[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề Writing 06/08/2022


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Nội dung chính

Task 1

The diagram details the process of making wool. 

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. 

[ACE THE TEST] Giải đề Writing 06/08/2022

The illustration shows how wool is manufactured for both domestic and commercial purposes.

In general, it is obvious that there are several phases involved, starting with the shearing of the sheep and finishing with the knitting or weaving of the woollen yarns into commercially produced jackets and carpets.

First, shearing sheep is the method used to obtain wool. The wool is then cleaned and dried to reduce the amount of dampness. The wool is spun in the following step, and strings are created as a result. Subsequently, some recycled wool is produced as a byproduct.

The tufted wool, which is made up of numerous bits of wool, is stored in vast quantities inside sturdy storages before being supplied to consumers or the garment industry in the form of balls in the latter stages. Finally, the balls of yarn are put to use for knitting projects. Likewise, it can be used as material for commercial purposes of manufacturing jackets and carpets.

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Task 2

There are several factors that motivate people to stay in the workforce. Among them, money is the most important factor. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In contemporary society, it is commonly believed that most people are motivated to remain in the workforce by a plethora of factors, amongst which money is considered to be the most essential one. During the course of this essay, I would bring this matter to an objective analysis before drawing on a rational conclusion. 

On one hand, it is relatively obvious that money can be a decisive factor regarding the choice to remain working. The most widely accepted reason is that most members of the workforce consider it a priority to earn an amount of income that can cover the basic necessities and have a reasonable quality of life. For instance, the regular expenditure that a breadwinner is required to take care of includes accommodation, utilities bills, healthcare, education, and leisure activities. Otherwise, it could be difficult for people to support themselves and family members if they consider their careers primarily on enjoyment or other non-financial considerations.

Nonetheless, I feel that other factors are equally as essential as the finances people make in their professions. First and foremost, while selecting a career, consideration should be given to interpersonal interactions and the culture of the workplace. The happiness and overall quality of life of employees can be greatly improved, for instance, by having a decent manager or congenial coworkers. Second, rather than the money they make, many people attribute their emotions of job satisfaction to their professional successes, the skills they acquire, and the positions they obtain. And finally, some people decide on a career because they seek to help others and have a beneficial impact on society.

In conclusion, while salaries certainly affect people’s choice of profession, it seems to be inappropriate to assume that money outweighs all other motivators.

  • Interpersonal interaction (n): giao tiếp giữa đồng nghiệp
  • Congenial (adj): thân thiện
  • Attribute (v): đánh giá 

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