Đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 9: Describe a bicycle & Crime and Punishment

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IELTS Vietop gửi đến các sĩ tử bộ đề luyện tập IELTS Writing số 9: Describe a bicycle & Crime and Punishment. Xem và bắt đầu ôn luyện ngay nhé!

Task 1

Đề bài

The illustration shows a two wheeled bicycle which is a relatively recent invention.

Describe to someone with no prior knowledge how a bicycle operates.

hinh xe dap ielts writing


A two-wheeled bicycle is depicted in the graphic, which is a relatively new invention.

Overall, riding bicycles is a remarkable yet simple procedure, which requires nearly non-prior knowledge to do. 

The most well-known component of a bicycle, the saddle, also known as a seat, is one of three points of contact on an upright bicycle. It’s a spot where you sit on your bike while riding. A bicycle saddle is often attached to the bicycle frame, which is the bicycle’s principal component and onto which wheels and other components are mounted. 

The second point of contact on a bicycle is a pedal, which is the portion of the bike that you push with your foot to propel it forward. The pedal is responsible for connecting the cyclist’s foot or shoe to the crank arm which propels the bicycle wheel by turning the chain. The cog-set is a black circular feature in the center of the back wheel that serves as a speed transmission device.

The bicycle handlebar, or steering mechanism, is the bicycle’s final point of contact. You put your hands on the handlebars of your bicycle and steer it by turning it to different sides. The handlebars are connected to the stem, which descends and attaches to the fork being a slender metal rod that connects the front wheel to the fork.


  • Saddle: yên xe
  • Frame: khung xe
  • Pedal: bàn đạp
  • Crank arm: cần đạp
  • Cog-set: bộ số
  • Handlebar: ghi-đông xe 

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Task 2

Đề bài

In some cases, people who break the law should be warned instead of receiving punishment. Do you agree or disagree?

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Many people believe that the lawbreakers should not receive severe punishments but only warnings, especially when committing evils with good intentions. I agree with this statement, as the final judgment on this must rely on the Criminal Offense Levels as well as the motive behind each case.

People surely have grounds in believing that most criminals should receive the sentence they deserve. Crime has become an increasingly serious problem, causing not just physical injury but also economic loss in all societies. Setting out standardized punishments to those who committed more serious crimes can enhance people’s confidence in the judicial system that they’re living in. 

Nonetheless, some violators may not be as vicious as we view them. Most of the crimes are made for the underlying reason of fulfilling the basic needs of food, clothing & shelter. An example was when 2 food robbers, who were starving but in short of money, pretended to buy bread and some food then ran away. The 2015 case attracted public attention and raised the ire of netizens on social media as the procuracy asked the court to sentence them to 3-10 years in prison. The offenders are believed to deserve a chance to explain their intention and if it is a petty crime and if no damage has been done to any of the human beings or property, they can be excused by receiving a strict warning. The message was that to fully understand the motive behind the crime is a must before any verdict is reached.  

In conclusion, though the absolute severity of the punishments should be set to ensure the justification of the legal system, I believe that some lower-grade criminals could be delivered strict warnings only.

Tham khảo: Trọn bộ đề IELTS Writing Task 1 và IELTS Writing Task 2 qua từng năm


  • Lawbreaker/ violator/ criminal/ offender (n): người phạm tội
  • Severe (adj): nghiêm trọng 
  • Punishment/ sentence/ penalty (n): hình phạt 
  • Motive (n): động cơ
  • Judicial system (n): hệ thống pháp luật
  • Public attention (n): sự chú ý của cộng đồng
  • Raised the ire (n): làm dấy lên sự phẫn nộ
  • Procuracy (n): viện kiểm sát
  • Petty crime (n): tội không nghiêm trọng 
  • Verdict (n): phán quyết 


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