasn’t a big deal, I felt my days were somewhat incomplete. But on the bright side, the garden looked fabulous afterward. 

  • Renovate (v): tân trang
  • Obstruct (v): che khuất
  • somewhat (adj): ở mức nào đó/ở một mức thấp 
  • on the bright side: nhìn theo hướng tích cực

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a gift you bought for your friend on a special occasion.

Describe a gift you bought for your friend on a special occasion.
Describe a gift you bought for your friend on a special occasion.

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • What gift it was
  • Who you gave it to

And explain why you chose that gift


I am going to talk about a watch that I gave my friend Khai at his graduation ceremony. He and I had been friends since we were little children. He went through many hardships in his life including taking care of his ailing father. That was why he graduated from university two years later than me.

At the time, I already had a stable job and wanted to surprise him. I knew he was a big fan of watches so I bought the best one that I could afford. 

The watch was mostly made from metal and was quite shiny. The strap was about 2cm wide. Despite being metal, it was easily adjustable to fit different wrist sizes. The face of the watch was round with a thin but firm piece of glass covering it. Roman numerals were inscribed on the face of the watch instead of numbers. Like any typical watch, there were three hands on the face that were also made from metal. They were designed to be thin and elegant. 

What I liked most about the watch when choosing it was that it didn’t have any sounds, no ticking sounds and no alarms of any kind. That’s because I knew my friend liked to live in a quiet place and I didn’t want to send him a gift that he may end up disliking. 

When I gave it to him on his special day, overwhelmed with ceremony, he just politely thanked me. But after getting home, I received a long text from him telling me how much he loved it. That made me really happy. 

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  • Hardship (n): khó khăn trong cuộc sống
  • Ailing (adj): ốm, bệnh
  • Be made from: được làm từ
  • Strap (n): dây đeo
  • Firm (adj): chắc/khỏe
  • Roman Numerals: số La Mã
  • Ticking sound: tiếng tích tắc
  • Overwhelmed (adj): bị choáng ngợp (tâm lý)

→ Đề bài thuộc dạng miêu tả một vật dụng. Thí sinh nên chọn một vật thân thuộc với bản thân để có thể tả một cách dễ dàng (gợi ý: sách, quần áo, điện thoại, laptop).

Lưu ý khi trả lời cần phải làm rõ dịp đặc biệt mà thí sinh tặng món quà đó. Khi miêu tả một vật nên tả từ hình dáng chung chung, kích cỡ, màu sắc rồi mới chi tiết. Có thể bao gồm những miêu tả về cách hoạt động, chức năng của vật dụng này. Ở đoạn kết có thể thêm cách phản ứng của người nhận quà.


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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Sending gifts 

1. When do people normally send gifts to others?

It is a common practice to send gifts on a person’s special day such as their birthday and graduation ceremony. In my country, people also give bouquets and flower baskets to new business owners to wish them good luck and show support. Personally, I travel a lot and like to bring back snacks and souvenirs to give to my friends. 

  • Bouquet (n): bó hoa

→ Câu hỏi yêu cầu thí sinh nêu ra các tình huống mà mọi người thường tặng quà. Người trả lời có thể trả lời nhiều hơn một tình huống, mở rộng khai triển bằng cách nêu tên các món quà, ý nghĩa của các món quà này. Có thể liên hệ bản thân. 

2. Do people give gifts or red packets on traditional festivals?

From my own experience, red envelopes containing lucky money are typically given to young children by the adults in their family only at Tet, which is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Sometimes, they are given to commemorate life milestones such as a baby’s first birthday. However, I’ve rarely seen it on other occasions. 

  • Commemorate (v): kỷ niệm
  • Milestone (n): cột mốc

→ Câu hỏi yêu cầu người trả lời nêu nhận định về việc có hay không mọi người tặng red packets (bao lì xì) vào những ngày lễ hội truyền thống. Thí sinh trả lời theo nhận định cá nhân và cẩn thận khai triển câu trả lời bằng cách nêu lí do, ví dụ và/hoặc liên hệ bản thân.

3. Is it easy to choose clothes as gifts?

I don’t think that is the case at all. On the contrary, choosing clothes as gifts requires you to know a lot about the recipient. Not only do you have to know what style that person likes, you also have to know about certain body measurements. Such information is sensitive and can be awkward if you ask them for it. So, unless you know the person really well, picking clothes to give them can be rather hard.  

  • Body measurement: số đo cơ thể
  • awkward (adj): khó xử, gượng gạo

→ Câu hỏi yêu cầu người trả lời nêu nhận định về việc chọn quần áo làm quà tặng có dễ hay không. Thí sinh trả lời theo nhận định cá nhân (có, không, hay tùy thuộc). Khai triển ý bằng cách nêu lí do, ví dụ (VD: Chọn quần áo làm quà rất dễ vì có nhiều lựa chọn trong các cửa hàng). 

4. Will people feel happy when receiving an expensive gift?

While it can be true, I don’t think the value of the gift depends solely on how expensive it is. In choosing a gift, the giver should wonder what the gift would mean to the recipient to show that they care. It’s easy to buy an expensive present if you have a lot of money. However, people generally prefer a gift that has sentimental value. For instance, my father always tells me that he liked the shirt I used my first month’s salary to get him the most even though he has many more expensive one.

  • Depend on: phụ thuộc vào
  • Solely (adv): duy nhất/chỉ một
  • Sentimental value (adv + n): giá trị tinh thần

→ Câu hỏi yêu cầu thí sinh đánh giá về việc liệu mọi có vui khi nhận được món quà đắt tiền hay không. Câu trả có thể có, không hoặc tùy thuộc. Chú trọng việc giải thích vì sao có nhận định như vậy. 


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